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  1. Yea know What you mean, the Cruiser nerf took a lot out of her with not only loosing AFT but with a Captain reset and having to choose between faster turrets or lesser shell spread but not both,also in today’s MM I play her a lot less than I used to on a brighter note got my Kamakazi R in the pearl competition
  2. Ive got about 150 games in my Kamakazi R .. fun boat have about 2600 games in my Murmansk.. funner boat
  3. Well excuse me, I didn’t realize you were a high tier lJN idiot,I also didn’t think you were stupid,I have however changed my opinion on that
  4. I’m not assuming your stupid... no need to be rude
  5. you do realize you can already do this in port with a Captain skill
  6. Press and hold ctrl this frees up curser place curser on ship left click a circle with A will show... that’s it
  7. Atlanta-Atlanta-Atlanta-Atlanta Atlanta-Atlanta-Atlanta-Atlanta bought it sold it
  8. Congrats you met the Same player I did who PMd me for 2 freaken days if you need a reference feel free to use me,I do... well I did have game credibility till...maybe disregard just might dig yourself in deeper below is all Is say in game chat
  9. Thanks ok... having done a number of ranked seasons I know exactly what your taking about, one would think it would get better ... but it doesn’t
  10. Planning on giving myself an ennama or 2 during Ranked to get rid of that crappy feeling ... 1 step forward 2 steps back ..every season I say ...NEVER AGAIN!!.. then the rewards call me,, well like you got a plan ... a shittty one but a plan
  11. Ive filed 3 tickets on players all for blatant let’s shoot Friendlies on purpose ...All were dealt with by Wows corespondence in a professional manner as far as I was concerned, they did say that they have a policy of not disclosing the outcome of there findings or punishment however, one of the TK players was PMing me blaming me for his ban , he didn’t say for how long it is not in Wows interest to keep TKers,cheats, trouble makers in game doing the same stuff ,its not in there interest to nickel and dime themselves out of a game they have on occasion talked about the number of suspensions handed out, 2 weeks the norm some longer and some banned permanent... no names but some were high number game premium players they said ... This game is not perfect but it’s been my experience that Wows does take this stuff seriously cause it makes good buisness sence for them to do so
  12. Did 7 games last week in Co-op tier 1 to Depink, took 21 minutes...mostly :Botts: both teams XP earned was about 3000 with all wins
  13. 5-8 a lot more action fun for me close in Cruiser fighting...usually X Tier I find the longer range firing a tad boring although since I put the spotter plane on my Zao its been quite fun moving the Camping BBs at 22k plus range, they have trouble figuring out who’s hitting them
  14. What blows my mind is how many players by into this paranoid stuff there’s a place you can go and find out from Wows how many times who has been reported for what ... like you run into the same player over and over in this random crapshoot its an easy find ... if there’s no replay it didn’t happen
  15. This is what a :Bott: looks like, ill repeat :sinkyea: if it don’t look like that .. it’s no ::Bott:, maybe a challenged player doing the best they can do you should really worry about your own play style or more simply... mind your own business!