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  1. Remove CVs

    You know, as someone who is 80% in the Shokaku solo queue, it might not be a fluke, but people still blame you in a loss. A couple weeks ago, I had a match with a storm in it. In a storm, the spot range on bombers drops to basically nothing and makes fighter cover nearly impossible since you don't see the enemy bombers until they are 2 km away from their target and 2 seconds from dropping it. When two strikes got through, the team started flaming non stop about lack of fighter cover. It can get pretty frustrating. -edit - Despite the storm, I still shot down 30 bombers that match. I haven't played CV nearly as much lately because teams always flame you in a loss, whether it's your fault or not.
  2. I do run a secondary build on my Bismarck, but I find the damage is a maybe 20/80 or 25/75 split between secondaries and main battery. They seem most useful in situations where the enemy insists on chasing me while I kite away, but players with any skill don't usually do that. Honestly, I wouldn't mind a small buff to the skill, and what OP suggested seems reasonable.
  3. T10!

    Montana is a great ship. Congrats!
  4. I have about 5, but can't remember exactly. It's nice being able to earn elite captain exp and all new captains on new ships instantly skip to 10 points.
  5. I care about my own stats. Other people, not as much. There are two notable exception. First, if a player starts to berate the team or anyone on it, that player is now fair game to stat shaming. Nothing annoys me more than a 40% win rate player blaming everyone else for the loss after they sank 2 minutes in. The second exception is when I see someone better than me. I will go out of my way to try and help them if it's possible. If they ask for something in chat or ping the map, then I pay attention more than I would for most other people.
  6. I think the difference comes from Flamu. He said the Conqueror was OP, so many people agreed. Now he complains that the Musashi is not quite as powerful as the Yamato, as if a t9 is supposed to match a t10 in power. I think that is really the heart of it. People aren't comparing it to the other t9s like they should. Instead, they are comparing it to the t10s, and since it's not as strong as the other t10s, they don't view it as OP.
  7. MM imbalance

    Today I was in a match where my team had 5 unicums, and the enemy had maybe 2 people above 50%. It was a very short match. We had 3 Typhoon level players and two Storm, but the red team didn't have one player above Squall. Matches like that just aren't fun.

    It happens even to the best of us. A couple days ago, I was AFK because my computer crashed and I had to reboot. It's normally very stable and almost never does that. Stuff happens.
  9. I just can't figure out if it's more of a torp boat or gunboat. It seems to have a pretty even balance of both. As for the torp thing, single fire is fascinating. Still learning how to make the most of it, but there is potential here.
  10. Neptune Sucks

    In this Neptune case, he came around a corner 2 km from me. 8 shell fired, 8 citadels. I was in a Khaba, and he was right at a sliver above 50% health.
  11. Neptune Sucks

    Neptune really is crazy squishy. I once got a devastating strike on one with a DD.... using only AP. I have the screen shot on my PC, but currently posting from my phone.
  12. change to High Caliber

    Honestly, this version isn't that bad. Just run a flamethrower ship and get about 200k. It's easier than the old version in some ways since you can farm a t10 for 100k and be halfway there.
  13. Oh how I wish he were a Soviet captain! He'd turn the Khaba from OP to downright facepalm levels of absurd. That said, since it has to be IJN, I think a BB would be best for him. The extra heal from first blood would be great, and if you managed Kraken, sub 20 second reload times on BBs would be amazing. My vote goes to Yamato for best ship to put him in.
  14. Never have I ever Modded this game. Honestly, I think it's time to try some mods out. There are two in particular that I really think would be useful, but I'm just too lazy to bother with it.
  15. 2M XP in one ship

    Can't be bothered to get a screen cap, but I only just reached that 2 million mark in the Khaba about a week ago. Then there is about 1 million shamefully locked into my Minekaze back from my seal clubbing days a long time ago before it got nerfed.