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  1. I always focus down radar ships that are spotted. Its what you do, its the whole point of a BB, to deliver hard hits on prime targets.
  2. Am I doing this wrong? (Hindenburg)

    Ive had every conceivable combo of skills on my captains (have 2 19pt Hind captains) and this is by far the most enjoyable. Adrenaline rush wont shave that much reload time off and I enjoy the traverse for when Im snaking , get more full salvos sooner. SI only shaves a few seconds off the refresh, not that its terrible just not that fantastic IMO. IFHE I disagree with. Im doing so much more HE damage with it I will never go back to not having it, except on my AA build captain.
  3. Yes. I run Torp Accel too for this reason. Dont need that range but 10 torps with 1.4 detection from 8km at 71kts is fun
  4. If the thing sat in the water correctly it would help, and slight reduction in torp reload speed. They do less damage than Fletchers and most of the Shimmy's, but are forever and a day to reload. Shave 15 sec off. It suffers from almost all American ship shared problem too, the volleyball arc on the guns. Terrible. So exaggerated and poor.
  5. New Gneisenau.

    all the important tips are above, and she is pretty fast, a lot of fun
  6. Thats how I feel about the Hind!
  7. If you build for torps mostly, and an occasional guns ambush, 150mm if you gunfight a lot no.
  8. I built mine for the guns primarily. I love it this way. A full torp reload spec is fun too, but the torps are anemic. PS I have 2 captains for Z52 and one is the standard torp build. Its OK, really. But guns...oh man. It can be truly rewarding
  9. T-61: RIP

    Yeah the Khaba is a shining example...lol
  10. Free EXP to Hindenburg?

    Its amazing.
  11. Am I doing this wrong? (Hindenburg)

    The Hind is amazing and is tied as my favorite ship in game with the GK. I use a unusual build for it, and (for me and my playstyle at least) its incredible. As someone above said it is a ship in which you must not push randomly but rather at perfect times. At longer range 12km+ she eats plunging fire that does nasty damage. At 10km or so its armor starts to shine a bit, except of course pure overmatches. Her guns are great. Some people tell you never use HE its weak and the AP is great. True to a point. Others say the AP is weak, Im assuming because a slight angle will drastically reduce your damage. Also true to a point. Dont take the range upgrade for the guns. If you need to hammer from range often (why i dont know..she isnt that kind of ship) use a spotter plane. Take the reload mod. At rage you need to be concealed because 1 plunging BB salvo can ruin you. Switch ammo types often and [edited]situations arise. Tier I: Preventative Maint.: Preserve AA Expert Loader: Hind ammo type is so situational I fine this EXTREMELY useful for 1 skill point Tier 2: Expert Marksman: No other skill T2 was as useful so I have this. Allows for quick kick-outs of rear guns for a full salvo w/o losing front turret aim. Tier 3: Demo Expert: Best of the bunch for the Hind. Counters IFHE reduction nicely Tier 4: Fire Prevention: well... IFHE: always controversial but try it for a while and see =) Concealment: Obvious reasons.
  12. This isnt a sim, otherwise I would agree with you. I wish it were, but
  13. 406s or 420s for Der Große?

    OHHH I have GK not FDG =)
  14. German DD's

    Z52 is my favorite DD, what is the trouble youre having? Built mine as a torp pooper/cap contester, and it works.
  15. Kahb tier ten still OP

    Only if RNG allows it. So its just up to chance mostly, because at T10 anyone should be able to at least get rounds near enough on targer that RNG is the deciding factor. Its dumb.