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  1. HMCS_Devilfish

    Unlimited torp range !

    Thanks , figured it was to good to be true
  2. HMCS_Devilfish

    Unlimited torp range !

    The other day was playing my German Vlll DD And just after I fired torps I got sunk so I followed the 9k Torps but one torp kept on going over 20k and even went past the line a long way, it’s happened before a few times but this was the first time I made sure I wasn’t seeing things
  3. You can submit a ticket without logging in , what happened to me is I tried to sign Up .. set up an EU account which I never could get to work and when I tried my NA account... Gone!! 3 years of work not there, I filed a ticket with what happened and after a few hours it was restored.. never did get an EU account
  4. It may also be that many games are played in a Division were they have your back
  5. HMCS_Devilfish

    Inappropriate language, did I do the right thing?

    I didn’t take them out of play, I just rammed them , something that usually happens in every game multiple times Mostly by accident, The player was already pink, I wasn’t going to shoot them and if they shot me I was not going to return fire, I just wanted this player to know that racist language is not welcome here, it didn’t effect the gameplay for the 15 seconds or so it took and after I hit them we both went our separate ways, he actually was a good DD player, it’s obvious by the comments that some think this language is ok .. free speech and all others think its wrong but let Wows deal with it and say and do nothing , others just file a report I’m in the I’m calling them out right now group and going to also file a report
  6. HMCS_Devilfish

    Update 0.8.10 - Bugs Report

    Not exactly sure when this started but last week when I was sunk early in the game I was getting spotting rewards well dead right till the game ended
  7. HMCS_Devilfish

    Buff Sims?

    I’ve always liked the Sims fast main gun reloads but ships do get power creepd over Time when newer ships are added to the game premium or not, it’s not all that often they do buff a particular ship but it does happen like when they added 12 k torps to the Zao as an example , but Wows wants to keep game balance while keeping players interested in the game and buying premium ships and tech ship upgrades and in all this mix some ships get left behind
  8. HMCS_Devilfish

    Inappropriate language, did I do the right thing?

    Yea my bad, ..truth be told I didn’t jeopardize the game one bit I was headed that way anyway ... would I do it again .. yea I would .. Some things yeah just gotta stand up for
  9. HMCS_Devilfish

    Inappropriate language, did I do the right thing?

    I forgot about the replays they finally work... good idea .. will do
  10. HMCS_Devilfish

    Solo Warrior? ME?!

    Nice one , there definitely hard to get so hard that when it does happen it’s totally unexpected ... well done
  11. HMCS_Devilfish

    Inappropriate language, did I do the right thing?

    No regrets .. stay on topic
  12. HMCS_Devilfish

    Inappropriate language, did I do the right thing?

    Yep tough job but somebody’s got a do it, I asked the question because I was interested in what others would do .. I know what you would do
  13. HMCS_Devilfish

    Inappropriate language, did I do the right thing?

    You have know way of knowing what there goal was, if they were a troll looking for encouragement they said nothing else nor respond to me when I called them out, I’m actually amazed how some players are ok with that type of talk
  14. HMCS_Devilfish

    How is Zao doing in the current meta?

    I love my Zao, and recently put the legendary gun mod on it and after 10 or so games took it off the 17.5 k range is just not enough so went back to the longest range with spotter plane, she’s a bit squishy so I play it like a long range sniper..she’s stealthy and a good shell dodger if good rudder shift is used,the 22 k torps are sweet as for Clans I’ve found the squishy Zao not great we’re in Clans there’s much less movement than in Random so I usually play my Demoins cause of Radar, still in Random it’s my favorite X Cruiser
  15. HMCS_Devilfish

    Inappropriate language, did I do the right thing?

    You know it’s 2019 not 1950 if we’ve learned one thing since that time it’s that words matter, words have power, words Hurt,words can Either exclude or include people, you Abysss may be comfortable with letting racist comments like that slide ..as for giving myself a heart attack over it, .... nope ..with 26 years in the fire Dept. I’ve pretty much seen and heard it all give your head a shake