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  1. Hi am looking for clan to join i like what you have to offer my tag name is gear_jamer if you want to look at my stats, i drive truck for living and can play everyday but limited on hrs i can play.

    Well do clan battle if it's not to late at night need my beauty sleep, i have discord but well get on it when i am away from home but don't really like doing it when i am home but well if need to, i am trying to better my self in the game and get my win rate better than it is advise would be most helpful to me if you would be welling to do so.

    I would like to find a clan to call home the others i was okay but not what i wanted i hope yours well be from what i read i think it could be not sure what else you need from me as far as information but like i said i just need a little help with my stats and a clan thats welling to help hope you well take me, oh i think i might change my tag name also not right yet though thanks.1014719770.png but seeing you clan members they really don't play often enough so i don't see how you all play clan battles might have to think about this. i wish i could had deleted tthis till i new for sure this is what i want