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  1. HMCS_Devilfish

    Karma may be useless, but it's still pretty funny

    My Kama is 0 , I’m doing good , nice in chat, team player , not a potato, just an average let’s have fun player ..you’ll be OK , luckily they don’t show - Karma... eh nice game by the way
  2. HMCS_Devilfish

    Use for Karma...

    I’m not sure how you arrived at Team killing when all I said was your Karma idea is rip for abuse Karma in it’s present in game form is broken and means nada, I suspect most of the Karma given is rare by your teammates in Random battles and Karma taken is done by the enemy ships you’re sunk
  3. HMCS_Devilfish

    Use for Karma...

    It is absolutely given that it would be exploited to the Max buy yer buddies and buddets
  4. HMCS_Devilfish

    Should WoWs add a fantasy line?

    Realistic means the look, I do realize this is a game and the game mechanics are there for balancing and in reality are way beyond what the real world is, I’m ok with that A simple way to explain is I do not like Ani , not the look nor the flashy stuff, like I said before do not mind the odd campaigns now and then although I didn’t like the space one and only played 2 games in it ,Halloween one is fun but in the standard random battles what motivates me look wise is what Wows advertises in its promo’s they have started to deviate from this .. but it’s just a game
  5. HMCS_Devilfish


    Wows does not have a hatred for 8 .. it’s all about exposure marketing and what better way than to have 8s battle 10 ships just makes you want to move on up and get a 10 that is the method to there madness but it may be wearing a tad thin
  6. Not to mention the low detection of deepwater Torps
  7. HMCS_Devilfish

    Poll about adding my Subs

  8. HMCS_Devilfish

    Water and it’s effect on Boilers?

    Hollywood likes the dramatic and Boiler explosions are no exception,there would not be as catastrophic as depicted also depending on the ship sometimes the boiler or engine would actually break free of there mounts if the ship went vertical as it sunk causing extensive damage
  9. HMCS_Devilfish

    Should WoWs add a fantasy line?

    I play mostly X and mid tier Cruiser , DD, this is a great game, we all have opinions on Radar, Torpedoes and overall game mechanics that we would like changed gone or modified but it is about balance so I work within that no problem When you look at Wows game advertising it shows realistic ships in fact these ships looks are actually taken from real blueprints Ani ,ships with horns or other wierd stuff was not part of it I like the fun Halloween event, liked the rubber ducky thingy to but wouldn’t want that look as normal game play in Random battles
  10. HMCS_Devilfish

    Should WoWs add a fantasy line?

    One of the reasons I joined was the realistic look of the ships, and they still to this day advertise this game as such I do not know what the new CV rework will be and I don’t play CVs, if Wows decides that it wants to turn this game into a fantasy funny looking unrealistic ship game without an opt out look button so be it , this wallet warrior will be gone anyway I doubt the CV will be that fantasy based
  11. HMCS_Devilfish

    Should WoWs add a fantasy line?

    Random is already turning into a fantasy line with some ships looking like something out of a horror movie ..dont thing splitting the line will work .. I definitely would not play fantasy or Ani
  12. HMCS_Devilfish

    how do you push as a BB in the current HE meta

    Arrrrrrr, you BB Scallywag just do a wee shot across me Jolly Roger Worcester Bow instead of trying to send me to Davey Jones locker real Quick .... yea Scurvy Dog Dis Old Salt be the one flying da Pirate flag with Man O War Worcester aka Devilfish and I’ll be kind to yea and not send HE yer way to Scuttle yer BB and Burn and Burn and Burn savvy?
  13. HMCS_Devilfish

    which is better for tier X iowa or seattle

    I did not like the Seattle it at all but battled on to get the Worcester The Worcester is one fun boat and of all the Cruisers I play is the only one I at times feel guilty playing ... but I can live with that not really a BB player so no help there
  14. HMCS_Devilfish

    What is your current interest level in wows?

    I voted diminishing and was surprised to see it’s the biggest, im burnt out I suppose once you get hooked on this game I find there’s just to many missions to do Rank,daily campaigns.. weekly campaigns yearly campaigns...Yamamoto ..to many campaigns to complete and collections yes I now your choice but once your in ... me taking a break
  15. HMCS_Devilfish

    What good is Capt skill, Priority Target?

    I use it as a must have on my Cruisers if it’s 3-4 I better get out of there I’m big time targeted, DD not so much and B.B. don’t care