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  1. Single island - if you're thinking group, probably thinking Mascareignes. And yes, near Mada!
  2. It's WoWS, not #ThanksObama
  3. I get 25 FPS no problem and 50 ping, which is actually playable usually, and that's even when the café is fully occupied. Logic would thus dictate that an anomaly would not be on my side. This was literally the one game, lol. And lol guys, Mauritius is actually one of the best countries in Africa in terms of quality of life. We even have fibre optic here. Half of the reacts here gonna be like "Fiber Optic in Africa? IMPOSSIBRU" And hey relax, I am enjoying it here! I just can't go out non-stop coz of the professional transition (fancy term for having no job for now - it will change though). I am a golfer too, but that hobby is more expensive than a mistress that's 20 years younger than you! If anyone ever visits, I'm happy to give tour operator, hotel and sightseeing recommendations.
  4. Not aussie, I watched so much OzzieManReviews that I started using it myself. I just moved to Mauritius.
  5. So I had this match-making (see attachment) and I was like "Mahan and Asashio? OK, I can do this and get to the buffet" and WoWS decided to give me the following accompanying treats : 2-minute loading into the game. 6 FPS the entire game I hadn't been able to move up because the Atlanta was at the cap I elected to go for. Fair dinkham to my team, as soon as I said "shoot that ATL, I can't contest coz radar" they killed him in 12 seconds with 5 citadels (according to chat). Game crashed at 14 minutes or so, right as I was taking on the Mahan facing me nose-on with me pointing all my guns at him. I reloaded and I was already dead. Have you ever been so angry that you don't care where you are or who you're with? I just moved countries, and was at a café because I do not have wi-fi set up yet and was playing a game between job searches. The whole place went silent when I slammed my mouse on the desk... On that note, I am going to go have lunch somewhere else - to calm down and to let all those people frowning at me have time to eat and leave. Thanks, WarGaming!
  6. Hey folks, As you know, for the Chinese New Year, a WG mission that takes a butt load of time to complete has been given to us - completing it grants Da Ròng - a unique Pan-Asian commander. His specialties are as follows : Survival Expert grants extra 400 HP per ship's tier (+800 HP at T2 and +4000 at T10) (normal is 350 HP per tier). Demolition Expert boosts Chance to Set Fire by HE shell by +3% (normal is +2% extra chance...) I thought we could share our insights and potential builds on here and discuss. I know Pan-Asian DD's are mostly dead now because of the Yue Yang kneecap, but I still use them and still do so to good effect because their exceptional concealment has been great in the new meta - 5.8 km for full-stealth Hsieng Yang with 3.2 km detectability by air and 5 smoke that reload in just 20 seconds with all perks and flags and premium consumables. This would be my skill configuration for Da Ròng running my Hsieng Yang at 19 points - 1-point skills : Priority Target, Preventive Maintenance, Incoming Fire Alert (3) 2-point skills: Last-stand, Adrenaline Rush, Jack of All Trades (6) 3-point skills: Demolition Expert, Basic Firing Training (6) 4-point skills: Concealment Expert (4) Explained : I already have a 14-point commander on my Hsieng Yang with more of a torp boat/balance specialization so Da Ròng will be more of a gun-boat build because I rely more on my guns in a Pan-Asian DD to do damage than my torpedoes, although I use them smartly when the long reload finally is completed. According to my calculations, with the Hsieng Yang, half health and the perk's -10% reload would bring my guns to fire about every 2.6 seconds, while -5% cooldown along with the -5% flag would reduce me to 20 seconds between smoke generators - as long as premium's set in. Fire chance will also increase DPM. The Chung Mu gets access to the Main Battery Modification so same conditions with the module would make a half-health Chung Mu fire at 2.24 second intervals - might play Chung Mu as more of a torp boat though - full torpedo spec reloads in just 81 seconds. Yue Yang with Da Ròng - 2.7 seconds with 6 guns (legendary upgrade gets it to 2.4 but I won't sacrifice concealment module for that since Yue Yang has less HP than most T10 DDs). If we can all come together and find ways to optimize all this, it could be interesting to see if Yue Yang can make a come back in this meta.
  7. TheYamato

