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  1. TheYamato

    Supercontainers : the Super-Thread

    Some good talk going on here! I would assume that the super-container chance would be scaled to increase from the first container to the second, and then onto the third, just because WG does not readily give out rewards ( ), but that does not appear to be the case. I seldom claim 3rd containers because I simply do not have the time to play for 36,000 XP daily, so that is beyond my knowledge. To me it seems to drop more often on the first rather than the second. Is there a site or page on WoWS to track containers received?
  2. TheYamato

    Supercontainers : the Super-Thread

    I did make an effort to track down this information, but I am not willing to put in over 15 minutes on a work-day and the weekend still so far away (**sniff sniff**)
  3. Hey guys! So when I play a game, I like to understand all the workings etc, and there seems to be a striking lack of knowledge about trends relating to containers. Some trigger questions, for example : What are the chances of a super-container dropping when you pick the "super-container" option as opposed to picking any of the other options ("credits" ; "signals and camouflages" ; "resources" or "consumables") - the Wiki only says "try your luck" doubles your probability, and they vaguely estimate 1.5% or so. Trends : under what options do some non-super-container rewards appear - I saw on another thread that port slots tend to occur more frequently when the container is collected with the "more credits" option. Are there other trends like this that you can think of? Anything else that you find relevant? :P
  4. TheYamato

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Headshot from the sponsored erotic manga ad on my Facebook that I may or may not have clicked on...
  5. TheYamato

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Right before I sleep, you make me see this? Cruel, cruel...
  6. TheYamato

    Caption the profile image above you.

    You're laughing at my avatar now but wait till I buy the USS Phoenix.
  7. TheYamato

    Caption the profile image above you.

    I should've read your Tinder bio more closely...
  8. TheYamato

    CV refund period.

    This, but in fairness, only a few premiums are outright broken. For the most part, they are slightly advantageous in gameplay and tend to have access to gimmicky stuff before the regular tech tree. This also represents the old WoWS paradigm - now, ships are being released for free XP and Arsenal resources, so the game is picking up in variation.
  9. TheYamato

    Will IFHE be nerfed? What would it mean for light cruisers?

    They should do it like the old Concealment expert: X% for destroyers Y% for cruisers Z% for battleships ?% for carriers I believe the fire chance trade-off for better penetration is reasonable as of now, because at 5% (6 with flags), that is more than enough to start at least 2 fires per 50 hits if you use high-DPM destroyers. Bear in mind that they all have 100 mm guns so they can only pen 25 mm of armor (if they did not have the improved penetration, even an Omaha could bow-tank a Harugumo or Kitakaze). If they don't deal you damage this way, it will be through fires. At higher tiers, 25 mm plating begins disappearing altogether so once you saturate the superstructure you have to go for fire chance, which is not hard given the raw DPM of Japanese and high-tier British gunboats. I personally do not expect this to affect destroyers the same way it affects cruisers, because the difference in calibers is just too large.
  10. For Mac Users : My interface does not display health bar, ship name, ship type etc. However, this information appears on-screen when I press the Command (Cmd) key. However, since I use my Q to engage continuous rudder shift, when I am viewing enemy health and I press Q to turn left, well Command+Q quits the client. Since there is no option for rebinding Command in the controls window under settings, does anyone know a way to rebind that "view ship details" function to a different key? I am tired of accidentally quitting my browser whenever I turn to port while viewing enemies' HP :P
  11. My humble opinion as a business analyst : In US jurisdiction, under the Companies Act, the company of a product has an ethical responsibility to offer a product that is true to its depiction in publications and the dissemination of information in marketing (word of mouth notwithstanding). If you have a game where you implicitly give an advantage to players who pay for better products to the point that your game becomes unplayable for free-to-play players, you have violated the Companies Act. As you can imagine, that is a rather low bar for compliance - even so, most companies that develop games are either headquartered outside the US despite having studios there (an additional benefit to HQ's outside the US and thus being outside SEC regulations, which are the toughest in the world) or are headquartered in states that have State-legislated riders added to the Federal Companies Act that removes such compliance obligations at the development level (there is no way to dodge consumer protection law, like lying to customers etc). I suspect that may be why WeeGee releases OP premium ships at first before nerfing them. Maybe it's for temporary in-game advantage, in addition to the better XP and credit generation, and possibly the collector's intrigue. That's the "free-mium business model" in a nutshell. That being said, as a free-to-play player, I certainly do not mind premium ships. They explode just the same if touched at the right spot (yes, that is intended to make 12-year-olds blush). However, propping up has to have certain limitations - the Exeter at T5 has hydro and what not? OK, an argument can be made that more ships need hydro now that planes can no longer spot torpedoes, but your teammates can still do that. From that perspective, why have hydro on a T5 cruiser? Is there any data on premium ship sales? They must really be dropping off for them to offer such a gimmicky ship at low-tier.
  12. TheYamato

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    It's a rare instance that, due to dispersion a destroyer gets hit with that many bombs in one drop. It's the luck of the draw, friend. I have never been hit by more than 1-2 bombs at most when maneuvering correctly, yet I take proportional damage of 2-3k per bomb, which is more than fair. The guy just got a really good drop and lucky dispersion, that's all - nothing needs nerfing here, although as a destroyer driver, I completely feel your pain.
  13. That felt very good. Isokaze isn't the VERY best T4 destroyer and I struggle in knife fights - **cough cough Clemson** but this felt nice. All kills from torpedoes, including one destroyer. EDIT : Crazy part - 14/36 torpedoes hit. Never had such a game before...
  14. Can't seem to find it within the package. Would you remember where that is, please?
  15. So I have an older MacBook and WoWS suddenly stopped working after the last update - you may recall me making a topic about that. Fast-forward to now and I updated the client launcher, and when I opened WoWS, I had somehow migrated to the EU client in between all this, where I must effectively start over?