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  1. I would reccomend against it due to- 1) A CV that wants to strike you is still going to hit you and when done correctly sink you even with maxed AA unless it is under tier then it is still not going to touch you without the upgrades. 2) A CV (when they appear) usually won't touch you or go near you. Thus the AA upgrade is of no use since it does not increase your range. 3)I reccomend the concealment build imo since it allows you verserbility. -it is the best survivability since enemies can't shoot you if they don't know you there or you blink out of exisitance -If a CV wants to strike you they gotta see you first -an enemy that wants to angle against you need to know where you are first
  2. Reserve for Future Updates
  3. This section would be going into Trading and what is a good trade and what is not once I get home Also message me if you want to division with me or members of the Night Owl Clan :3
  4. Preface- This is my attempt to give back to the community and maybe help someone else. Special thanks to all those who have taught me whether they know it or they dont. Intro- This guide is a guide not on how to better play a ship or a certain class, it is about becoming a better player. It is not about skill but about the thinking behind. It is an attempt to bracket my experience through stages and explaining each stage. Preperations- These are the ingame preperations you should make. 1)Turn on alternative battle interface which will show you shell flight time and didstance 2) Make the minimap as large as possible. Stage 1: I just downloaded the game:- You have just downloaded the game and are playing your first match. Don't learn to crawl before you learn to breathe. Focus on having fun and you will slowly get a grasp of the mechanics of the game. But please, learn to LOVE THE GAME. Stage 2: I think there is a budding romance:- Watch youtube videos, preferably those more about content and less about humor or entertainment. Players like IChase, Flamu, Jingles are good for beginners. Listen to advice since no matter how much you think you understand the game, your limited experience means that 9/10 any advice given is gonna be beneficial to you, even so called bad advice to the average. This is if you are player with skill level 1 with average player base skill level 5, a skill level 2 advice is still better then a skill level 1 even though it is below average. Remember, at this stage you are still an infant, you should try and experience as many different things as possible and take in as much as you can to grow. Understand that people cussing you out is usually a sign that you are making a mistake. Take out the cuss words and see if you can gain any advice from it. Stage 3: Okay I think I am not a beginner but I am below average:- The stage 2 advice still holds for this stage. Additionally I want you to push in more, even if it seems suicide unless a better player tells you not to. This is because I want you to over-extend rather then under-extend. The thinking behind it is something I learned from golf coaches. In putting, it is preferable for a beginner to overshoot in a putt then undershoot since overshooting will allow you to see your limits and have a better grasp of the field then undershooting. Thus I want you to overextend and get yourself killed. THIS WILL TANK YOUR WR AND WTR HOPEFULLY. I want you to continue to be aggressive for at least 200 games. This would hopefully teach you the limits of your ship and how to survive in unwanted situations. Slowly after 200 games tone down on the aggressiveness, start to try and survive a bit more, slowly and surly pull back on the overextend. Simple advice to give at this stage 1) HE spam in CA and AP spam in BB. Yes there are situations where switching ammo works but for now focus on how to use the bread and butter of each ship. 2) It is never too early to learn about positioning. Start paying attention to the minimap. Make it a habit. 3) having fun is not an excuse to stay in this stage. Usually people in this stage are making obvious mistakes that would be commented on by other players. Learn from it while you keep having fun. Stage 4: YAY IM AVERAGE (and/or close or green wtr):- Now you are an average player. You are at this stage making mistakes less. The mistakes you make are mostly due to over-extension rather then under-extension. This is important, if you are under extending more then you are overextending go back to stage 3. I rather you know your limits of a ship then not now your limits, and the best way to learn is through trial and error. The usual metric to go by is go to warships today, compare the average damage/winrate to average survival rate. I want your average survival rate to be lower or equal to average of the server shown. Now the preface of this part is over lets get to the main part. Start playing the other classes of ship and see how they work. Learn what they like and what they dislike. The difference between many average players and above average players is target selection and positioning. This comes down to mini map awareness, positioning, experience with other classes of ship and overall experience of the game. Analyse on how you can do better. Try not to blame the team. You cannot change the team but you can change yourself. Ask yourself how you could have survived better. Maybe you should have pushed in less, maybe you should have shot another player. Did you use up all your heals in the game? Was there a shot you missed that you could have hit? learn from all these mistakes. Knowing which advice to take is now harder since statistically speaking only 50% of advice is beneficial to you. A good indicator is to take advice, no matter how much it seems to be countering your logic from someone with a significant win rate or wtr above you. This is usually because they have an understanding of mechanics that you do not. Yes some people farm wtr but more often then not they got there with their own skills. You can check their average tier to see if they got there seal clubbing or not. Also experiment with different Ammos. Stage 5: Im now blue, blue bababeedam bamdiumbiamba:- Not all youtube videos are created equal. Learn from the better ones and watch for enjoyment the others. You will naturally know which ones you have risen above and which ones you still need to learn from. Trust yourself. Try and division with other better player and learn from them. Keep improving. You got to blue and thus you should know your stuff. Most purple players I know are usually willing to play with dark blue or light blue players. If you cant find anyone feel free to division with members of the Night Owl, (shameless clan promotion). Remember to keep your chat open and see if you can get advice from others. Usually the advice wont work but once in a while you get a uni-cum player commenting on your play harshly or not and you can improve. Always look and see if you could have contributed more for the team, did you use all heals? did you hit all vital shots? If not improve. Dont blame the team cuz you cant change them, change yourself. MOST IMPORTANTLY HAVE FUN -(but try and be at least average) Special Thanks- Thank you for all players who have criticized me, no matter the language used or harshness, when I made a mistake. Special thanks to YourACTScore, LordBenjamin, NTLR, o_JMack_o, and other memebers of the NO for playing with me and teaching me during ranked and random. Thanks to Flamu, KamiSamurai, Ichase, Phildaily, Noster, and other youtubers for keeping me interested and teaching me the game. A little bit about the Author- BB main with a special emphasis on stealth Missouri and Monty. Played all BBs except the new British line and the GK. have completed both the IJN and USN line for cruisers and is now on the tier 8 for British and Russian while tier 9 on the German. Stat wise Last 430 days solo I have played 1184 cruisers and 2082 BB games with a win rate of 53.72% (1223 WTR) CA and 56.48% (1218 WTR) BB at an average tier of 7.3. Last 90 days solo I have played 244 cruisers and 496 BB games with a win rate of 56.56% (1324WTR)CA and 59.27% (1272WTR) BB at an average tier of 7.4 CA and 8.8 BB. These are used for your convenience to judge how much I know I am talking about. Afterwords:- It is your choice to take the advice (good or bad I do not know, though it is good advice in my opinion) and thus I would not be arguing in the comments but would still pop in time to time to do some clarification.
