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  1. Vaffu

    Fletcher/Gearing torps unlock

    Wrong. You cannot research a ship until you have researched the previous ship and all its upgrades. Thanks for playing.
  2. Vaffu

    Fletcher/Gearing torps unlock

    You have to research everything on the Fletcher before you can research and buy the Gearing.
  3. Vaffu

    i can't decide

    Kitakaze and Harugumo play exactly the same way. They are pretty much the same ship You do not like Kitikaze but you think you will like Harugumo?
  4. Just going by Smolensk game. No. Unless you meant just for the Benham and not overall damage record. Congrats though that is an awesome Benham game.
  5. Vaffu

    Wargaming, I have a conundrum.

    How much is Ensign_Cthulhu paying you?
  6. Vaffu

    running away

    You are an example of the definition of insanity. How many times are you going to do exactly the same thing expecting different results?
  7. Vaffu

    Another MM skill question

    Rank is not an indicator of skill.
  8. Shima, Yug, Asashio do not have better detect than Gearing with UU. The only ship that gets a lower detect of the ones you mention is Kagero and that has not "come out" it has been out for a long time. The only semi-new DD with lower detect is the Lightning as I already stated.
  9. Yea well Kagero has not "come out" it has been in-game as long as Gearing.
  10. What DDs came out with better numbers? The Lightning is the only DD with better conceal.
  11. Vaffu

    Can I get a refund on the Black?

    The point is the most powerful ships in the game should not be hiding behind the concealment mechanic it is one of the causes of stagnant play.
  12. Vaffu

    Can I get a refund on the Black?

    Does a BB really need concealment? They should make concealment mods not even useable on BB period.
  13. The ship you fired torps into still gets damaged.
  14. yes all DD do that but to fire your torps from your own spawn point hoping to hit an enemy is just fantasy it will rarely happen. You would be surprised how often there are idiots at spawn shooting their teammates if they had torps available it would be much worse.
  15. Yes, we all do it but to think that is the reason instead of making it impossible to tk someone at the start of the match is silly. Chances of a DD hitting someone from spawn at the beginning of the match are a million to one. The chances of some bonehead torping their own teammate at the start of match 1 in 10.