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  1. Vaffu

    Fix the "Near smoke" penalty

    you said vigilance hence the no.
  2. Vaffu

    Fix the "Near smoke" penalty

    A ship inside a smoke screen cannot see out unless you are in assured detection range and if you are that close then you too will be able to see them inside the screen. A ship in smoke needs someone else spotting you to be able to see you.
  3. Are you not the guy that plays Co-Op or do I have you confused with someone else? If I am correct then this statement is hysterical coming from you.
  4. Vaffu

    Time to Rebuff the Khabarovsk

    Until they introduced the Harugumo.
  5. Vaffu

    pentalties for being not on site!

    Get a better PC. The issue is on your end, not WG's if it were everyone would be having the issue.
  6. Vaffu

    Leaving World of Warships for good, after 2+ years.

    Bye Felicia!
  7. 20 km torps are the absolute worst torps to use in a Shima, if you're not launching from close to your detection range you are doing it wrong anyway.
  8. Vaffu

    Playing against CV's just feels awful.

    I go off solo all the time against CVs and have nary an issue so no it is not a "tactic" it is more of the same bad players that death ball for no reason not wanting to take damage. 2 or 3 ships overlapping their AA is more than enough and it is totally not necessary to have 12 ships in the same grid box of the map to counter planes.
  9. Vaffu

    Playing against CV's just feels awful.

    There have been "death balls" long before the CV rework they are nothing new.
  10. Your karma cannot go below zero I am pretty sure and only certain types of downvotes result in chat bans so not all downvotes will earn you one.
  11. Vaffu

    Fix the game for DD"s

    It's MUCH easier to land torps at low tiers where getting within 5 km of an enemy ship is not a real danger at all, there is little to no radar, and ships gun accuracy is a joke compared to T9 and T10. Obviously, you know so much more about the game with your 1.9k battles than I do with 14k.
  12. Vaffu

    Fix the game for DD"s

    You cannot compare low tier DDs to T9 and T10 DDs. Apples to oranges.
  13. I go off alone in my DM quite often not AA specced at all just using the DFAA consumable and I fare just fine. I never said to go off in a group of 3 ships with poor AA.