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  1. He is talking bout the service ship in the background guyz... it’s not suppose to be in port but it is
  2. Main battery. I take anything that will reduce main battery dispersion and since it also increases secondary range (not as much as the secondary mod but the difference is negligible) Also main battery deals more damage for every hit then a secondary will do in ten seconds and in 10 seconds u can move the distance between the main battery dispersion mod and the secondary mod)
  3. So third day with the October Revolution and things are just not clicking. The ship is good and all but for some reason I can’t seem to make it preform. An avg 700 wtr with a sub 40% winrate. It’s not that I don’t know how to play bbs either since I’m a bb main with an avg winrate of 58% in scharnhorst, 64% in Missouri and 62% in Montana and 55% all dark blue. Something is just not clicking
  4. Admiralty: “Captain why was ur ship destroyed?” Captain: “I'm Chinese I don’t speak Korean, can’t communicate with my Korean crew except with body language.” Admirality: “....”
  5. You realized you are bad. Congratulations ( in all seriousness congratulations) you are now on the first step to improving. 1) take most advice given to you in game (a lot of these advice would be hidden in a box of insult). People with below average performance are usually making some basic easy to fix mistakes usually with decision making or positioning. 2) keep learning. A tier 8 dd is just as scary to most bbs and cas as a tier 9/10 dd. With proper positioning you can force enemies into unfavorable situations. Heck I know I, and my clan mates who are actual Unicom players, have died to a dd that never launched a torp their direction because it was last spotted at point X, causing us to have to position a certain way which in the situation opened us up to other threats. 3) keep ur pride in check. Pride can be the greates leverage in learning but also the greatest hinderence. Don’t be defeated by ur pride but rather force it to submit to YOU and have it work for you.
  6. If the bb is angled and the cruiser is predictable hell ya. 15 km is still reliable hitting range.
  7. NC= North Carolina. (The Alabama works also. You can also use the Iowa/Missouri but they are higher tier)
  8. 1)play rands... your team needs to learn how to carry anyways 2)if you want to learn battlecrusiers play the NC it teaches u good things 3)I rather u be a noob that is too aggressive then too defensive. Since u would thus be able to learn what ur ship is capable of surviving instead of never learning that. 4) learn from criticism.
  9. Also u can grind the free exp campaign missions in the yam camp. All should be doable no matter the skill as log as u have ship and just time: 300 planes/40 cits in ca/ 50 defend ribbons in ca and dd/ 25 achievements all over any number of games and tier 8+ ships
  10. Turning chat off is a bad idea since it shuts down channels of communication and any chances that something helpful appears
  11. Yes the night owl clan aka NO really needs a buff as if we are not powerful enough.....
  12. 1) cruisers are not meant to scout because A) they have horrible armor and citidal without the nimbleness to dodge easily B) they have the highest sustained damage and can only do that by surviving C) added together they are the squishy damage dealers or similar to ur ADC (Attack Damage Carries aka DPS machines) in other games that are needed to be kept alive behind safety. 2) Destroyers are the Cappers A) they have the concealment and manuverability. You can't hit what you can't see and you can't hit if they dodge correctly. They are the only ones other then bbs that can survive capping and when done correctly they can survive capping better then a bb that is also played perfectly. B) they have smoke a get out of trouble free card that can be used most of the time provided that there are no radar cruisers. But you should outspot a radar cruiser anyways and proceed to put hard cover between it and you or go for another cap. C) the best place to screen for torps is suprisingly the cap since most early torps are aimed at a cap that is being contested and only a dd has the manuverbolity to dodge the inevitable torp soup. 3)bbs are strong but not overpowered. They are only overpowered if enemy make a mistake. A) contrary to common belief, bbs do not devestating strike every salvo or most of the games. If so, as an above average (blue wtr) bb player I should have similar devestating strike medals to my number of games. Hint it dosnt even break 1%. Bbs can only dev strike a cruiser if and only if the cruiser was sailing under three conditions combined. ONE) a predictable pattern equal to shell travel time which is usually around 9 seconds not counting bb reload time. TWO) a range close enough that bb dispersion does not matter. THREE) not behind cover. If either one of these critierias are not filled it is near impossible to reliably chunk a cruiser. And a well played cruiser would usually not even give you even one of the above criteria let along all three. Bbs are overpowered against cruisers cuz cruisers are making mistakes. B) against dds. If a dd is often chunked against bbs why were you spotted in the first place? A few times due to unforeseen circumstances or neglect is excusable but if it happens repeatedly there is something wrong with the playstyle of the dd. 4) carriers are suppose to do that and much more A) a carrier needs to spot for team, protect team and damage enemy team cuz guess what? Cvs are the greatest influence of the game and if you don't do one of the required task and the enemy cv does it, the enemy team then has an advantage. You want to grab as many advantage as possible and since as a cv you usually cannot rely on another cv you have to do the job urself. B) CV are not easy I will be the first to admit. But as stated before ic u don't do it and the enemy cv does it ur team would be at a huge disadvantage so that is why cvs are the "slave" to the team cuz they can do everything simultaneously and efficiently.
  13. I would reccomend against it due to- 1) A CV that wants to strike you is still going to hit you and when done correctly sink you even with maxed AA unless it is under tier then it is still not going to touch you without the upgrades. 2) A CV (when they appear) usually won't touch you or go near you. Thus the AA upgrade is of no use since it does not increase your range. 3)I reccomend the concealment build imo since it allows you verserbility. -it is the best survivability since enemies can't shoot you if they don't know you there or you blink out of exisitance -If a CV wants to strike you they gotta see you first -an enemy that wants to angle against you need to know where you are first
  14. Reserve for Future Updates
  15. This section would be going into Trading and what is a good trade and what is not once I get home Also message me if you want to division with me or members of the Night Owl Clan :3