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  1. Cobarus

    PSA - Stay out of Operations

    5-starred Cherry Blossom and Hermes last night, and 5-starred both Narai and Ultimate Frontier within the last half hour tonight — all random ops, no divisions.
  2. Cobarus

    Secret Santa 2022-3

    Wishing a very Merry Christmas to all! And a Merry Christmas gift to @Furysghost!
  3. Converted 10 certificates into 2 Mega containers and received the following: 25x Expendable camo Tier VI — Prinz Eitel Friedrich battleship
  4. Update: According to yesterday's official EU announcement, the Seventh Game Anniversary campaign will become available in January 2023, as mentioned in the 2nd to last paragraph. And I'm assuming the same applies to the NA region as well.
  5. Cobarus

    What did the Black Friday fairy bring you thread...

    I got 5,000 doubloons from the Steam Supercontainer. Then spent 4,557 of those doubloons on the Black Friday sequential bundles up to and including the 60,000 FXP. One of the non-premium Black Friday containers from the sequential bundle chain got me the Chkalov B. I rarely play CVs, but a free ship is a free ship.
  6. Cobarus

    Owns Musashi with 395 games?

    I fit somewhere in this boat. I have only played a little over 1,100 random battles in total over the last seven years. No resets, no second accounts. I am an Ops and Co-op main, and also heavily participate in the PVP special events, i.e. Savage Battles, Twilight Battles, etc. I picked up the Musashi back in 2018 for 750k FXP. And I achieved my very first and only Kraken (so far) with the Musashi just eight months ago, and frequently place in the top 3 standings whenever I play it in Randoms. I've played a grand total of 92 random battles with the Musashi since I've acquired it.
  7. According to the Dev Blog for Update 0.11.11, it is mentioned that a "For Meritorious Service" patch is being added to the game. Hopefully that's a clue and sign that the Seventh Game Anniversary rewards will be coming in the next update. Source: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/387
  8. From what I recall in a previous forum thread covering this topic, WG hasn't yet finished developing the 7th anniversary code/campaign yet. My 7th in-game anniversary landed on October 9th, and I have not yet received the 30% coupon, accompanying flag/patch, etc. that usually arrives. I believe Ashkance mentioned that once it's coded, we'll receive the goods. Note: It appears the 1st-6th Year anniversary campaigns are fully functional, and anyone who qualifies for those will receive the goods without delay.
  9. Cobarus

    My First Hackusation

    Yes. And I received a bunch of negative karma. Usual stuff.
  10. First off, I'm not sure what I did that constitutes as "hacking" or "scripting"...in a Yoshino no less. I was eventually targeted by 3+ ships at control point B after my team on that flank, one-by-one, either died or wandered away. So I wiggled, toggled speed and angled the best I could from all the incoming fire. I didn't survive, though I knew that was to be expected. Not complaining though. Effectively dodging and juking shells for a few minutes could be seen as "suspicious," I suppose. I've attached the replay should anyone like to review it. 20220718_185551_PJSC520-Yoshino_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay
  11. Cobarus


    There was a time, many years ago in the beginning days of my WoWS career back in late 2015 through early 2016, where teams communicated regularly during Random battles. Nine out of ten times, the capture points of focus were decided during the 30-second pre-battle phase. In team chat, it was mentioned as either AB or BC, and what followed were constant chat updates (not usually map pings) on the situation at either or both capture points — when to push, hold or retreat — and the Concentrate fire command used sparingly and effectively, typically used when calling an out-of-position or low-health ship, in which resulted in a combined focus-fire effort. Games were slower paced at the time. Not a lot of HE spam, super fast DDs, or radar. When playing a BB, such as a New Mexico or Colorado, I'd find cruisers would often pair up with me to provide a screen. Sometimes in chat, a CA or CL would call out the BB they would assign themselves to sail alongside/screen at the beginning of the match. Slow BBs, like the New Mexico and Colorado, never felt too slow to get in the fight. BBs would protect their cruisers, absorb a bunch of damage and deal it back out proportionally. Cruisers had deadly AA, so a battleship sticking near a CA or CL was crucial to surviving enemy CV attacks, especially from the dreaded torpedo cross-drop tactic. Friendly CVs would often direct their fighter planes to the outer edges/flanks of the map to spot any enemies trying to sneak up on our weak side. In non-CV games, DDs would spot near caps or venture out on the flanks, often communicating what they saw via chat. It was like a slow-paced, tactical strategy game playing out in real time where everyone worked together and heavily relied on provided intel via callouts in chat. Randoms haven't been this way in a long, long time.
  12. Cobarus

    Black Friday

    FYI: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/311
  13. Cobarus

    Is Forrest Sherman still worth it?

    Indeed. The Black is also going to be sold for 19,300 doubloons during the 0.11.4 patch cycle, after having purchased all of the sequential bundles before it; same setup like the Atillio Regolo in the Armory now. Due to its popularity, I expect to see this DD making regular appearances in games despite its steep cost, doubloons and coal alike.
  14. Cobarus

    Is Forrest Sherman still worth it?

    Posted in April 7th's Dev Blog: "Immediately following the end of the portal campaign, IX BLACK will be made available in the Armory in exchange for Coal. The exact cost will be about the same as that of IX NEUSTRASHIMY. It will be possible to apply the Ships Armory coupon, which will incidentally be refreshed in June." Source: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/311 Neustrashimy currently costs 296,000 coal (222,000 with coupon) in the armory, so Black will likely be sold for the same amount.
  15. 4 duplicates can be converted into one missing collection item. I had 12 duplicates and used them to fill in 3 of the 4 remaining items I'm missing. Now I just need one more unique item drop from a container or at least 4 duplicates to complete the collection. I might have to buy one container from the Armory if this week's combat mission containers drop 3 duplicates.