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  1. Stop Blaming The CV

    Was dced when the game was about to end, not sure if it is complete. Just pay attention to what he said in the channel. 20170724_232747_PASA508-Enterprise_44_Path_warrior.wowsreplay
  2. Stop Blaming The CV

    Cant you see what he typed? And I still have the replay if you want.
  3. Stop Blaming The CV

    That's not the point dude. You see what he typed in the channel? The point is he blamed me for doing nothing but it turned out my team was on the top 3.
  4. Stop Blaming The CV

    Not really, that BSM never stayed with the team so he could barely be a bait. He just went into 4 ships alone and nearly got sunk by the first wave of air strike. I don't remember who finished him off.
  5. Stop Blaming The CV

    Look at the player at the bottom , and read what he said in the channel.
  6. Stop Blaming The CV

    So here was what happened in that game. Our Bismarck(the one at the bottom) went to the right side of the map alone with Kagero, while our team basically were going the other way. He was dropped by the enemy CV and died in the first 5 minutes. And for the rest of time, what he did was blaming me and my team for being useless. And ironically, it finally turned out like the pictures I posted. See?
  7. Citadel Overpenetration Explanation

    Two of the most stupid settings in WOWS: Cyclone and Citadel Overpen. The game is so HISTORICAL