  5. 90% cruisers are suppose to stay safe spamming he applying dps
  6. Monty stealth Monty best Monty My Iowa (50% winrate) stats vs my Missouri (64% winrate) stat difference can be said to be 30% due to switching from a survivability/AA capt to a concealment/AA build) and monty which I have and play is just a bigger Iowa
  7. Ur damage is only slightly above average but still within the average distribution.
  8. NC is the first of the US fast bb line and should be treated as such with their unique play style. 1) your guns have a different velocity then the colo or the following Iowa/Montana and thus you will need to re-adjust your aim as the NC shells are more floaty 2) a high speed means you can engage and disengage from conflict as needed 3) your superior stealth, beaten only by the British, allow you to pick and choose your engagement. This allows me, with full concealment build to often use up all repairs (premium+superintendent) charges. Since you can disengage to heal and reengage to tank. 4) this means that learning positioning and minimap awareness is of upmost importance since you now have more to choose from due to being able to reach further then the slow colo. this is a skill that comes from experience and learning by divisioning with better players. 4a) this cannot be overemphasized positioning mistakes is often the first mistake I see in most NF (and a lot of bb) players. 4b) there is not often one good position as good position changes depending on movement of Red and Green team, composition of teams, Personqlity of teams and so on. So it's sometimes good to keep moving. 5) your bow is near impenetrable and thus use it when you get urself in trouble but do not rely on it since it restricts your mobility, firepower, presence and options. 5a) thus unless the situation arises and you need to hold a position for whatever reason try and move to a better position if and only if you will not show a board side while enemy guns are loaded and pointing at you. 6)))))) DO NOT SHOW BOARDSIDE AND SAIL IN A STRAIGHT LINE 6a) unless baiting shots or otherwise. A little bit about myself qualifications. I originally started off with the American BB line and considers myself a BB expecially a USN BB main. Favorite ships are Missouri and Montana both of which I have an above 63% winrate and climbing. The past two weeks ever since I finally got the Missouri I have been played nothing but her and with over 200 games the results I got from her has a low probability of being flukes. Though I have not touched the NC in recent months, the NC is a mini Montana or a Mini Raderless Missouri. I wrote the above and while thinking of the Missouri and Montana. There are many better players then me out there in which I suggest you also seek out and division with but most importantly if you want to learn how to play a ship, be humble and listen to advice. Best Regards Holycrazyasian
  9. Yes and thus I said I don't think they made the right choice
  10. 1) Ichase criticized one of the wg employees 2) WG kick him out of CC 3) Community Outrage for 1, ichase has the right to criticize or insult a wg employee for failing at their duties for 2, WG has a right to kick him. But is that the right choice? I don't think so since it creates more problem (mainly the obvious 3, community outrage) that will follow. I am not saying that WG overextended their rights or power to fire IChase but rather they chose the wrong reaction. They should have either ignore it and show through their action that they are going to fix it or apologize and fix it. I am not saying a problem exist but sometimes like in retail or interacting with a forgetful grandparent, it is better to just fix the "problem". I do not agree with ichase in many aspects of the game, heck I don't really watch his videos anymore other then for his ship historical documentary. But I do not think he has crossed a line yet. Best regards holycrazyasian
  11. One word. Missouri
  12. I don't agree with your points but since most of it is due to understanding of game mechanics that would come with time I would only target the one that is the most glaring. Point 4: the game ends early if 1) one team hits 1000 points. 2) one team hits or goes below 0 points 3) in a two base map either teams home base is capped now why the game ended early would be due to one of the above reason. It is usually easy to avoid losing to one of these reasons by either getting a few kills, capping a cap or defending ur base. Edit: change grammar and some misspellings edit again: misspelled change into chance XD
  13. Avg BASE exp is different due to having premium or not. Made a small post about that showing proof in my Des Moines
  14. Shoot it. Even if u miss u learn how to shoot dds better for next game. I am okay with getting less damage this game if it improves all my future games
  15. Stock nonpremium cv..................u have lower tier planes, less squadrons/power due to stock loadout