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  1. I'd appreciate the opportunity to be a Maskarado in this event. I have tried in the past for mostly all other events like these and have yet to make it in. My interest does not necessarily derive from wanting to try out ships that I do not have, as I already own a great portion of both Tech Tree and Premium ships.Instead I am interested in playing in a more relaxed way where I am not quite as worried about credit & XP income, WR, and so on. The added factor of a bonus being given to the player that sinks me is quite intriguing to me as well, because I know that it legitimately pleases some people to earn these rewards. Being able to provide that opportunity is a privilege that'd I'd enjoy. Thank you for your consideration!
  2. BeastOfBoston3

    █ [PROJX] - Casual Gaming Clan █

    Yessir, if you’re interested you are more than welcome! I’ll have a PM sent to you shortly.
  3. BeastOfBoston3

    █ [PROJX] - Casual Gaming Clan █

    These are some excellent questions and I do see how they aren't exactly answerable through the post, a revision is surely in the works! And as a quick side note regarding hangglide's post; the video he sent in was a little bonus for his recruitment. A performance ( recorded or not ) is not required. Although I do not mind if the applicant wants to provide such. I will gladly review them if provided. Now to addressing your questions: The requirement of playing a single battle a month is solely for maintaining our clan and keeping it fairly active. Inactivity to such extent entails a loss of interest in the game. A loss of interest in the game is a lack of contribution to the clan in one of the very few ways that we expect, and thus results in removal from the clan. I will openly state that, as a clan focused on life priorities, there are exceptions to this rule. However they are very limited. These exceptions are not explicitly stated so that they are not abused, and I hope that that is reasonably understandable. As for requirements, we do not specifically look for anything spectacular. Applicants do not have to be unicum, above average, or even average. We believe strongly in one's ability to learn from both success and failure. Although, we do take care to ensure that this is the case. We do indeed check stats as part of the recruitment process. In case you are interested, our go-to resource is WoWs Stats and Numbers. The biggest concern to us is the connection between a player's number of battles in relation to where various other stats lie. With this in mind, we do welcome newer players, who perhaps do not have a significant number of battles, to play along with the rest of the clan and perhaps pick up a few of the more intricate workings of the game. I'll get back to this on a later answer. Rather recently I have realized that the pace at which I understood the game might have been a little faster than many others and that is the basis of which I had originally set them upon. The requirements have actually gotten a bit lower than I had originally set them to be. I may have considered something around 500 battles back then to be the distinguishing feature between a newer player and a player who has learned a bit of the game. Now this bar has been raised to around the 1.5-2k battles mark. Another thing that is valued is a somewhat positive trend in the statistics showing that learning is occurring. Of course once someone gets to where they know about as much as they can their stats may not get better but may instead fluctuate. That's where we would expect for the player to have quite a few battles under their belt to prove such. ( As per my perspective from Central Daylight Time ) Our clan activity at the moment is fairly spread out since we have people across various different time zones, with of course life as a priority. If I were to give you a general idea of our activity with our current number of members, we are not too active during the earlier hours of the day, but more active around later in the afternoon on weekdays. As for weekends, we are noticeably more active throughout the day. A few members are also available later into the night for most of the week. When it comes to clan officers, I cannot say that they are anymore important than the other members of the clan. We all see each other as equals regardless of hierarchy placement. If you wish to sail with them they surely will not mind to have you along/join you. I personally division with anyone and do not have a preference of officers over anyone else. Regarding your question for programs/activities; having such would be amazing! However more often than not it may be found that our lenience to maintaining life matters mixed with our clan's relatively small, yet still growing member count, organizing such activities is not always a guaranteed success. We do division, and I can say quite often for our size. There have been times we have had 7 or more players all participate in an OP, we have had times where more players want to div than a single division will allow for (odd wording, but saying more than 3-4 players want to div), and we have definitely done a few training room shenanigans here and there to play around and have had some great times doing so! As for a training program, we do not have such. Though any of us are more than happy to throw a few tips and tricks around that we have either discovered elsewhere or figured out ourselves. This does not mean that we will wait for a member to ask us, but rather that we won't quite know what one knows and does not know about the game. In addition, there is so much to know about the game other than "where to aim" that its almost impossible to cover it all. Not to mention that it is much better to be able to learn/understand/master when you are able to practice and put the techniques to use. To us, the best way to help teach/train a new member is to division with them and help them along the way as they progress through the tech tree. Only then can we really begin to understand what a player has mastered and provide proper feedback with constructive criticism and corresponding game tactics/techniques/secrets, with the added bonus of having some fun. hangglide42 has written a forum posting or two relating to more intricate workings of the game in fact. Some things I hadn't even known prior to reading them. Apologies for the wall of text and if I did not quite answer one in the way you were anticipating, but thanks for your interest!
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    █ [PROJX] - Casual Gaming Clan █

    - Clan update! As of yesterday the clan port was completed! All, save the member increment, bonuses have been researched. Although it seems WG is ready to put us to work again. lol
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    A Weeb looking for a clan.

    Heyo! If you're looking for something perhaps a little more laid back, feel free to check us out (Project X). Here's our recruitment post. Good luck with finding a new clan my dude! o7
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    █ [PROJX] - Casual Gaming Clan █

    We are still recruiting!