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  1. Santa Crate Statistics

    This is a small sample-size but out of 40 santa gift 8---300 doubloons 7---10000fxp 11--- Camo 14----50 regular flags If someone else is keeping track we can see what chance we get from boxes
  2. 2,867 Games and First Solo Warrior

    Nice!!! I’m at 9768 games and have yet to see a solo warrior for myself and only remember seeing it once for my team
  3. Get one of those mouses with a lot of buttons
  4. Most Accurate BB Line

    But due to the turrent placements and number of turrents at tier 9/10 usn has better dispersion since they usually can bring more guns to fight. Izumos third turrent dosnt have good firing angle while Iowa allows u to use all three guns while angled. Montana as an extra gun compared to the Yamato and even if we only looking at firing while angled Monty can use its 1,2 and 4 gun while angled and yammy usualy can only use its 1 and 2 gun. These extra shells + all the extra dispersion reducing upgrades make them very much more accurate then their ijn counterparts
  5. A little advice please.

    If you cannot strike ships, focus on spotting and anti dd/torp action. It also depends on the enemy position. Its not that you will have as much impact as being mid tier or top tier but some impact is still better then no impact
  6. sad songs with no lyrics...it makes it feel like a last stand feel
  7. This needs to be bumped so others can see
  8. this.....this is.....tears up.....all the time i spent on the forumns was worth it.....thankyou
  9. Pan Asian Ensigns

    The problem with the Asian dds have more to do with politics then snowflakes. I am referring to the status of Taiwan and also the politics between The People's Republic of China and The Republic of China. It is power moves between governments that plays a major role in the allowance of flag or not. Politics often taint history.
  10. A new ship in port

    He is talking bout the service ship in the background guyz... it’s not suppose to be in port but it is
  11. Main battery. I take anything that will reduce main battery dispersion and since it also increases secondary range (not as much as the secondary mod but the difference is negligible) Also main battery deals more damage for every hit then a secondary will do in ten seconds and in 10 seconds u can move the distance between the main battery dispersion mod and the secondary mod)
  12. October Woes

    So third day with the October Revolution and things are just not clicking. The ship is good and all but for some reason I can’t seem to make it preform. An avg 700 wtr with a sub 40% winrate. It’s not that I don’t know how to play bbs either since I’m a bb main with an avg winrate of 58% in scharnhorst, 64% in Missouri and 62% in Montana and 55% all dark blue. Something is just not clicking
  13. Pan-Asian Commander Naming?

    Admiralty: “Captain why was ur ship destroyed?” Captain: “I'm Chinese I don’t speak Korean, can’t communicate with my Korean crew except with body language.” Admirality: “....”
  14. You realized you are bad. Congratulations ( in all seriousness congratulations) you are now on the first step to improving. 1) take most advice given to you in game (a lot of these advice would be hidden in a box of insult). People with below average performance are usually making some basic easy to fix mistakes usually with decision making or positioning. 2) keep learning. A tier 8 dd is just as scary to most bbs and cas as a tier 9/10 dd. With proper positioning you can force enemies into unfavorable situations. Heck I know I, and my clan mates who are actual Unicom players, have died to a dd that never launched a torp their direction because it was last spotted at point X, causing us to have to position a certain way which in the situation opened us up to other threats. 3) keep ur pride in check. Pride can be the greates leverage in learning but also the greatest hinderence. Don’t be defeated by ur pride but rather force it to submit to YOU and have it work for you.
  15. Battleship mentality

    If the bb is angled and the cruiser is predictable hell ya. 15 km is still reliable hitting range.