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  1. After those basic skills, take dog fighting expert and then concealment expert and expert rear gunner, and you should be good. Until they rework CVs, these are the only useful skills right now for CVs, everything else is useless. Emergency takeoff just costs too many skill points to be useful.
  2. This is the basic build for all CVs. The skills circled in red are the ones you should get, I just don't have enough points for them. As you can see, every skill expect CE is focused on your aircraft's performance. Your aircraft are the most important thing while playing a CV, because they determine the damage you do, whether or not you have air supremacy over the enemy CV, and they also have the extremely important role of spotting. Improve your aircraft, not your AA or secondaries. You use your aircraft a lot more than you do your ship, right? Of course. Concealment expert is just thrown in their because people want you very badly and will shoot at you if they see you, so it's always nice to have. There's nothing else you can get anyways. Best of luck.
  3. Basic firing training is kind of useless for a CV and it should be a skill you get if you want after you get anything else. You should get rid of BFT, and get air supremacy next. Get rid of evasive maneuvers and get dogfighting expert instead. Evasive maneuvers is a bad skill because it slows your aircraft down by like 30%, which means that it takes longer to reload and refuel your aircraft, therefore lowering your potential DPM. Finally get concealment expert, because carriers get larger at higher tiers and so does their detectability ranges, so you will need it. Every commander skill you get should focus on the performance of your aircraft, not your ship AA or secondaries. If you're using secondaries on your CV, something is seriously wrong. You should rely on your fighters, not your AA.