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  1. Those bits exist in real life. They're unpredictable but it's still your own fault if you ground on one.
  2. There are two types of sailors: those who have run aground, and those lie about it. The shallow areas are unpredictable, just like in real life. If Wargaming makes any change, it should be a 10% chance to flooding whenever you bang into the rocks.
  3. Lose Star Farming

    I'm only on rank 11 but I've seen a lot of bad players and lost a fair number of games. The top XP winner in those losses was never someone I would have called out for bad game play.
  4. Warspite is Surprisingly Pleasant.

    The ramjb Warspite video is what convinced me to download and try World of Warships: After 2400 games in various ships, I'm still not as good as him, and I still don't get double citadels at range like he does. I do love the boat though.
  5. How was your weekend spree?

    I got a few confederates which almost never happens to me. I was divisioning with a newbie friend so I was trying extra hard to set a good example. When solo, I yolo.
  6. How do I Molotov?

    My Molotov has citadeled both a Fuso and a Warspite, and salvos on BB superstructures regularly return 4k damage so maybe try aiming differently? The best cruiser advice I can give is to not touch W for the first two minutes of the game. Make a cup of tea, take some deep breaths, and let the DDs and Clevelands get ahead of you.
  7. Looking at Texas...

    Needs more data. A sample size of 8-9 battles means those results could be (are almost definitely) pure luck.
  8. Big List of USS Alabama Threads

    The great irony of the #1 most American ship is that it can't be bought. This is Wargaming's F U to the president-elect.
  9. 'BAMA is MURICA! [...oh the irony]

    Hey hey hey, not worry about grey areas here. Let's focus on the easy wins, like how Mississippi makes Alabama look awesome. Mississippi also got a way more scathing protest song. The real irony is that the most American ship in the whole game is the one that can't be bought.
  10. The German BBs are very noob friendly. They tank a lot of damage and have best-in-tier AA. It's easy to have fun with them, and they continually get better as you go along (at least as far as the Bayern, where I am). At Tier IV, cruisers begin to enter a world of citadel pain, forcing you to improve your play style or quit in frustration. If you're up for the challenge then go nuts.
  11. T1

    Me too. I tried to play a Hermelin game on the test server recently and got demolished 1 on 1 by a Black Swan.
  12. I had no idea my WR was that good, but it has to be luck. I have survived 18 of 71 battles and in many, many cases, I was the first to die.
  13. Same here. Don't even need to make a mistake. A determined battleship will sink me from any angle. It's worth it for those guns though. It can hit destroyers at 10+km, regularly double-citadel other cruisers, and I even got a citadel on a Fuso once. Irrational, unrequited love.
  14. Looking at Texas...

    I put Seagull in a Texas for his first game and came out top XP in a V-VII match. Great brawling power, great AA, great torpedobeats. Do never snipe. To be honest, part of that top XP was a near full health deletion of a beached Omaha.
  15. Where do you aim at destroyers?

    The stern to knock out their steering.