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  1. Vaffu

    Georgia on my mind

    Weird because that is definitely the most accurate US BB I ever played. Probably the only US BB I personally can hit anything with reliably.
  2. Once you see the message you should hold fire so your guns reload so you can fire on the radared ship.
  3. Vaffu

    Kitakami is Making a Return....

    That is the basic detection you can still lower it with Captain skill and module.
  4. Vaffu

    Back after long time gone again

    Pay to win?
  5. I do not like Groz personally. I cannot do a thing with it.
  6. Vaffu

    Remember Khabarovsk?

    It plays nothing at all like Harugumo. Khab was/is an open-water gunboat and it was a pretty darn good one until they nerfed it. Your theory of being able to not own a ship and "research" how it plays did not quite pan out for you. Khab ALWAYS took full pen damage pre and post nerf and the rudder shift coupled with the greatly decreased gun range nerf are the only reasons why it is so bad now. End of story.
  7. Vaffu

    Remember Khabarovsk?

    faster rudder shift makes you not take full AP damage so easily. You do not even seem to own a Khaba so how would you know anything about playing it or what would make it competitive again?
  8. Vaffu

    Remember Khabarovsk?

    Yes, it lost gun range, quite a bit actually. It also lost rudder shift speed by a large margin as well. It lost torpedo range also. The only BB a Khaba can dominate is a super potato and no it does not dodge shells easily at all with its brick-like handling even BB can hit it easily.
  9. Vaffu

    Remember Khabarovsk?

    If it were unnerfed the AP situation would not have as big an impact. Part of the nerf was rudder shift speed.
  10. Vaffu

    Remember Khabarovsk?

    Khaba just needs to have it's nerfs reversed and restore it to its original form to be competitive again. Gumo has good AA, long-range hard-hitting torps, and smoke to boot and seems fine to me as it is.
  11. Vaffu

    Why are BBs untouched by nerfs?

    I did not blame anything on BB just stated the fact of why they are not nerfed often and why they are used so heavily plus a few of those ships you mentioned cost nothing but coal.. You seem to be angry that WG makes more off premium BB sales than anything else..
  12. Vaffu

    Team Mates! I need your help!

    Does it really matter what it says? You know what they mean.
  13. Vaffu

    Why are BBs untouched by nerfs?

    There is a reason BB outnumber every other ship about 20 to 1 or more in ranked sprint. Those reasons are the ones I stated. I play T10 exclusively and there is rarely a shortage of BB players so I do not see any less usage of them as you claim. Perhaps they are used less in lower tiers but I would not know.
  14. I have no issues getting into caps even in DD with no smoke. You just have to do it smartly and leave yourself an out if it gets too hot.