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  1. Tembin

    Free XP Economics

    Perhaps I'm an oddball, but I've been using some coal to buy the immunity to magazine detonation signals. The way I see it, those are mandatory in stuff like clan wars, and I recently dropped under 100 remaining.
  2. Tembin

    CV Rework Feedback

    I really enjoyed the beta, but I wish that the mouse controls could be disabled. It interferes with allowing the aiming to "focus" since small accidental movements on the mouse can stop the aiming recital from getting smaller.
  3. Tembin

    Top 5 Best Ships for Grinding Credits

    If you have t10 ships, then I would agree that the perma camo can make them incredibly good credit earners. 5,000 doubloons is a bit expensive, but for all intents and purposes, it effectively turns your t10 into a premium ship at least in terms of credit earning potential. If you have a t10 that you really enjoy, then I would recommend it.
  4. Tembin


    I broke mine down by the ship that earned them. Also, I was at only 50k exp in the Ibuki, but with the special even and new super economy flags, I quickly earned the Zao for my 12th t10 ship. Khaba - 50 Restless Fire Hakuryu - 15,000 coal GK - 1,000 Doubloons YY - 100 5% consumable reload signals (boo...) Henry IV - 50 Hydra signals (whoot!) z-52 - 1000 doubloons Hindenburg - 7 days premium time Moskva - 14 days premium time Groz - 100 20% repair flags Gearing - 7 days premium time Shima - 50,000 free xp Zao - 50 World of Warships Anniversary camo
  5. Tembin

    Premium Ship Review: Alabama

    I just want the MO. I am not paying money, so I have to pay the iron price. 150k free xp earned so far, 600k to go.... It will be nice when I can use my free xp to skip stock hulls again. Saving for the MO is killing me!