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  1. smiller94

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    Hi, Just played my first SUB game with the Dunkirk...I got my 5 kills....where's the KRACKEN? Must have missed it in the small print somewhere.... Just another frustrated player.....Oh and what about the BB's going the way of the CV now?
  2. smiller94

    Ranked Sprint: Arms Race

    Played a couple of times...not any different than Random, really. Gonna continue with tier 9 boats so I can get points towards tier 10. Regrinding US cruisers and German BB. Progress towards the OHIO. My normal win rate is less than 49 percent. No hopes of ranking out. I did enjoy Ranked Spirit before...no great hopes this time. Also, games take too long.
  3. smiller94

    Public Test of Update 0.9.4: Round 2

    HI, Attempted to play subs on the previous PT there were up to 500 people waiting in the que so I just played DD and cruisers until I got tired of getting shot.
  4. Hi, There sure have been a lots of changes of late for missions, used to be fun and challenging, now it is HOW MUCH CAN YOU AFFORD.....? Really do not need another 10 point Captain. Tell me I M wrong it just seems that way. That last collection for TWITCH I tried to follow but, NADA … ZIP... Nothing. Super-containers, seems like they are more rare than before, the stats used to be around 1 in 200 containers would like to see recent stats. I have to admit I did really well with X-mas containers. Will not "fall" for another P-Rico again.
  5. smiller94

    (TF16) Task force 16 is looking for new members

    Hi, My experience is large, my stats are very average since I constantly chase missions. I have contributed 31710 oil to my present clan but, they only have 5 active members left and there is a need for a change. I have 325 boats, and am researching the US cruisers for the 3rd time and the German BB and cruisers again for research points to get the Ohio. Really would like to participate in CLAN battles, never have been able to before. I play daily usually 0500 hrs. to 0530 then after 2000 hrs. till 2200 hrs. the days I work then till Midnight when off work. You can see my airplane under smiller94 in Google.
  6. smiller94

    Need tips for New York

    Just finished a game with 3x New York between both sides.....all were in the bottom 3 scores, 2 were dead last in score. Just free XP past it. Then when you get to IOWA you can be disappointed all over...Lowest rated tier 9 BB. Get the Massachusetts … BEST US BB in the game with 11.3 km. 2nds. actually hits what you aim at a real pleasure to play. Forget the Brit BB's, the German BB line is good I've done it 2x for the research points.
  7. smiller94

    How many ships do you have?

    323 boats, but, have not played most of the CV for a year now. (Yes continue to be bitter). I play for the missions to earn stuff. Best boat? Missouri, I like the Devonshire, gets CIT hits pretty well, Arc Royal for torps. Working towards Ohio. DD? just depends on the mission= fires vs. torps, vs main battery hits... Massachusetts was a great surprise....mostly hits what you aim at and great 2nds. Buy a lot of Xmas packs they have good returns for ships. Not excited about the B models or repeats of existing like Lima?
  8. smiller94

    Puerto Rico Build

    This is really frustrating....missed by 403,245 points....about 6 hrs. at the rate of "build". Oh well maybe it will show up some day for a million FREE XP?
  9. smiller94

    Stuck on Authorization?

    After 3 days of getting kicked off and not being able to load it, I did not turn off and on the computer or do anything else it just started working again. RANKED out and back to normal. I always enjoy those who blame me for issues with computers. Just glad I do not use them for anything important.....like saving lives, as I do at work? Oh yea, those computers screw up too.
  10. smiller94

    Stuck on Authorization?

    Been 3 days here, have Spectrum....got 3 games in, slow to load if it does, then kicked off after each game. Was making great progress towards PR construction but, really need to quit the game and spend time and money elsewhere.
  11. smiller94

    French Event, You have to be kidding me!

    Wow! I was so excited when I earned that last 500 token bundle....now they think I M going to pay $30 more?... not going to do the 1 in 30 chance of getting a free Boat. I miss my BOGUE. I miss the Double strikes when separate squads take out ships... Is it even possible to earn enough XP to advance anymore with CV? Have all of the CV except the tier 10 Brit and I cannot hit anything with that miserable tier 8 boat to earn any XP. Yes, still bitter.
  12. Tried the new CV play in PT... unable to score a hit. In higher tier...all planes got shot... I M big CV player...or was... don't think I will be playing much in future. Not that anyone GAS.
  13. smiller94

    Kaga available again?

    Why the HELL would you want to pay for that POC???...Played it yesterday after a long break and lost every plane on every strike....For me that was not a fun ride...Get Saipan or Enterprise if you want to finish a game with some planes and possible make a small contribution. 13,000+ games
  14. Hi, Sill working to complete the Yamamoto campaign in entirety. Good with CV bad with DD's

    1. smiller94


      Unsporting conduct???Insulting when someone drives into me and then I get DINGED.....what do I need??? Turn signals?