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  1. They hate you cause they ain't you.
  2. HooterStump

    Why dont CV target CV?

    You were called out for cowardice and you replied with a screenshot of a co-op game. For the record, I am fully in favor of this. CVs should absolutely be banished to co-op. If you're not putting your own boat at risk, you haven't earned a spot in PvP.
  3. HooterStump

    Why dont CV target CV?

    lol co-op
  4. HooterStump

    Why dont CV target CV?

    The CL hiding behind the island is still at risk of spotting and deletion. The DD staying silent can still be radared or plane spotted. The CV is literally invulnerable for the whole match, and barring an act of extreme idiocy, will always be the last one alive. It's a coward's ship, plain and simple.
  5. HooterStump

    Karma system = Flawed

    If you play a CV you deserve bad karma. Also, who gives a crapabout karma? Does it get you coal or something?
  6. HooterStump

    Why dont CV target CV?

    Because they're cowards. CV players are cowards afraid to face the enemy.
  7. HooterStump

    Share your Happy CV thoughts!

    I gunned down a CV in ranked today and while it didn't make up for all the games they ruined it felt OK.
  8. HooterStump

    CV's are ruining WOWS

    If there were a toggle next to 'BATTLE' that allowed you to opt out of CV matches, I guarantee you everyone would switch it to non-CV mode and leave it there. Just drop the CV players into bot games without telling them. They'll never know the difference.