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  1. Hey. Does anyone have books (preferably in electronic form) on the painting of warships in Great Britain and Italy? Could you share them (or information from these books). Thank.
  2. Albrecht_Brandi

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    look at my topic * simple gray paint *. In the header message, topics are under the spoiler and are located including the Swedes.
  3. I added Fletcher with a tactical number - now (probably) everything is fine. I also forgot to mention the change in Helena's commemorative camouflage - it has been replaced by the historical measure MS21. Future plans. I want to continue using permanent camouflage for other purposes (I have already started using them as economic camouflage for US destroyers). I can use permanent camouflage textures as type 5 camouflage. This way I will give each ship level 6-10 camouflage. In addition, I will correct the colors of some camouflage patterns and we will kill two birds with one stone - we will get relatively true colors of some permanent camouflage patterns and most ships will get camouflage. Then I can do what I love to do - create my own schemes and redraw the camouflage of my comrades, which allowed me to use my work. Over time, I will replace the Company camouflage. I think this is a good plan.
  4. Updated. Pay attention to the change in the location of the folder with the modification. I created an archive with the * bin * folder. You need to extract this folder and place it in the game folder. Added colors for US destroyers (There will be additions in the future, as not all ships received camouflage). Changed the Nordic colors of Odin, Siegfried, Aigir to historical schemes. The inscriptions from the camouflage of the English heavy cruisers were removed, and the permanent camouflages of Surrey and Drake were also edited. You can see some screenshots in the post above. P.S I wrote so far - I realized that I forgot to make type 1 camouflage for Fletcher, but I wrote it in a camouflage file - there will be no crash, but there will be a texture with letters. Tomorrow I will finish it and update the modification. Please check camouflage, especially those ships that I do not have in the port. I could be wrong.
  5. Hello! Yesterday I updated the test and figured out the inclusion of modifications in it. I discovered that not only the interface has changed, but also the number of modules on the US destroyers. C-hulls were removed, which in general facilitates the task of creating camouflage, but you need to have time to change and check all models of American destroyers before the test ends. The general concept is this: type 1 camouflage - tactical number (except for the project). Type 5 and economic camouflage are WWII camouflage measures. Perhaps I will not have time to fully prepare all types of camouflage for the new patch - but I will adhere to this concept. In the process, the post will be supplemented with screenshots Changed the color scheme of the standard Odin camouflage. Changed * Nordic * camouflage Odin, Siegfried and Aegir. This camouflage is corrected for real Nordic). Prototypes - March-May 1942 Tirpitz for Odin, and a scheme common to many ships - for example, Scharnhorst carried this scheme in May 1943 - Siegfried and Egir. The *Royal Navy* inscriptions on all permanent camouflages of British heavy cruisers have been removed. The permanent camouflages of Surrey and Drake are also slightly changed - some incorrect elements in the bow have been removed.
  6. Hello! A small addition to the recent update of the mod. I added a modified camouflage and coloring scheme for London. If I understand correctly, the job belongs to MrFingers, the idea is Trainspite. If I'm wrong, correct me please) Correction of color schemes, colors is an important part, and I'm glad that there are still people who are interested. Thanks to them, there is some sense in slowly, but doing this mod. Corrected the colors of Odin (the file itself did not touch - everything is relative to cool). He has a scheme of Admiral Hipper in the Baltic in 1944-1945. Now, he really looks like Admiral Hipper (swapped black and white and made gray more common). Please tell me how it is possible to apply the mods in the test client in version 096. Thank you.
  7. Update. Added destroyers of Russia and Germany (screenshots in previous posts). Some color correction. In a future patch, I will add American destroyers. I decided to add the color of the deck to the American Navy as a separate mod - as previously happened with the Swedes and Japanese.
  8. Now the Americans. The company uses on most ships one color scheme. Something like 5-L, 5-N and BK, which is not entirely true for some ships. Example. Original / Mod. Birmingham's coloration used the colors 5-P, 5-H, 5-N. It looks like this for me .. I'll add Baltimore later. There are two color options for one scheme, Baltimore Measure 33 itself and Boston Measure 32. Given the diversity of schemes used by the US Navy during the war years, I would like to change the color codes of permanent camouflage, as well as camouflage type 1,2,5 that I will add over time. I would also like to display the deck pattern on American ship. To do this, I will modify the mg file. This will give us a more historical coloring scheme, but at the same time we will lose the blue deck when using most schemes with various bonuses. It’s sad. But otherwise nothing. With the help of Baltimore and Cleveland, I compose color codes of various measures, which I will later use for redrawing (anyway, I re-draw most of the schemes) of destroyers, battleships, aircraft carriers and other cruisers.
  9. German destroyers. I think I will bring it to the next patch to the end (unlike the Americans with whom there will probably be problems). 2-7 levels will have type 1 camouflage. 5-10 levels will have type 5 camouflage. Camouflage type 1 . Camouflage type 5 In a future update, every German destroyer will receive at least 1 camouflage. In the future, changes and additions are possible, since I have not yet included some of Tanz’s works in them, which I think is not very good, given the excellent quality of his work.