    How to defend against new CV aircraft in a DD

    One tip I see so neglected so I thought I'd share : the mini-map is your friend now more than ever. I enable "detection range by air" and rather than free look 360 degrees non-stop, my mini-map tells me where planes are as soon as they are detected in relation to the position where they could cause me harm by spotting or dropping me, or if they are heading my way or getting closer to me. If you are a DD with strong AA (looking at you, Gearing), also enable "range of AA fire" on mini-map so that you have an additional layer of information for when you choose to reinforce sector or pop your Defensive AA consumable. You can use the "+" key to make the mini-map bigger or the "-" key to make it smaller, depending on the situation. You don't want that thing taking 1/4 of your screen when DD hunting, but if you have a moment to look at the positioning of your team and where red ships were last spotted, you might want the mini-map taking 25% of your screen. I know some of you think this is obvious, but I'll be the first to say that to most, it really isn't. EDIT : About the positioning thing - the days of lone wolf DD's are pretty much over and now they have to learn to play as a team, and I think that is an advantage to everyone except dedicated torpedo boats, who have weaker armament and trade much less damage for the HP they lose if they are ever spotted just because torps are harder to hit and longer to reload. That being said, the new CV meta is going to change, so we have to adapt to it - for better or worse. Even if we are perma spotted, we have the tools and design to succeed - we just have to learn when to use them. As a DD, learn to gauge the usefulness of another ship to your survivability. EG : If I see a BB or cruiser taking fire, I try to smoke the cruiser then I go and spot targets and torpedoes outside of smoke for the cruiser. He can tank for you and cause a good diversion, while you reposition to either flank them with torpedoes or go off and make a play for a cap. As a DD, you now have to help others to help yourself, in a way.
  8. I've maintained my builds because I know these things will get fixed, but until then best be patient rather than testy. And yes, while CV's can harass you to holy hell if you man a DD, I have found the experience of juggling sector boost and manual AA to be quite an enjoyable new dimension to the gameplay because not only are there more planes, they are easier to shoot down than before. EG: even when I was the last guy in my team against two CV's and they knew where I was because I had smoked to torp a BBaby, I was able to toy with smoke and slamming P/O keys. I was in Pan-asian T8 mind you - 17 airplane kills and 2 used smokes. It is only a matter of time before the game is enjoyable again - this rework juiced CV's so badly that it sucked for us. It's an honest attempt to revitalize a much-underplayed class of ships, but a bit imbalanced. Even now it's getting better, because since the hot fix, I have even been able to have consecutive games without a carrier.
  9. TheYamato

    Pan Asian Unique Commanders (Dev Blog)

    Yes, the ships in the PA DD line have 2 minute torpedo reload are primarily meant to be torpedo boats. That does make sense. My best games on PA so far (not saying I'm good, because pretty much everyone just throws my stats back at me) have had me use my guns rather intensively, and not just to engage other DD's. The amazing smoke saturation means that if someone spots you and you are higher up, you can have some pretty amazing games just smoking up and blasting HE, where fire damage becomes substantial. A 1% chance boost to probability of causing a fire, spread over 100 HE hits, probably equals 3 more fires given RNG. The guns on PA are quick enough and good enough for DD hunting, this just gives a better edge against capital ships (because I tend to turn round real quick when I see a radar cruiser below 10 km away, so fire boost will only work against BBs and CVs for me anyway xD ). In PA DD's, I find that the best games combine torpedo hits with good use of one's guns, even on something as off-putting as the Hsieng Yang.
  10. Hey guys, So the DDs have taken a bit of a hit of late and if I'm honest, I don't think that'll change. I welcome the new meta and want to adapt to it. I figured we'd all share how our gameplay has changed and tips to do better in the current state of things. Who wants first go? I'm a gentleman.
  11. Hey guys, So the DDs have taken a bit of a hit of late and if I'm honest, I don't think that'll change. I welcome the new meta and want to adapt to it. I figured we'd all share how our gameplay has changed and tips to do better in the current state of things. Who wants first go? I'm a gentleman.
  12. Hello everyone, I am not an expert in ranked so don't throw my stats back at me. (:P) I have played a few battles in a few formats. At first, a few cruisers would engage in "questionable maneuvering" and upon their dying - whether by my hand or not - they would say in chat that they took the special zone for a smoke screen. As you all know, the smoke screen gets less and less opaque as you approach it and it becomes easier to tell it's a smoke screen by the round border surrounding it - and the smoke is fully transparent in binocular mode. I thought it was [edited] but then it happened to me so I thought I would suggest a fix. I know green and red are taken for team color coding so either have special zones that aren't ready marked in some color (let the devs pick that one) - and have the ones that are ready marked in gold (coz go for gold, amiright?). Either that or make either the border for smoke screens or the special zone into a dashed line (static dash line, as a rotating dash line may cause FPS trouble to players running older machines). Will post screenshots if able, or if someone else could, because the high load time has left me feeling like a liability to smaller teams in this season's ranked.
  13. TheYamato

    Pan Asia ships SUX. Period

    My impressions on the PA line (currently grinding Hsien Yang) At T4, it was a very pleasant start. T5 I hated that thing, truth be told Fushun felt like a YOLO boat for the short range torps but shot very decently - I didn't check youtube or whatever, so using the smoke the way it's meant to be used in PA line never occurred to me. Gadjah Mada was just a beast. Quintuple tubes at T7 with 360 degree turrets made angling very easy for me (but frustrating for the enemy). I think that was the first ship to introduce gunboating for me because it had great firing arcs and the longer reload also forced me to learn to use smokes, which are the PA line's main gimmick after DWTs. Hsienyang has been challenging tbh. Much higher firing arcs are a pain to get used to, so the guns don't make up for the long torp reload as they did on the GM. Overall I am just grinding her and looking forward to moving on. :)
  14. TheYamato

    Update 01/30/19, I'm pissed

    As a new guy who does make sense, I take exception to your generalization, young man. :P
  15. TheYamato

    Update 8 installed but won't launch game on MAC

    Am running it on a mid-2012 MBP with MacOS Sierra, was running just fine until the update. Check and repair integrity did not work. Restarting BBP did not work. Gonna try to uninstall and reinstall even though being in Madagascar, that can take up to 6 hours. FML backtrace.txt