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  1. Oh, my Just got hotel room. It's beautiful. City is wonderful Have you been to Vostochnyy port, Nakhodka, Primorsky Krai, Russia. It is amazing to wonder if I could live here. At least I speak the language better than English. lol 

    Funny story Mr. Devilfish, You know my mother was Jewish. so it makes me one I guess but I only go to Temple when I feel guilty (should be most time, lol) anyway this 50yr old Bashkortostan man tried to pick me up?(is right term)? He is Muslim saw my star of David neckless thought he throw up on me. Very funny time. Thought internet would be poor. It is better the Tucson Az. Well, have to get some work done. Thought I would send greetings. 

    1. Mayu_Saito


      Why any man try to pick me up I know not look like 10yr old boy same figure lol. 

    2. HMCS_Devilfish


      No never been to Russia, I’m more of a home body, I suspect this 50 year old muslin was looking for something other than what you might expect have a good one