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  1. Albrecht_Brandi

    [ALL] USS Forrestal for the United States

    It looks cool! Is it possible to make the Iron Duke normal in a similar way (or at least give him two chimneys), or for example return the WWI corps for Bayern)?
  2. Albrecht_Brandi

    [0.11.5] Simply Grey Paint + Historical camouflage v.1

    I'm glad that everything turned out well, but it's still strange - perhaps you, for example, installed something else on top of the camouflage mod, for example, removing camouflages from one or another modpack. My mod should be installed last, after installing other mods. Good luck with your use. Glad you like it!
  3. Albrecht_Brandi

    [0.11.5] Simply Grey Paint + Historical camouflage v.1

    Check once again that the address of the mod is correct, that the *res_mods* folder contains the *camouflage.xml* file and the *content* folder) Well, as an option - you may have launched the game in the mode without mods) I hope everything will be fine. You don't distract me, so feel free to reach out for advice, ideas, or help.
  4. Albrecht_Brandi

    [0.11.5] Simply Grey Paint + Historical camouflage v.1

    Hi all! Update 0.10.5. Several schemes have been added in this update: Camouflage type 1 - coloration with the national flag of the beginning of the war for Van Kinsbergen and Sumatra (sistership Java). Looks like Gelderland or Noordbrabant used a similar color, but I lost the photo and can't find it yet). Camouflage type 1 for Shenyang. The camouflage is based on the skin by USNA_76. Type 1 camouflage for Omaha - MS32/1D paint scheme for Raleigh. The camouflage is based on the work of Tanz. Also added a two-color end-of-war scheme for Attilio Regolo as type 1 camouflage. Some camouflages for new models of American destroyers of tiers 7-10 have been changed. So far I've only corrected paint jobs with tactical numbers and MS22. In the future, I will redo complex schemes for them, but for now, permanent camouflages of the Company are used as Type 5 camouflage. Pay attention to Fletcher and Gearing, because I don't have them. Few changes again. Future English battleships are the main target at the moment. I will be glad to councils and sentences including about them. I'll make flags one of these days. I hope there will be no problems. Download link *HERE* and in 1 post of the topic.
  5. Albrecht_Brandi

    [0.11.5] Simply Grey Paint + Historical camouflage v.1

    A sign of professionalism would be to see and prepare everything in advance) But not fate)
  6. Albrecht_Brandi

    [0.11.5] Simply Grey Paint + Historical camouflage v.1

    Hi all. The update will be delayed a bit as I'm reworking the US destroyers (I couldn't test them). By Saturday/Sunday, or even earlier - mods (camouflage and flags) will be available. I could post it now without the Americans - but I noticed that additions and even fixes for fixing bugs are not downloaded by everyone. So I'll still finish the mod (and at the same time try to find errors).
  7. By the way! You said once that you are working on London, it would be cool to see. Slightly off topic, are you interested in the scheme for Orion during the first world - the Conqueror in the striped scheme?)
  8. Did the textures somehow stop working, or did the links to the archives expire?)
  9. Albrecht_Brandi

    [0.11.5] Simply Grey Paint + Historical camouflage v.1

    I also think that that option was much better, but for some reason I had to get rid of some flags.
  10. Albrecht_Brandi

    [0.11.5] Simply Grey Paint + Historical camouflage v.1

    Flag modification has been changed. The flag of the Japanese Navy has been replaced by the national flag of Japan. Yamamoto's standard is also changed to a smaller version of the national flag. Download link *HERE* and in 1 post of the topic.
  11. Albrecht_Brandi

    [0.11.5] Simply Grey Paint + Historical camouflage v.1

    Small fix. I forgot to change the <ShipGroups> block where the new ships were added. I did some tests (removing the information from this block about the ship that I have) - I did not find any problems when playing on it - but you never know .. Well, besides, a small bonus has been added for supertesters, if they are here - the coloring of the battlecruiser Tiger of 1915) Installation: if you installed a modification to this patch - just add the data of this archive on top of the already installed mod with file replacement. fix 10.4.rar
  12. Albrecht_Brandi

    [0.11.5] Simply Grey Paint + Historical camouflage v.1

    There should be no crashes here - these are textures (more precisely, only mg-textures), and in case of problems (wrong name, or missing files), the standard texture of the game will be displayed)
  13. Albrecht_Brandi

    [0.11.5] Simply Grey Paint + Historical camouflage v.1

    Updated the mod for flags and moved the mod for disabling aircraft camouflage to 1 post of the topic. I didn’t update anything in the aircraft mod, since there are no new aircraft yet (unless, of course, I missed something).
  14. Albrecht_Brandi

    [0.11.5] Simply Grey Paint + Historical camouflage v.1

    Update 0.10.4. I figured out a bit with the battlecruisers of France: now type 2 camouflage is Admiralty, while type 5 camouflage and permanent camouflage are a two-tone paint scheme similar to the post-war Jean Bart. Toulon remained unchanged - a one-color scheme of the Company. Added type 5 camouflage for Z-31 - scheme Z-37 of 1943. Type 5 camouflage for Wakeful has been added - the color scheme for the Australian destroyer Voyager. 1942. Added type 2 camouflage for Lightning - Martin 1942 (colours may change in the future, as nothing is clear about them). Added camouflage type 5 for Bellerophon - the color scheme of the battleship Superb, 1914-1915. Also added a couple of type 2 camouflages for Bellerophon and Orion - pre-war paint schemes with pipe stamps for Superb and Orion. Finally: I found an interesting photo of St. Louis, so I filed a simple but beautiful scheme for Helena. Given that there are already type 2 and 5 camouflages, type 1 camouflage has been added in the form of MS5 of St. Louis June 1941. There is also the addition of already existing camouflages of mine or the Company to fill in the gaps, minor editing of other camouflages, etc., etc. *Download here!* or in 1 message of the topic. Good luck! I hope everything will be without crashes and bugs. P.S The flags will probably be tomorrow.
  15. Albrecht_Brandi

    [0.11.5] Simply Grey Paint + Historical camouflage v.1

    Hey! I will need to update the archives with a normal file structure - now there really is a little chaos there) Unpack the archives and transfer the *content* folder from the archive to the *res_mods* folder of the game. The path for this patch should be World_of_Warships\bin\5450485\res_mods. Hope you enjoy the mod.