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  1. There is no end date for UU missions I know it shows one but it will not end then. WG has said they will make an announcement if they ever decide to end the UU missions IIRC.
  2. Vaffu

    Kill stealing???

    You argue the point a lot for someone not bothered by it.
  3. Vaffu

    Kill stealing???

    We get the point. You are childish and think who gets the kill matters when it absolutely does not. Whoever does the most damage to the ship gets the most xp, and credits from it.
  4. Vaffu

    Understanding Khabarovsk and russian dd line

    Why should it not have the torp range too? Every one of the new DD has useable torps.
  5. Vaffu

    Kill stealing???

    You should play a single-player game I think. This is a team game and there is no such thing as a kill steal. I have had many a game with zero kills and was top scorer so you are wrong.
  6. Vaffu

    Understanding Khabarovsk and russian dd line

    I could live with the limited gun range if the rudder shift was restored actually.
  7. Vaffu

    what am I missing here?

    What you are saying is impossible. Everyone who does not play T10 for the very reasons you stated about mid-tiers is playing there and surely they would not do the very things they claim to have left high-level play over.
  8. Vaffu

    Understanding Khabarovsk and russian dd line

    All the Khab needs are its gun range, rudder shift, and torp ranges restored to pre-nerf levels and it would be competitive again. Used to be a fine boat but those 3 nerfs pretty much ruined it.
  9. Vaffu

    DD's unplayable while retraining captain

    Maybe try using elite captain xp to retrain? It is entirely free....
  10. Vaffu

    The Gun Bloom Bug

    Exactly what lower tiers and ships are you talking about? Belfast? That ship cannot sit behind an island and radar anything because the radar range is too short? No ship risks more than a DD in any game at any time. Are you high?
  11. Vaffu

    The Gun Bloom Bug

    Hysterical... This is called counterplay.
  12. Vaffu

    Kill stealing???

    Wrong. the person who does the most damage to a ship gets the most rewards. A low health kill offers very little in way of rewards.
  13. Vaffu

    SAP just destroys DDs

    You have DDs confused with BBs.
  14. Vaffu

    Just a friendly reminder.

    Sitting in smoke is bad as a DD and even worse as a Cruiser or BB that is why they cruise through it or they could not stop in time for the smoke and do not want to lose speed for no good reason.
  15. Vaffu

    SAP just destroys DDs

    Ehh that is debatable. If the SAP is doing that with a single shell hit then it is kinda OP if it was more than a single shell then you would be correct.