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  1. CV in ranked is such a awful experience, good cvs can dominate the game like in RTS times but at least there is a counter: fighters, back then. Now there is no counter play and if all of our dds lost most of their hp in the first 3 mins to something they are completely powerless against, then this is a complete bust for all of the team, u are just laboring for a lost star. So this cv rework is just bring cancer to a new level
  2. Shaun_Hastings

    Halloween Scavenger Event 2018 - Compendium

    I think those letters on those Halloween containers are from Runic alphabets(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runes), but with that chaotic order, I couldn't make much sense out of it.
  3. Shaun_Hastings

    Here's what the Legendary Yamato upgrade looks like...

    Well at least for mouse and anyone who grinded all the way to the end can get some rewarding consumables, plus some rare camos. Still these might not be enough to overturn the huge letdown of those "legendary" modules, which looks more like some Epic fails WG loves to produce.
  4. Shaun_Hastings

    Easter Egg in operations

    Yes I tried, but sadly that Nurnberg had no hitbox. It's just a image moving around.
  5. Shaun_Hastings

    Easter Egg in operations

    Captain bad advice's Nurnberg in raptor rescue I triggered this by get to the exit point before raptor(1 of the hidden objectives) Don't know if there are other ways to trigger it. Sadly we don't have the captain with his fishy on board.
  6. Hi, I've redeemed the code, got the flag, but didn't see the Fire from the Gods challenge activated.

    1. TheURLGuy


      Have you played a battle yet? The mission assignment should once you've fought a battle after code redemption. 

    2. Shaun_Hastings


      yep, just won 1 random battle