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  1. Blind fire

    There are many ways to fire on invisible ships. If we could see a replay, we could tell you how. In one case, I kept firing on a ship in smoke for a good 30 seconds after it disappeared. Since the guy wasn't moving, my shells were exploding on him, and I just kept firing at the spot where the shells kept exploding. Things like that. If shell were hitting you, then people could have been watching the explosions and firing based on where they saw shells explode. If there was an obvious place for you to go (like an island nearby) they might have even fired shells in between the spot where shells exploded and the obvious cover. In ships like DDs, and especially US DDs, there is little reason to not do that. Your rate of fire is so high, what does it matter if you take a guess and fire at the location? If you miss, you give up what, 2.6 seconds about?
  2. I have 4. First, there was a damage competition in the t7 Hatsuharu back in the day. It started on a Friday at 1700 local time. I got off work at 1630, went home and played a Hatsuharu match that landed me the 6th highest damage in the world. This record still stands since the Hatsuharu is no longer t7. I thought for sure I had won the competition and earned a free premium of my choice (which I had already decided was going to be the Tirpitz). Sadly, the match didn't count. It wasn't within the required start time :( Second one was in the Kiev back when Soviet DDs were brand new. I was a bit reckless back then and played hyper aggressive, charging down CAs to yolo torp them for example. In one case, I managed to get within about 3 or 4 KM of a Pepsicola when it turned to show broadside. I swapped to AP, and all 6 shells landed for citadel hits, giving me a devastating strike. Dev strike from DD AP... who'd of thunk it? Third one was similar. I recently got a dev strike in my Khaba from AP only. I saw a Neptune camping in smoke, so I rushed it down. Opened up at about 4 KM, and got a dev strike. It took two vollies, but something about a 3 second rule? Third, I managed a Khaba match with 6,107 base exp (after 50% from premium). Still, even after removing the 50% bonus, that is 4,071 base showing on the scoreboard at the end of the match. At the time, it was the second highest in the world.
  3. Max Tanking in DD

    By any chance, was he chanting something along the lines of, "I am one with the force and the force with me?"
  4. Max Tanking in DD

    Just had a Khaba match in which I tanked 4.7 million potential damage. Now in all fairness, a large part of this was the enemy having horrible aim and blessing from RNG. Still, I'm honestly curious if anyone has tanked more than that in the Khaba or if this is a new record?
  5. For your Shima, the 12km torps are pretty good. The 8km torps are fun to mess around with, but I wouldn't recommend them. If you want a middle ground, then the 12km torps with speed boost still give 9.6km range, but the extra speed ensures they get to the target faster and are a bit more difficult to dodge.
  6. What am I doing wrong?

    100 times this. Check my BB stats. T8 or lower, and they are extremely good with 65% or higher solo queue win rates. T9 drops, and my t10 BB is shamefully under 50%. I took some time to carefully analyze stats of t10 BB players who have very high win rates, and there was a noticeable trend. The guys who had very high win rates always had very high survival rates. I believe now that high tier BBs require a more careful approach. Knowing when to play safe and when to play aggressive is much more important at t10. In my case, stats seem to indicate that I am over agressive and die too early. Maybe it's time to carefully analyze your own stats to see where the issue lies?
  7. Hacks alive and well ??

    You know the funny thing? About a year ago, there was some famous twitch streamer who got caught live streaming with his aim hack activated. Out of curiosity, I compared my main battery hit % to his, and you know what? My aim was better, even with a completely vanilla client. In all honestly, the hack did seem useful in that it gave a lead indicator on ships that were behind islands. That part would help me immensely since it can be difficult to aim over terrain at times, but that was about the only use for it in my opinion.
  8. I bought it. Not really sure if the t8 Cleveland will be good, but for only 1k doubloon? Worth a shot.
  9. I know my personal performance has dropped a ton recently, but I have a valid excuse. Just had a baby in February, so my play time plummeted to almost nothing. I'm so out of practice that it's embarrassing. In the past, I was one of the top CV players in the world, but the other day when I took my Shokaku out and got demolished by a blue player, it made me realize just how seriously out of practice I am!
  10. Remove CVs

    You know, as someone who is 80% in the Shokaku solo queue, it might not be a fluke, but people still blame you in a loss. A couple weeks ago, I had a match with a storm in it. In a storm, the spot range on bombers drops to basically nothing and makes fighter cover nearly impossible since you don't see the enemy bombers until they are 2 km away from their target and 2 seconds from dropping it. When two strikes got through, the team started flaming non stop about lack of fighter cover. It can get pretty frustrating. -edit - Despite the storm, I still shot down 30 bombers that match. I haven't played CV nearly as much lately because teams always flame you in a loss, whether it's your fault or not.
  11. I do run a secondary build on my Bismarck, but I find the damage is a maybe 20/80 or 25/75 split between secondaries and main battery. They seem most useful in situations where the enemy insists on chasing me while I kite away, but players with any skill don't usually do that. Honestly, I wouldn't mind a small buff to the skill, and what OP suggested seems reasonable.
  12. T10!

    Montana is a great ship. Congrats!
  13. I have about 5, but can't remember exactly. It's nice being able to earn elite captain exp and all new captains on new ships instantly skip to 10 points.
  14. I care about my own stats. Other people, not as much. There are two notable exception. First, if a player starts to berate the team or anyone on it, that player is now fair game to stat shaming. Nothing annoys me more than a 40% win rate player blaming everyone else for the loss after they sank 2 minutes in. The second exception is when I see someone better than me. I will go out of my way to try and help them if it's possible. If they ask for something in chat or ping the map, then I pay attention more than I would for most other people.
  15. I think the difference comes from Flamu. He said the Conqueror was OP, so many people agreed. Now he complains that the Musashi is not quite as powerful as the Yamato, as if a t9 is supposed to match a t10 in power. I think that is really the heart of it. People aren't comparing it to the other t9s like they should. Instead, they are comparing it to the t10s, and since it's not as strong as the other t10s, they don't view it as OP.