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  1. Atago or Prinz Eugen

    I forgot to consider that I run the Advanced Steering module, instead of the Concealment mod. This brings the Hipper Rudder shift to 5.1 (P.E. 5.2) to the Atago's 8.1 (assuming they are using the Concealment Module). Turn radius is tighter for the Hipper, at 740 to Atago's 790 (P.E. 770). (While this is a bit unfair to compare one with one module, and the other with a different module, I feel I am on safe ground to say that the majority of Atagos buff their strength, ie. concealment, & I would urge the OP to use the 2 rudder shift mods, if he goes with the Prince E.) I do disagree a bit on the torp arcs. The rear set on the Atago are very Japanese-ish, and require a much broader turn. On the Hipper(or P.E.) both sets can be fired just of the bow, without exposing as much broadside. Fire the first set to make the bb commit to a turn, then wiggle again to fire the second set to ensure the hit with the spread. I definitely concede that the Atago's torps are more effective due to the increased range
  2. Duca d'Aosta

    The Duca is my favorite tier 6 ship. Since her release, I have 260 battle in her, with a win rate of 60%, average damage of 43.6k, and a k/d ratio of 3.2 (I don't know how to put a screen shot of the stats here). My Cleveland does slightly more damage, but a 51% win rate. I think this is because the Duca's speed allows her to react and alter the course of the battle more. Also, the lower damage could be because I use her to actively hunt enemy dd's. It is the only ship I own that runs RDF, I also do not run IFHE. I do run Demolition Expert. (Complete 19 point captain: 1. PT, EL; 2. AR, LS, EM, 3. DE; 4 CE, RDF). I almost always fly a speed flag on her, and she can evade-tank alot of potential damage, with shells constantly falling just off her stern. Her utility is considerable, and she's a joy to play. I'd recommend giving her another go, and keep experimenting with different styles till you find one that works.
  3. I don't think this is how it will work, or will be the reaction of the players. It will be like sandlot ball, or a pick-up game. The two best players were on opposite teams (often captains) and they would alternate picks, piocking the next best, etc, until all were chosen. Not exactly likely to drive the good players away. (and actually a very fair way to do).
  4. Atago or Prinz Eugen

    I'd say the Prince Eugene. Not to rehash what has already been stated (Better RoF, AA, better 'in-close'), but no one has mentioned, it has a much better rudder-shift and turn radius. The problem I have in the Atago, is when I use my guns (in support of DD's, or whenever) turning is so slow, that it takes citadels so much more often than does the Prince E. Torpedoe arcs are much better as well. I think the Hipper with a 11 sec reload will also be interesting (yes, I have tried it out on the test server. Feels very good, and with Adren. Rush, sub 10 sec firing is nice.).
  5. My favorite ship at the moment. In the last 30 days, I have played it 49 times, with a 71% win rate, and 46k average damage. This is solo stats (as I dont div up). With its speed, you can plug holes, or get where you need to be to prevent a loss or ensure a win. Also, its nimble and can dodge (evade tank). Its amazing how many low probability shots bb's will take on you, looking for the magic cit. They will shoot at you at 16 km (and miss), while a closer bb is just 9,10-11 km from them. Its a keeper. Duca d'Aosta 6 CA/CL italy 49 71.43% 46,233 1,683
  6. Nurnberg, best CL for ranked

    As a very close second for gun range, 16.5 km. vs. 16.6 (for buddy), are they hiding at the map edge, or are they firing at distance, with their accurate guns? I also have been playing the Nurn, and I feel she is very competitive. The quick reload, and the turrets now always being on target, means she is a good at "snap shots", when a dd pops up for a second. Also, my ability to Evade Tank is pretty good. Games with potential damage at 900k are not uncommon. My stats so far: Battles 34 Victories 20 (58.82%) Battles survived 21 (62%) Damage caused 1,580,898 Warships destroyed 36 Aircraft destroyed 11 Average Score per Battle Experience 1,535 Damage caused 46,497 Warships destroyed 0.60 Aircraft destroyed 0.3 Main battery hit ratio 26% Torpedo hit ratio 2%
  7. Nurnberg, best CL for ranked

    Line of sight is determined from the highest point of the ship, to the highest point on the enemy ship. (This was on the Warships Podcast with one of the developers).
  8. The mode is fine. Played 8 games this morning, won 3, with random people, some speaking russian, others german. The Izumo at the end is tough, but not impossible. Focus fire brings it down faster than you'd expect. If you are having trouble with the Torp bombers, well, the Cleveland may be the boat for you. Personally, I am liking the Nuremburg; defensive AA, with 2x3 torps per side.
  9. And then we want to win. Doubles the exp, the commander xp, and...increases our win rate. Its all related. If you are a crusier or DD at the end with full hit points, no problem. If you are the top tier battleship with full hit points, you used your ship not up to its full potential. Your hit point pool is a tool, an arrow in your quiver, you need to use it.
  10. Detonation Rate

    38/3228 1.17% I play mostly BB's, and Ca's, some dd's