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  1. Not so much in the lower tiers but definitely in T10. Good matches are far and few. Most matches I play in at T10 one team or the other have 80 percent of their team killed within 4 to 8 minutes.
  2. They would be higher but not "very high". Torp spreads and speeds are designed to allow for an aware and capable BB to escape being hit by more than one or two torps even at close range. Only those BBs that sail in straight lines and at constant speeds have issues with torpedoes.
  3. You play BBs and CA or otherwise you would not whine that your BB cannot instadelete DDs. Takes no degree to figure out what class you play without even looking at your profile. I can see your total battles right here under your avatar I already knew you had no clue. As usual the most bitter and loud voiced always have very limited games played in DDs and tiers above 7.
  4. Watch out. You are gonna get yourself kicked out of the BB club.
  5. Git Gud! Then those scary DDs won't end your game early.
  6. The fact is you play low tier only with not even an average tier played of 6. Come back when you get some experience. People like you amuse me as well. Easy peasy in low tier to remain undetected there is no radar, it is easier which is why you play there. You have no DD play why is that? One would think that it being so easy that is what you would play and be setting the world on fire with them. Please carry on with your DD whines. Learn how to WASD and they won't kill you so often.
  7. Practice accuracy? A 1 percent hit rate by a BB in battle was considered godly. Practice is easy cause no one is shooting back.
  8. Nobody complained about pen damage they complained about double dipping. DD players took the cue from BB whiners since they so how effective it was at getting DDs nerfed. Thanks BB players for showing us how it is done! Only someone that lives in low tiers playing BBs and or CAs and definitely not DDs would say to not put yourself in position where DDs can be shot at with a straight face. What was that phrase DD players were told again?.. Oh yea, Git gud.
  9. It was an event you had to do nothing special to be in the "turkey" would just randomly show up in match. How would you ignore it?
  10. Vaffu

    New Game Mode - Elite Random

    You can seal club all the way up to T7, hell the way T10 is now you can seal club there as well. There is no way to reduce seal clubbing.
  11. Vaffu

    New Game Mode - Elite Random

    A T8 ship is not at all hard to get. Everyone can get in a clan so those without a clan are excluding themselves. Combat missions do not exclude anyone as well just get the type of ship you need and if you do not have one you are excluding yourself.
  12. I not only have seen it, I have had it happen to me many times in over 13k games mostly played in DDs immediately before the AP rework. The AP rework only applies to DDs and the Khaba and the Haru both still eat full pens from BBs and I full pen DDs with DM still so I do not know what you mean. You are trying to say you cannot get full pens on a DD with a CA or other DD or am I misunderstanding what you claim? I regularly hit DDs with BB AP for anywhere from 6 to 10k salvos depending on the number of shells that land. That is anywhere from 25 to 50 percent of their health pool. That is quite a lot. You do not need to switch ammo, you fire your AP then switch to HE and you wait no extra time. Not to mention secondary damage. You are mad you cannot delete a DD with a single salvo and you honestly should not be able to and now you cannot. I find it to be a non issue because you are not the only one firing at the DD when one is spotted. Torpedoes are the most unreliable armament in the game and take minutes to reload, if you are getting torped to death you made a mistake as I watch BBs dance around torpedoes all the time nimble as can be. Not only are they the least reliable they also hit for way less than max damage most times. Takes anywhere from 6 to 9 or more torps to sink a BB and if you get hit with that many at once you deserve to die. I am terrible in BBs and I have np hitting DDs even at great range if I can catch them in a turn or sleeping at the wheel and not using WASD and speed changes.
  13. AP was deleting DDs broadside from massive distances. Needed to be balanced. You can WASD all you want but when 12 ships are firing at you, you cannot help but give someone a broadside many times.
  14. Vaffu

    Match Maker Is Broken

    I see many of those T8 do extremely well, especially BBs and CAs. The one match I played in the RN DD premium ( Cossack I think it is called?) I scored 2200 plus and came in first in score. You just need to play more conservatively. Those Massachusetts tear it up in T10 matches a lot from what I see.
  15. Vaffu

    Premium time vs. ship

    Buy a perma camo if you cannot play often.