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  1. Horaf_1

    Captains M vs F

    The “wokeness” is strong in this thread.
  2. Horaf_1

    Remove planes and CVs from WowS

    Glorious was not able to launch planes in her defense. There were no carrier planes to throw them selves at the 2 German battlecruisers. Could that happen in WoWs?
  3. Horaf_1

    Ramming... is stupid.

    As to the flag ‘working’ or not, perhaps he had the same flag. He adds 50% more hp to his starting total, then subtracts your 20% (if I remember correctly)
  4. Horaf_1

    Mogador is fantastic...

    I looked up your stats. You have a 56% win rate in the Mogadishu (58% overall). You seem to be doing fine in it..
  5. Horaf_1

    better "Research Bureau" idea

    Or, if they have USN Battleships as the “seasonal” line to regrind, they could just offer the Montana as a rental ship to use in Clan battles (with camo, of course).
  6. Horaf_1

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    Means you often get less than 70k, as often as you get over 70 k
  7. Horaf_1

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    You average 70k-ish in your harugumo
  8. Horaf_1

    How AA is changing from 8.4, 8.5 and 8.6

    It seems the problem lies here. Why should CV's do as much damage as a same-tier Battleship? Their utility is so much higher, that allowing them to be the premiere damage dealers is the source of unbalance (and unfun). With their speed, the can move to prop up a collapsing flank, or run down a disengaging low health ship. They can spot dd's, or spot on a flank that may have lost its dd-eyes...etc... etc.. As to number 2., with good target selection, a Good CV player should be able to reach the end Game without being de-planed, but a Bad player, who attacks AA cruisers with abandon, should be deplaned by the 10 minute mark. A bad cruiser player, who shows broadside to the enemy team, is often sent back to port at the 5 min. mark. And it is an often jested truism that bad dd players are defined by the 5 minute mark. (btw, I like the idea of carriers. They help balance ships within classes, ie, why play an US DD with defensive fire AA, if there are no carriers, or a nation with poor AA now lacks the dis-incentive to play it)
  9. Horaf_1

    Quaity of life improvments for DD

    I stopped reading when he said “unlimited torpedoes”. In a twenty minute match, and a two minute reload (+/-), you can at max launch each launcher 10 times (more likely 7-8). So it is a finite number of torps. Sound familar?
  10. Horaf_1

    Because it's fun, right?

    The five enemy dd’s are the counter. Much more so than a CV “counters” another CV
  11. Horaf_1

    Thoughts on Z-39?

    I second this. It’s a very good ship. Definitely a torpedo boat. I have over 200 battles with it (65% wr)
  12. Surely you can see that of the six ships he killed, 3 were tier 8, and 3 were tier 7. So the whole “tier 8 vs tier 6” doesn’t apply here. He also managed to kill all four of the top four scoring enemy ships. (And the afk Gneisenau)
  13. Perhaps an Historical Scenario option, with players on both sides, sans carriers...
  14. Horaf_1

    Infinite planes wins again

    Seems that if Carrier planes are indeed finite, someone should be able to post a screenshot of a completely deplaned CV. I mean 0/0/0, as in, unable to launch any squadron with a single aircraft. That would probably be the evidence to dispel the "infinite" plane perception.