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  1. OHHH I have GK not FDG =)
  2. German DD's

    Z52 is my favorite DD, what is the trouble youre having? Built mine as a torp pooper/cap contester, and it works.
  3. Kahb tier ten still OP

    Only if RNG allows it. So its just up to chance mostly, because at T10 anyone should be able to at least get rounds near enough on targer that RNG is the deciding factor. Its dumb.
  4. How are you getting 24 sec? Im at 25.5 with MBM3 2.7 sec faster reload on the 406's doesnt significantly increase DPM. It is ~.2 savlo/min more. so 1 salvo per 5 minutes, but each salvo Alpha is less. Its really a wash. I build secondaires though so my shots are mostly up close, and the 406's perform the same at those ranges.
  5. AP is AP/HE really, there is a bursting charge.
  6. Not getting the damage I should...

    Damage with my GK is under-performing consistently the past month, in basically the same situations. I posted about it even. Something is off with the those guns lately.
  7. Which T10 DD?

    Gearing is a hell of a lot of fun if you make it a one way build; either all guns reload or all torp reload. Her torps are fun. Her guns are fun. I enjoy it, although WG has done their damnedest to make her miserable...high profile in the water and gun trajectory. I kept Fletcher too though for when I want to LOLtorp. But, the best, Z52. Man she is fun. Spec torps and crap them out every 1:09min. Spec guns (which are very nice with flat trajectory) and reload speed is (approx.) 3.4s. 12.1km stock range is plenty. She is a in your face fighter that poops out torps so often enemies think they are safe for another 30 sec, and then BAM. Right in the kisser. That hydro, too.
  8. If it gave me a new flavor from what the BIS/FD/GK give me I would jump all over it. Maybe something with 53.3cm guns?? hmm? hmm?
  9. At the range you should be fighting with Bismark onward, dispersion is much less of an issue and secondaries are incredible. This is a GK, full secondary build, IFHE too. 78k in secondary damage + 20k in the fires.
  10. The endless nerf this because of reason A, then buff that because initial nerf caused condition X... lol Basically the way all games have been screwed up since the beginning of gaming. When things get to this point, much like the US tax code for a RL example, it would actually be better to go to the drawing board and start from scratch. Game companies wont though. WOWS 2.0
  11. Yamato Nerfed?

    LOL! Sure, since DEVs have never adjusted anything on the DL
  12. Weak secondarys

    FWIW a sec. build Hind is very funny, and entertaining.
  13. German AP is garbage

    German AP what now? I think you're APing wrong =|
  14. Biggest "Kill on Sight" cruiser

    Hindenburg is the biggest CA right?