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  1. Ombromondo

    Clan Battle, what's the point?

    Crucis, but why not go to break somewhere else. If the post doesn't make sense, get out .. Let the people who understand ... answer come on boy, go, go to sleep
  2. Ombromondo

    Clan Battle, what's the point?

    No, if you had connected, you wouldn't have written a nonsense like that !! Clans are made up of different components, if it were as you say, NA server would only allow you to play against NA server. Instead, WG, gives the possibility to play on different servers for the reason that there are players from all over the world. So he knows the problem. So why increase the difficulty to play?
  3. Ombromondo

    Clan Battle, what's the point?

    Connect brain, ty
  4. Big question: But what is the point, to make Clan Battle with 8 players, when there are difficulties to organize the same with 7 players? What sense does the choice of game server have? Most clans have players on multiple time slots. I give an example of my clan, we have Italian, American (from various States), South American, etc. players. Already the difficulty of finding us is enormous and what does WG do? increases the number of CB players. These game organizers are always the best ... clap clap clap ... The best
  5. Ombromondo

    The MM - an unreliable system

    The OP ships are not the problem ... here there is an imbalance of players. Many times you find on one side 2 good players and 10 beginners (without blaming them for being beginners) and therefore they don't have a clear idea or competence to play better, and, on the other hand, you find yourself 10 players aware enough to do their job. This at my house is called "unbalanced". I repeat, it's an old problem that they don't want to find a solution to. Many have given ideas but, as I said before, it is a waste of breath. In the end it bothers you to write the same thing all the time
  6. Ombromondo

    The MM - an unreliable system

    There is nothing to explain, because for years people have been writing about this for World of warships. So I reaffirm the fact that the MM is pitiful. Sooner or later, I hope, they will decide to fix the problem. But so much is wasted breath. Just as it was a waste of breath with the bad update of the CVs, indeed, they did exactly the opposite; and how it was, wasted breath for so many other topics that many players have posted explaining in detail the issues.
  7. Ombromondo

    The MM - an unreliable system

    ok 1391 battles
  8. I am sorry to have to say this, but the MM is really bad. Totally unbalanced. Unfortunately always
  9. Sorry, what are you saying? The fact that the others won with 10/12 ships of advantage does not make me say that we had fun. Sometimes, it happened to me too, to stay in a team and win after just 7 minutes. At that moment I wonder: did the enemy have AFK ships? were their CVs competent? Were the opponents balanced against us? Were we much better? Of course, if the opponents are not balanced, it is not that we were better but we had more experience than them and we destroyed them. Have we been better? Yes, in the sense that we knew what to do. No, if we had found players at our same level. The final conclusion is: yes, the MM is unbalanced! And I would like to clarify. I have nothing against WG, but this is a problem that should be solved quickly. But maybe they don't know how to do it. It is more or less the same as they did with CVs, believing that they did well and, instead, the community turned against them. Have they remedied? Not at first, but then they had to hurry when, surely, they saw the statistics that were falling for the game. In any case, the problem I raised in the post is: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. World of Warships is unplayable !!! For me it is true that in this day it is not fun to play. Don't you have the same opinion as me? I'm glad for you.
  10. I put the last 8 games. 3 won and 5 lost. We consider that we are at the end of the weekend and people come to know how to play, around this time (20.00). The 3 won, they are, thanks to these players who are good. Now I'm not a good player, but I always try to do my best. Unfortunately the team is missing. Today, throughout the day, 23 and 5 were lost. You understand that there is no comparison. Consider that among the matches lost, 3/5 were between 5 and 7, all the others in the top 4. What I want to say is that, many times, you can give your best but it's not much use if the rest doesn't or doesn't know how to move. Is such a thing frustrating? YESSS PS sorry if there is some repeated image but I don't understand why, I have inserted only 8 of them
  11. If you knew how the MM works, I wouldn't be talking about it. Do you know how it was programmed? Have you seen the code? I mean, you talk like you know the code, but in case it wasn't like that you or I could tell you how it really works. I only know that there is a problem during the weekend. Maybe you didn't notice it, or you don't care or anything ... ok, I don't argue, but I see it as a problem that WG should solve.
  12. I don't understand what you're talking about.
  13. you are making a mistake. I always see this situation. Other than wrong perception. Friday, Saturday and Sunday this game must be avoided like the Plague !!
  14. We are trying to figure out where the problem is. You can make jokes, but it doesn't solve the problem.