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  1. Vaffu

    Spotting Subs

  2. Maybe watch some videos on youtube? There are many things you can do to mitigate damage from CV and subs.
  3. Vaffu

    Hilarious Blind Sub Kill

    Nice. I once got 2 subs at once dropping blind DC in my Halland.
  4. Vaffu


    How do you "bet" with in-game stuff since you cannot trade things with other players?
  5. Vaffu


    Probably because it is silly and proves nothing.
  6. Vaffu


    There is a way. Make a training room and invite someone to duel you.
  7. Vaffu

    Match Maker Issues Need to be Fixed

    This is not from a new game mode. Q dumps happen all the time regardless of game modes. I can remember one single day when I was dropped into 3 of these abominations.
  8. Vaffu

    Match Maker Issues Need to be Fixed

    Just stop using them and let those playing SS wait longer. Why does everyone else have to be made miserable so they can get into a match 30 seconds faster?
  9. Vaffu

    Match Maker Issues Need to be Fixed

    It would only lead to an additional 10 to 30 seconds of wait time if that.
  10. Vaffu

    Newbie Hit hard with the WAW Bug!

    No. You are right on par for someone just starting out. I may have misunderstood what you meant by "I think I do well in Tirpitz".
  11. Vaffu

    This is just too much WG! Ridiculous!

    Q dumps are not needed one bit.
  12. Perhaps they are too busy working to play much? Silly of me to think that could be it huh?
  13. Vaffu

    Newbie Hit hard with the WAW Bug!

    I sell off most ships once I xp out of them. You cannot buy coal or any other resource aside from converting free xp. You could buy containers that may drop some coal, but I am unaware if they have any of those for sale in the armory. You should learn how to play before you go buying more premium ships. I know you think you do well but what are you comparing it to? Once you hit T10 everything you think you knew gets tossed out the window. Even the tiniest mistake at T10 will send you back to port. I just looked over your profile and you are not anywhere near as good as you think you are. I am not trying to be mean here just stating the facts. Your win rate is well below 40 pct. I would definitely hold off on buying any more premiums. Head to YouTube and watch some videos on how to play. Potato Quality puts out some very good videos on strategy and such.
  14. Vaffu

    Can I have a refund for Ohio?

    Vermont is not too bad in tight. No secondary action but it is just devastating to be hit by it at 10km or less.
  15. Vaffu

    Can I have a refund for Ohio?

    Isn't that the case with pretty much all US BB tho? The plunging fire?