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  1. holycrazyasian

    CV teamkill

    Hmmmm rarely got raged in by teammates and never had my position given away nor tked by my teammates while playing CV. Maybe just unlucky with the toxic teammates or you really did something to piss them off. Not sure since don’t have replay edit- added “while playing cv”
  2. Preface- This is not a discussion on is the cv rework good or bad. This is just me giving some tips and tricks to play against cvs. I have around a 55% win rate in the new cv in Ranger, Implacable, Shokaku, Kaga and Furious. I also have an above 50% win rate in all other classes of ship with a lot of games. I shall be focusing on the DD to CV tips. Then BB to CV tip and finally CA to CV tips. DDs) (mostly targeting conventional dds not Russian light cruisers) I rarely if ever target DDs first unless they significantly misplay. Why? Well if the DD turns off their AA the time it takes to spot them usually is too long that it is more beneficial for my team if I spend that time attacking other more pressing targets. Thus here are the tips. 1) Turn off your AA and dodge my planes -your air detection when you don’t fire your guns is extremely small. My aircrafts has worst detection then you. Also unless I suddenly spot a more juicy target then my intended flight path or is within an area of AA flak, my planes are flying straight. Not turning, not snaking. Thus you know where I am heading to and dodge the other way. 2) Dont fire your guns just to farm BB damage especially when planes are heading your way. This is an extension of point 1. Your greatest advantage is that trying to find a properly concealed and played DD is often not worth it when I could be stopping a push by scaring enemy BBs away. Even if I know you approximate area it still takes time in which I have to switch planes to rocket and fly to you. By the time I arrive you could be in a completely different area. Firing your guns constantly to farm BBs when planes are heading over allows me to know your exact location which allows me to aim and drop you with nearly any weapons I happen to have. Do not let me know you exact location when I am near you. 3) Know which plane I am flying and how to position If for some reason I decide you need to die either because you are too close to my CV itself or you are approaching an area that is vital to my team or you played badly and I know your exact location here is how you actively defend against an air attack. step 1) don’t let me know your exact position but let me know your approximate position. this makes it harder to line up attack and time wasted on you is time not spend attacking your team step 2) line your ship based off which plane I have. All planes except dive bombers need to first flyby you to guesstimate your exact location before I can lock in my attack. Thus on the attack wave if you are moving away from my planes I am often at the maximum allotted time for the attack and my attack ellipse will be quite large if you are at a place I did not expect. Thus you need to use the minimap to rotate yourself from my planes that makes most of my ellipse wasted. This depends on the type of plane I have. rockets- you want to be parallel with me either sailing away or at me. (Preferably at me) in the moment you are spotted. This allows the least amount of time for me to aim and lead while minimizing the surface I have to hit. If you sail parallel it makes hitting you easier. Torpedo- you want to either sail in or sail away. Change your directions. If you are forced perpendicular to my flight path change your speed. Force me to increase that cone spread due to maneuvering allowing you to easily thread it. This is the easiest to dodge imo Dive Bombers- Start turning to be perpendicular. Yes there is a way for dive bombers to hit you for most of their bombs when you are perpendicular but most CVs do not have the skill to pull it off and wargamming has only made it harder ever since. It is also easy to mess up due to ping and other factors since it is betting on the fact that the planes are seconds away from aborting their attack meaning if you force me (if I know how to do the drop) to spend a few more seconds my planes will automatically abort the attack and cancel it. You do not want to turn too much and become parallel to my planes path which allows me to line up and attack you easier. BBs) You are my prime targets because if I can force a damage control on you my team can burn you down, forcing you away from the lighter ships and allowing my team to then be able to more easily pick off the cruisers. If I also scare you away and stop you from moving forward I also extend the amount of time the game would run allowing me to influence the game even more. Thus my tips are. 1) Do not move out of engagement/support range Don’t abandon your cruisers . Let other BBs take the HE burn for a bit while you heal up and wait for damage control to be off cool down. Do not let me accomplish the goal of forcing you so far back that your cruiser teammates do not have protection and my cruisers are allowed to roam free without fear of your BB guns. 2) Do not let the game drag out I do not mean to push too aggressively nor do I mean to win the game within the first five minutes. I mean stay within engagement range and when you flank is at a critical mass where enemy team is faltering, do not waste time taking the often too safe approach but rather try and push your advantage as much as possible. The less time the game runs the less I am able to turn a loss to a win. If you can end the game end it. Do not dilly dally hunting out of commissioned ship. If it is a lone bb tell your cv and let him help quickly handle it. 3) Learn to change tank- dont wait till the other bb is dead before you change tanks. Learn to change your position and work with your teammates to cycle your BBs allowing you both to have protection when one of your damage control is down. CAs) we are afraid of you often since your ability to deplane is ferocious. All I can say is 1) be prepared to have a place of cover It is often not planes that end up killing you but my teammates that kill you when you are suddenly spotted. Always have a place you can go to in case you are suddenly spotted 2) position at common flight paths certain maps have common area planes often need to fly over to achieve their objectives. Intercept them or force them to fly around. Afterthoughts- I am not a CV main, I am a bb main but I do well with cvs. The trick is to pay attention to the minimap and ask yourself why were YOU the target. Why did we not attack another ship. Learn from that and improve :D
  3. holycrazyasian

