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  1. holycrazyasian

    Cool good , Nothing

    a good tip is to get closer....cvs usually drop ships that are closer or ships that are more alone then other ships...make yourself cv bait edit...typos
  2. holycrazyasian

    MOE flags for ships in WoWS

    We need other kind of MOE :3 moe ftw ;3
  3. holycrazyasian

    1st time accused of Cheating by another player

    Only ever had one person compliment me by saying I was cheating after all these games..... wish I had more.......
  4. holycrazyasian

    I Really Love Cyclones

    My prob with cyclone is that it makes it hard to see uncamo ships. The greys blend in and my eyes really do hurt trying to see it.
  5. holycrazyasian

    Night Owls NO looking for players

    Night Owls is a small clan. Most of our players have switched to other clan due to wanting to do clan wars but our clan were too small. Thus I want to rebuild the clan up as a friendly small close knit clan. If you are a player who gets salty but does not rage often in game and just looking to improve join our clan. Even though many of the players are not in our clan anymore they still are on in clan discord and most are friendly people that may be willing to division up. The only requirement I have is try and not rage, realize that there is always room to improve and bring a good sense of humor. Message me or post if interested and I will send discord information Best Regards and have fun on the high seas Holycrazyasian.
  6. For you right now I would say Atago because it has a heal and is more forgiving of mistakes. But do realize also that Atago is like a more stealthy Myoko so it’s ply style can be quiet similar. So if you don’t enjoy Myoko you may not like Atago. Lanta seems to be like a more fragile Cleveland but never played her so I’m judging from my in game experience.
  7. holycrazyasian

    Why am i being reported?

    You were most likely too far from the battle. Everybody has a different favored engagement range. Engagement range does not equal to max range or hitting range for bbs, but rather equals to reliable range where u can CITIDAL (not just hit) enemy cruisers if they pop out. If you were missing most ur shot u were most likely too far.
  8. holycrazyasian

    Boise and Nueve De Julio

    Mogami being T8 is a legacy of not only stealth fire but back when aft/bft affected 155. Mogami originally was actually T7 with Myoko being T8. Mogami was changed to T8 when it was realized how much more powerful having so many 155s were. This is why Myoko has a stronger then normal armor for a T7 (her bow can actually bounce bbs which was a characteristic usually T8 CAs have before the introduction of Russian cruisers. Mogami is just left at tier 8 because it is easier and she has been balanced to fit T8 better
  9. holycrazyasian

    anyone get this

    Sometimes. It’s a slow load on ur game.
  10. holycrazyasian

    How is this possible?

    Maybe AP. Or torp. Need replay
  11. holycrazyasian

    Fix your Matchmaker, WG

    T8 bbs vs T10 bbs - can bounce all T10 shells except for yammy but most T10 can bounce yammys - you just have less damage potential and less health vs T10 BB, but if you angle PROPERLY they will not be focusing you and you should not be focusing them. T8bbs vs T10 dd/Ca/Cl - you can citidal them just as well as T10bbs, most ships you can still overmatch. It is just that when you cit you do less damage compared to T10 bbs but you can still one shot them. T8Ca/CL vs T10 - you have less range but since most lines you alrdy have the same caliber guns as T10 Ca you still burn/He alpha enemies quite well. - I will admit that since you don’t have the heal for most lines, you are allowed to make less mistakes but still it dosnt make you just cannon fodder T8 dd vs T10 - you have shorter range torps thus making your damage potential fall considerably. But torping has always been a secondary main role for dds. Supporting the fleet, capping, spotting and counter dd has been a bigger role. - not to say torping ain’t important - T8 dds usually has better spotting then t10 dds thus can out spot enemy dds while ur team forces them away. - Being T8 vs T10 makes no difference when enemy radars you, you still need to fall back or hide behind island. - being T8 vs T10 makes no difference when enemy cruisers or bbs shoots you and hits, you still take massive damage. - you will lose 1v1 against T10 dds but with proper positioning and map awarness you can make it always an uneven fight by spotting them while staying hidden and having ur team deal with them. -T8 cv vs T10 -yep this is the hardest. You are on a massive back foot and I am usually fine with T8 cvs whining a bit since ya, it’s a near 90 degrees uphill battle damage wise. You can only pick off heavily damaged ships or dds and mostly spot for the team. But ya. U r allow to whine.
  12. holycrazyasian

    Scharnhorst discount price

    Don’t insult my scharny by calling her a gudbote. Gud bote don’t even begin describing her
  13. holycrazyasian

    If you could only play one ship from now on...

    MISSOURI!!!! edit: American flag emoji didn’t work :(
  14. holycrazyasian

    Can I pick everyone's brains for a hot minute?

    Patience. You are still getting a grasp of things. Your aim may be good but understand as u switch ships even in the same nation line due to different gun velocities the lead will be slightly to significantly different (colo to NC has a significant different lead). Also each ship has a different proper engagement range. for bbs it is the range you can reliably citidal and one shot cruisers for CA it is the most diverse and usually changes depending on where you can best survive, use consumables and depending on ship where you can best support your dds while annoy bbs. for dds, I’m not a good dd player. Yes even after 1694 battles in dds I still am a nub in dds. I am not being humble it is the fact. The only reason I have a 55% winrate in my fletcher is NOT due to me knowing how to play dds but rather my experience in other ship types, my slightly better aim but more importantly My Map Awarness. My positioning and ability to predict enemy dd play is goddam AWFUL and in a dd knifefight I often trade more health then the enemy. But my experience in game makes up for it. Thus just play more. Watch others play. Never blame the team. Always blame yourself since you can’t force a team to play better by you can always force yourself to play better. Same thing, blaming RNg is useless, since u can’t change it. Change how you approach it, how you limit its influence wether through engagement range, position in regards to islands and enemy, or staying alive so you can throw more salvos. In regards to Bb survival. Do not suicide but also do not stay too far behind. Look at the minimal. Ask yourself where is the next big engagement and can you make it there in time. Don’t take too far of a path if it means you will not be able to support next big engagement. A rule of thumb is if you have not even yet used two heals by the time a third of the game passed you may be too far. If you are barley touched when half of your team dies you are too far. When most of the team is yelling at you, you are too far.
  15. holycrazyasian

    Total Warship Arena

    Hannibal on my Yamato as it wrecks Romas. I like I like.