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  1. Wabbit_Season1

    Update 0.9.10 - Bug Reports

    There're at least two modstation mods that interfere with the info displayed at the top of the screen in the Key Battles. One for sure is Navigator Big. This was determined in the Pops_Place stream today. With Navigator Big turned on, the timer, the keys and the ships remaining panels all stack up in the upper left corner of the display. I turned off Navigator Big and left all my other mods in, and that fixed the problem. (My mods list is attached.) Pops, on the other hand, turned off only Navigator Big and still had the problem, so there's some other mod that's a problem as well; maybe more than one. Turning off all mods fixes the problem, so it's no major problem... 2020 08 10 ModStation Mods List.docx
  2. Wabbit_Season1

    Public Test 0.9.8

    I visited the dockyard and couldn't get out. There was the shipyard with the animations we've seen before, but no text anywhere and the ESC button did nothing. The only thing I could do was exit the program. For grins, tried it a 2nd time and got a critical error.
  3. Wabbit_Season1

    Update 0.9.0 - Bug Reports

    Can't connect to player support. Game center kept cycling to that can't connect message. I noticed that the "Play" button seemed live, so I clicked it and the game started and connected... Noticed that all the Twitch streamers were on and playing, so it appears the problem doesn't affect folks who are in the game already.
  4. This is what you call being blown out of the water...
  5. Doesn't work for me. I watched the stream, accounts are linked, but no joy. The code comes up invalid. I tried it a number of times and then used it as a google search that brought up this thread, so I did get the code right... So I put in a ticket with player support.
  6. Wabbit_Season1

    Jingles to re-record his lines! - Update

    I'm really glad to hear there's a re-do scheduled. We have a pirate captain doing more-or-less original stuff, or at least sounding different. We have all those little Japanese girl voices screaming god-knows what... Why not just use Jingles' original mostly-funny statements for ALL of the lines, and leave the staid, standard stuff as the default voice. If we choose Jingles for the voice, we know what we're getting! I think "Howdy folks, and welcome to the battle" would be much more entertaining from him than "Battle starts!". #makejinglescrapagain
  7. Wabbit_Season1

    In the Service

    I got that last daily award - the Russian crate - several days ago, and didn't get any other drops for the collection. Finally took a look at it this morning and found the collection (with the 1 item from the crate) was "paused"... So I un-paused it and finally got a new item just a few minutes ago. Why would the default on the thing be to not participate? I certainly never paused it - never even looked at it until this morning, though I wondered why I wasn't getting anything.
  8. Wabbit_Season1

    Give away Steel as a playtest reward!

    I like the PTS tokens idea. Set them up as a universal currency, with conversion rates in a table for steel, coal, FXP, Elite XP, and whatever other currencies are current. Maybe even doubloons... There are already relationships established for a lot of this stuff; it just has to be extended to whatever WG wants to use for the Public Test rewards. Open-ended and adjustable to reflect "inflation" or value changes of the various currencies, because it's based on a table that can be edited by WG. And then make sure that the payout for test sessions is rewarding enough to draw in a useful count of testers. Maybe introduce a "jackpot" supercontainer-type reward (with a lot of tokens in it) that hits random players just a few times each test. There's a lot of versatility in this, and it can be uniquely configured for each test segment.
  9. Wabbit_Season1

    Ironium Joke [Event feedback]

    I just checked, and, with the ironium I have now plus 100 plus 30 for the last two Fly/Strike/Win directives completed, I'll have 605. So it's possible to get one of those upgrades without grinding stages 2 & 3 of Ironium Rush. I'm not going to go nuts trying to get 100K XP within a week. It's just too much time & trouble. I'll play the space battles to harvest some more elite cmdr XP, but that's it... I play WoWs for enjoyment, and, mostly, succeed at that.
  10. Wabbit_Season1

    I got the Exeter

    It took me 3 days to do part 4. The achievements took about a day to grind in random. Did the HP in a couple hours in co-op. The 3 kills took a day in co-op, mainly because I either kept getting popped as I was trying to deliver torps to kill #3 or the game ended with a couple red ships still alive. Then in the co-op game immediately after my 3 kills, I got 4 kills (and 6 citadels). It took 5 more games to collect the 14 additional cits (3 games with none at all). For a grind like this, co-op seems to be an all-or-nothing proposition, and sometimes RNG is just not on your side. So it was easier than it looked when it was announced. I originally thought the achievements requirement was going to stop me cold. The Exeter seems like a pretty nice T5 cruiser - the guns hit hard. But I'm very tired of Brit ships and haven't played at all this evening, which is a bit unusual.
  11. Funny thing. When I got the page error, I just connected to the store and looked in the "specials" area. Not logged in, didn't see it. So I then logged in and looked on a couple DIFFERENT pages. Duh. Just now tried the specials page (logged in first), and it was there. Thanks. I paid my buck, got the guineas, and bought the ship. I played Cossack a couple times as a turkey, and didn't think much of it then. But for one dollar, what the heck, especially since I don't need the 4 million credits at the moment.
  12. OK, so I got a popup page upon logging into my port this morning, offering 10 guineas for $1. Clicked on the thing and got a "page not found". So I looked around and found some references here to the "10 for $1" offer, but can't find it on any of the areas in the premium shop. Anybody got any suggestions about how to find it? It doesn't make sense that I'd get the popup today for an offer that's expired or been removed.
  13. Wabbit_Season1

    Avg Battles Turkey Event

    Hey, any group project is going to have slackers. In the event followup I suggested they do future event rewards hierarchically rather than using the average. That way everybody gets rewarded according to the level of effort they invest. That would not adversely affect the participation levels at all, and it would probably improve them. And it's just not that hard to construct a query to do the scoring. Regardless of which, I had fun and enjoyed the event, did 103 games and got pretty nicely rewarded. Could have been better, but the rules were pretty clear from the start. I got what they said I would get and I'm cool with that.
  14. Wabbit_Season1

    Problem with Royal Navy task

    Marvelous... And the only ship mission I have so far is for T5. Thanks for the info.
  15. Wabbit_Season1

    Problem with Royal Navy task

    Seems to be an issue with one of the tasks in today's Royal Navy Mission. I've only used the Gallant so far, but haven't received credit on one of the Destroyers tasks: Can't hardly have completed the second one (in a Brit ship) without doing the first as well... It did recognize the Gallant as Brit for this task today (and the Brit tasks worked for Gallant yesterday too.)