  10. Albrecht_Brandi

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    There are ways. Option 1 - change the texture _mg.dds (texture responsible for applying camouflage) of each ship you want to leave a skin on. And option 2 is to figure out the camouflage text file and make transparent camouflage there. But this is also not entirely simple. There you need to do a bunch of corrections every patch.
  11. The camouflage file has not been updated, so just transfer it to the folder. If you use this modification, please report bugs and color non-historical (New Year, St. Patrick and others) camouflage that should be turned into a wonderful gray to begin with)
  12. Hello! Once I saw one interesting photo. It depicted the damaged light aircraft carrier Princeton and the light cruiser Birmingham extinguishing a fire on it. It was not possible to save the aircraft carrier, in addition, an explosion occurred on it, allegedly of air bombs that killed 233 people of the Birmingham crew. As a result, Princeton was sunk by torpedoes of the cruiser Reno. This fascinated me, and now we have schemes that used the cruisers Reno and Birmingham to participate in those events. But they are not the only ones who tried to save the aircraft carrier. Therefore, we meet Irwin (Fletcher-class) who participated in an attempt to save Princeton, an attempt to drown him, and saved 646 people from this aircraft carrier. P.S And we say sincere thanks to that artist from the Company for giving the plain tower to Fletcher! Thanks to him, this scheme is possible.
  13. Hello! I gradually add color to theSoviet / imperial destroyers. Type 1 will be relatively simple colors - gradient patterns worn by Baltic destroyers at least during World War 1 (I saw photos with 2-3 and even a lot of stripes, which I reflected in the color of the ships), and the pre-war color scheme of Soviet destroyers with letters on board. I still think whether it is worth giving fantasy letters to projects, but I already gave the letter to Kiev - it turned out not bad. We should also pay attention to the project of Podvoisky. It carries one experimental scheme of the period of the 1920s. Camouflage Type 1. Camouflage type 5. This camouflage will be more complex. Each painting scheme has a real prototype. When I just started drawing skins and camouflage, I thought it was difficult for the Soviet / imperial fleet to give real schemes. For battleships, cruisers, this is true. But for the destroyers I found a lot, there was even some reserve)) I am glad that I was able to do this. Below are the screenshots. Later I will add photos of historical prototypes and screenshots of other colors of the Soviet / imperial destroyers. Follow the news. Comment on it. Suggest ideas if you're interested in a story. Now added Udaloy. On this with the Soviet destroyers over. In the future I will return to changing type 1 camouflage, and probably to imperial destroyers - there you can add schemes of the period of the Great Patriotic War to the already created period of World War 1)
  14. Hello! Unfortunately, I have not yet completed the coloring of the Soviet and German destroyers (overestimated myself hehe). But the tips are drawn. Now I can offer you an updated version of my so far small mod. At the moment, French battleships and destroyers, English destroyers are added to it. After downloading a couple of additional modifications from the first message of the topic, you will also give a historical color to the destroyers of Japan and Sweden. Plans for the next patch of the game are to add the destroyers of Germany, USSR, USA, Pan-Asia (I think USNA_76 will help me with this). If you downloaded an additional modification of the color of the Japanese destroyers - please download the modification. I made a mistake in the name Harugumo) Thanks for the help, TheKingOfUm)
  15. Thanks to the comrades PunishedKAsual and Tanz, in the future the modification will be supplemented by the destroyers of Japan. I supplemented their work with a couple of my textures (if you find problems in the spelling of names - please let me know, I copied the names of Umikaze from the photo, and I copied the name of Isokase from his descendant - a destroyer like Kagero). Japanese destroyers have a single color with hieroglyphs and marks on the pipes. One exception is Mitsuki, which has historical camouflage. Changed also some premium ships in Japan. I also changed the alternative colors of the permanent camouflage of Japanese ships. Now the destroyers in the main color have shades of gray, the alternative color will retain the green camouflage (I will not delete it - let it be a bright spot in my boring fashion :3). Cruisers, battleships and carriers, on the contrary, will have standard green camouflage as their primary color. An alternative color will give them a solid color. I did it to see less often spotted green destroyers (in gray colors they are more beautiful in my opinion). While large ships, game permanent camouflages are more suitable. I forgot to say that I don’t have many ships - therefore, there are no screenshots, or they are without camouflage. Please check camouflage before entering combat to avoid crashes. If this happens (I hope that does not happen) - let me know. Thank. Most Japanese destroyers (in the future, and cruisers), European destroyers are made in the form of standard textures - this is convenient, since the emblems will be visible when using all disposable camouflages, but at the same time, these textures are not compressed so well by the archiver and take up a large amount of information (140 mb). I will add them with separate modifications, which will be posted here. They rarely change in updates, but with changes or their additions I will let you know.