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  1. From a destoyer point of view, some caps are only safe from certain spawns. The C cap of hotspot and islands of ice are good examples of 1 island granting full cover while the other will allow easy reseting/killing dd from afar. I don't like symetrical, but it's too far out as it stands.
  2. Thanks For Clan Battles

    I agree z1m. Awsome opponents and great clan members is encouraging for next season. Glad I joined a clan to experience this level of play. I think WG outdid themselves for a 1st attempt at clan wars. Aside from a Bitter-sweet ending and some drama, all went well. Ps. That ram was too funny.
  3. http://www.livememe.com/kbk9s69
  4. HMCS Haida, your thoughts

    Canadians will love you long time! Teir 6-7 would be best in my opinion and it would allow ranked play and generally fit smoothly. A WG video of its history would also be in order as is a museum!
  5. I will get the dmg and kills mvp... i hope. It's the only way I'll get that dd.
  6. Fiji, the cursed ship I love

    Minotuar is the same for me. 130k avg dmg 52% wr. Dont make sense.
  7. Udaloi Heartbreak

    305k dmg in my khab yesterday and a loss. I know the feels.
  8. Elite Commander

    Just as a hint, any captian xp boost flags and camos should be used with your 19pt captians asap. Elite captian points can train any capt from any nation free of charge, much more versitile. My 7 or 8 19pt capt raked in 5mil for me already.
  9. every single t8 i ever used is competative at t10. Whats more, all ship classes have options.your a NC in t10mm, all good, hunt the cruisers that you easily pen. A benson? Cap and hunt the kagero and shima. Hipper? Stay at 17km and spam HE. I could go on. Its this choice that allows a t8 to not get totally countered by its enemy counterpart, or by a single division, or a single consumable. Agian maybe try a CV and try your one shotting lol. Good effort trying to salvage any kind of point though.
  10. Moderated by Volier_Zcit
  11. typical bb player. Insists on deleting cruisers without opposition but complain and gripe when something counters them. NERF CV RUINING MY FUN!. We dont need your type back.
  12. Do US CV's actually do anything?

    102k avg dmg in ranger. 50k in bouge, 61k in independence. People need to man mode the strike loadout. They are weaker though.
  13. How many others have done this?

    I do. Never bought premium and until christmas event only had premium t7. Have 7 t10 but money can get tight now and agian. Im the exception though, dont plan on t9 and t10 without opening the wallet.
  14. I dunno what i could really teach. Strike is a must. Snipe all rangers first wave unless you know they are AS and good players. Snipe all saipans that get over confident within the first 5 min otherwise pay carefully until match half over. Go after km bb, ijn bb, brit cl, dd's, ru cl and ijn ca. Hit 2 targets, 1 with torps another with db, 10 sec later hit both with db for Dot dmg. Win.