    New ships

    Also be aware that just because you got a higher tier ship the game does not necessarily suddenly become easier. You do not become more powerful then the rest of ur team because the rest of the ream usually have the same power level of ships as you do.
  4. holycrazyasian

    Cool good , Nothing

    a good tip is to get closer....cvs usually drop ships that are closer or ships that are more alone then other ships...make yourself cv bait edit...typos
  5. holycrazyasian

    MOE flags for ships in WoWS

    We need other kind of MOE :3 moe ftw ;3
  6. holycrazyasian

    1st time accused of Cheating by another player

    Only ever had one person compliment me by saying I was cheating after all these games..... wish I had more.......
  7. holycrazyasian

    I Really Love Cyclones

    My prob with cyclone is that it makes it hard to see uncamo ships. The greys blend in and my eyes really do hurt trying to see it.
  8. holycrazyasian

    Night Owls NO looking for players

    Night Owls is a small clan. Most of our players have switched to other clan due to wanting to do clan wars but our clan were too small. Thus I want to rebuild the clan up as a friendly small close knit clan. If you are a player who gets salty but does not rage often in game and just looking to improve join our clan. Even though many of the players are not in our clan anymore they still are on in clan discord and most are friendly people that may be willing to division up. The only requirement I have is try and not rage, realize that there is always room to improve and bring a good sense of humor. Message me or post if interested and I will send discord information Best Regards and have fun on the high seas Holycrazyasian.
  9. For you right now I would say Atago because it has a heal and is more forgiving of mistakes. But do realize also that Atago is like a more stealthy Myoko so it’s ply style can be quiet similar. So if you don’t enjoy Myoko you may not like Atago. Lanta seems to be like a more fragile Cleveland but never played her so I’m judging from my in game experience.
  10. holycrazyasian

    Why am i being reported?

    You were most likely too far from the battle. Everybody has a different favored engagement range. Engagement range does not equal to max range or hitting range for bbs, but rather equals to reliable range where u can CITIDAL (not just hit) enemy cruisers if they pop out. If you were missing most ur shot u were most likely too far.
  11. holycrazyasian

    Boise and Nueve De Julio

    Mogami being T8 is a legacy of not only stealth fire but back when aft/bft affected 155. Mogami originally was actually T7 with Myoko being T8. Mogami was changed to T8 when it was realized how much more powerful having so many 155s were. This is why Myoko has a stronger then normal armor for a T7 (her bow can actually bounce bbs which was a characteristic usually T8 CAs have before the introduction of Russian cruisers. Mogami is just left at tier 8 because it is easier and she has been balanced to fit T8 better
  12. holycrazyasian

    anyone get this

    Sometimes. It’s a slow load on ur game.
  13. holycrazyasian

    How is this possible?

    Maybe AP. Or torp. Need replay
  14. holycrazyasian

    Fix your Matchmaker, WG

    T8 bbs vs T10 bbs - can bounce all T10 shells except for yammy but most T10 can bounce yammys - you just have less damage potential and less health vs T10 BB, but if you angle PROPERLY they will not be focusing you and you should not be focusing them. T8bbs vs T10 dd/Ca/Cl - you can citidal them just as well as T10bbs, most ships you can still overmatch. It is just that when you cit you do less damage compared to T10 bbs but you can still one shot them. T8Ca/CL vs T10 - you have less range but since most lines you alrdy have the same caliber guns as T10 Ca you still burn/He alpha enemies quite well. - I will admit that since you don’t have the heal for most lines, you are allowed to make less mistakes but still it dosnt make you just cannon fodder T8 dd vs T10 - you have shorter range torps thus making your damage potential fall considerably. But torping has always been a secondary main role for dds. Supporting the fleet, capping, spotting and counter dd has been a bigger role. - not to say torping ain’t important - T8 dds usually has better spotting then t10 dds thus can out spot enemy dds while ur team forces them away. - Being T8 vs T10 makes no difference when enemy radars you, you still need to fall back or hide behind island. - being T8 vs T10 makes no difference when enemy cruisers or bbs shoots you and hits, you still take massive damage. - you will lose 1v1 against T10 dds but with proper positioning and map awarness you can make it always an uneven fight by spotting them while staying hidden and having ur team deal with them. -T8 cv vs T10 -yep this is the hardest. You are on a massive back foot and I am usually fine with T8 cvs whining a bit since ya, it’s a near 90 degrees uphill battle damage wise. You can only pick off heavily damaged ships or dds and mostly spot for the team. But ya. U r allow to whine.
  15. holycrazyasian

    Scharnhorst discount price

    Don’t insult my scharny by calling her a gudbote. Gud bote don’t even begin describing her