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  1. Vaffu

    Missouri nerfed

    No. RNG is what determines your accuracy and RNG is well, random. Just because people claim something does not make it true. Confirmation Bias is a thing.
  2. Vaffu

    Please help me understand

    For the same reason, some even bigger ships like BBs can disappear at 12 km..
  3. Vaffu

    nerf salem that i paid for really WG

    There never was any "DD menace". Cruisers and DD worked together to take them out with very relative ease. Radar was a much-unneeded mechanic that just destroyed any semblance of working together.
  4. Vaffu

    nerf salem that i paid for really WG

    You could actually land torps back then. Ridiculously now BBs can dance around torps like ballerinas.
  5. Vaffu

    nerf salem that i paid for really WG

    Nah all those nerfs were to appease the BB players' constant griping that there was something that could kill them. WG made/makes their money on selling premium BB they had to be appeased. Now DD are a complete joke comparatively.
  6. Vaffu

    nerf salem that i paid for really WG

    You say DD players are quitting but I have never seen higher numbers in the Q for DD players than there are right now.. 30 to 40 dd in Q most times..
  7. Vaffu

    nerf salem that i paid for really WG

    You obviously did not play from the beginning. DD were nerfed relentlessly and are nothing like they were back in the beginning. Everything about DD was nerfed into oblivion a number of years ago.
  8. So you removed the damage component of friendly fire but leave in the ridiculous detonation mechanic? The offending player should take the damage they would have inflicted on someone else. Removing the damage from friendly fire is just silly.
  9. Because the chance of you being effective at 28km is practically nil.
  10. Vaffu

    Wargaming, Fix This!

    This was in the game because those were the 2 DD that BB players feared and whined about the most back then. They have been power crept big time so they are no longer as feared by BB players as they used to be.
  11. Vaffu

    MM woes

    You win the most ridiculous statement award on the WG forums today.
  12. Vaffu

    MM woes

    WG does not want long matches they want you back in the Q fast and as frustrated as possible in hopes you will spend money for premium time to offset the terrible matches.
  13. Vaffu

    I Hate DDs

    Why do the stats disagree with your claim then?
  14. Vaffu

    Akizuki vs. Kitakaze

    Ranked, clan battles, and sometimes super containers all give steel also sometimes snowflake events give some I think.
  15. Vaffu

    Khabarovsk - Fun Again?

    Khaba is much more enjoyable to play with the new UU. It is semi-competitive again.