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  1. Ive played the Belfast a lot with a 19 point special Dunkirk Captain in it,It’s a great Premium ship no doubt, play It a lot,usually I’m battling higher tier ships, maybe it’s the tier but oddly rarely all tier Vll ships I certinly wouldn’t say the Belfast is a massive threat to anything, went down the channel in twin brothers at the end of the game to cap and a B.B. came around the corner needless to say it didn’t end well for my OP Belfast... fun game though
  2. Your joking right,the Belfast has some neat gimmicks like 8.49 radar, Hydro, smoke, decent guns making it fun to play,but OP it’s not Premium ships as you well know are fully upgraded but with some work a Tier ship can be it’s equal the fact is many games your facing ships 2 tiers higher that usually have more guns, shoot further , better armor are faster now that is real OP
  3. Ocean Map

    It’s the one map that team play is paramount to a win and specifically supporting DDs
  4. The Forum Troll

    Who’s da Troll here
  5. Bots, or botting?

    There was a program last year that would automatically launch your ship into game and at the beginning of match move your ship in a straight line to eventually hit an Island or get sunk running 24-7 the small amount of XP earned would add up however Wows found out this was going on and changed the rules to do no damage make 0 XP maybe this is a variation
  6. Seriously ..the Cruiser was not the Idiot here ... you shoot em, you own em .. pay attention... use the minimap... mistakes happen, admit them and move on
  7. A simple question about ranked

    You don’t have to be a great player to get to rank 1, just play a ship you like and have the time and intestinal fortitude to grind and grind and when you get really get frustrated grind some more ..alas this is not for me.. my hard grinding days are over ,got to rank 10 in 41 games were I stopped..I’d had enough
  8. I was just kidding .. full Broadside is best!!
  9. improve radar

  10. That " Uh-oh" moment

    Most pinky’s are players just like you and me who made a mistake usually with Torps, play this game long enough you to will be pink
  11. Karma Points Rework

    i give negative karma if i see bad play... like at the end of a game there far away from the battle out of position at full heath hiding well the rest of the team battles for the win as a team or they do something really stupid like going up the center in twin brothers at start of game ...alone...and no I'm not the problem and I dont want to pay for it, the Karma system as ineffective as it is maybe makes yea think ... personally I do not know what my karma is I rarely look I give good Karma if I see good play
  12. if its a Tirpitz hes going to get you with Torps, before you ram, Im always amazed at how often this happens
  13. Unprecedented. Comment?

    Getting out of position where you become the Botts focus of attention is not a good thing
  14. Now that I think about it there was a post awhile back and a player was talking about a mod or program that did have each players stats in game as play was going on ... don’t know what it was called
  15. Giulio Cesare

    It won’t get banned when your regularly battling OP ships 2 tiers higher ... now that should be banned