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  1. LordHood2552

    Just got Nelson and man do I love it! when do we get Rodney?

    One easy way we could get Rodney is if WG does something similar like they did with World of Tanks. When the time comes to add a 2nd UK BB Line (Battlecruisers would be another separate line completely), Nelson would be converted to the Tier 7ship of that line and the existing premium ship named Nelson would be replaced by Rodney. In turn, for those of us who already have Nelson, we would get a free replacement in the form of Rodney instead. Anyway, that's just my idea of how that would work out.
  2. LordHood2552

    G3 battle cruiser

    G3 will most likely be the Tier 9 ship in the future UK Battlecruiser Line / Tree. That though is still most likely a year or 2 down the road still (here's hoping).
  3. LordHood2552

    Why Add Russian Battleships Line Now?

    To be fair, they did add the French BB's first before planning to go ahead with the Russian ones. I'm disappointed too that the Italians haven't gotten at least one full Tech Tree Line in-game yet, but this is also an opportunity. Once the Russian BB's go in-game, then they can focus on Italy and the other nations that still need lines, plus line splits for existing nations. WG already announced they are working on the 1st UK Premium Heavy Cruiser for in-game, so the line split for that can't be very far off (or at least is now in the near future). Games like this do take time to develop. Just look at World of Tanks, they are still adding lines and nations in. As the old saying goes "good things come to those that wait". Well for some, the wait for this line is almost over, then the waiting for others can't be very far off or are now closer than before.
  4. LordHood2552

    Russian Battleship Tech Tree - A Review of the possible

    Don't forget the Commonwealth. They can support both DD and Cruiser Lines. As can the Dutch/Netherlands and Spain and Greece and Turkey can support a full DD Line each.
  5. LordHood2552

    Aircraft Carriers we need in game

    One name above all: Ark Royal.
  6. LordHood2552

    "Ring" Results are in ...

    Well done Rear Admiral Jingles Sir. Glad to see your finally getting in game.
  7. LordHood2552

    British / UK Carriers Clases

    Hermes is a tier too low. She should be a Tier 5 Light Carrier. Argus should be Tier 4. And where is Malta?
  8. The First British Warship I ever got in World of Warships (to be fair when I got her, Warspite was at the time the only British ship in-game). She is fun to sail and fight with and you will not regret getting her.
  9. LordHood2552

    [THF41] The Home Fleet

    and back again
  10. LordHood2552

    [THF41] The Home Fleet

  11. LordHood2552

    [THF41] The Home Fleet

    We are a Causal Fleet Clan always on the Lookout for New Members. Anyone is more than welcome to join. All New Membership Requests are Accepted and are more than Welcome (Space Providing). This Means both New Players and Long Time Veteran Players alike. Hopefully in time once enough players join us, we will be planning to begin participating in clan battles.
  12. LordHood2552

    Commonwealth Destroyer Line(s)

    Ok folks, for your viewing and commenting pleasure, I now present to you my slightly updated Commonwealth DD Line. Sorry it's a bit late, but things had gotten a bit busier lately. WoWs Commonwealth Destroyers _Posting Version_ Version 2.2.pdf
  13. LordHood2552

    Commonwealth Destroyer Line(s)

    A Commonwealth Cruiser Line is one of my other projects I'm working on. I will post that once I finish the final details on it.