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  1. HMCS_Devilfish

    What does Blacklisting someone accomplish?

    Avoid loud and obnoxious people for they are vexation’s to the spirit .. they get Blacklisted
  2. Poster bump .. how often do you players play Clan battles ? Seem’s finding a Clan that can muster 7 players for battle is getting to be a bit of a challenge
  3. HMCS_Devilfish

    Space Battles - Not a fan You?

    Space battles gets old real quick although I gotta say I do like the gun noise and the ship is a Zao .. shoots 18.8 k and torps do 12 k it does have another thing I like the battles are usually at shorter distances
  4. If your taking today during Clan battles, I was just playing a random battle, got disconnected 3 times before the start, 1/2 the team was AFK my guns were 3 second lag everything was 3 second lag ping fluctuated between 800 and 20 over and over
  5. HMCS_Devilfish

    So I got the Atago, and she's kinda fun.

    Nice setup you did being it’s a bit squishy, love the torps, she’s a good boat one of my favorite premiums I also put as good a rudder shift as I can to avoid shots
  6. HMCS_Devilfish

    You win, WG...

    Yep the Seattle is a big Terd .. hated that boat.. the Pensacola was just as bad maybe worse .. sold it then Wows gave me another one with the split and all I had to do was play 1 game and would get a bunch of free XP.. Yea! Then sold that sucker for more credits .. good day for such a crappy ship
  7. HMCS_Devilfish

    Commander XP

    If you bring up a Commander with less than 19 points you will see a plus sign clicking on this will upgrade him up to 19 points and show you how much Elite Xp is needed for the next point if you do not have enough
  8. HMCS_Devilfish

    How do you use Or convert florins

    Got it , thanks
  9. I was hoping to use them on flags but all I can see to use is coal or steel for flags, can you use Florins?
  10. HMCS_Devilfish

    Steel for flags?

    Same here they want steel for flags if you don’t have enough coal. .. this sucks with steel being so hard to come buy
  11. HMCS_Devilfish

    New port interface buttons....ugh

    Not liking the new look and functionality either... why fix something that ain’t broke
  12. HMCS_Devilfish

    My first 19 point captain!

    Sweet ...congrats , the first one is always the most memorable
  13. HMCS_Devilfish

    Two CV per side in T10 is OP

    It’s utter [edited]... like both caps have constant plane cover ..[edited].. at least over time you learned how to deal with Radar But 2 CVs there’s never a DD workaround for this funsuccer .. ever ...so...my DDs are officially virtual rusting in Port ... cause they ain’t moving
  14. HMCS_Devilfish

    WG please address MM, or fix it....

    If yer playing a 7 against an 8 or 9 it kinda makes you want to to spend some XP, credits or cash to get one of them there OP ships doesn’t it ...that’s the MM point