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  1. Luckily for the most part we have a great group of players in our Clan who don’t get excited , myself have been busy during Clan times lately but hope to be back in a few weeks :)
  2. I kinda agree but it’s hard enough finding players to fill the spots,already really like the ability to talk to your team and all the Clan games have been great the only negative was one game I was not in but listened to were one player was getting a tad excited and took it out on his teammates and that would ruin it for me
  3. Lemming Train We Need a Song

    A lemming train is the first indication of a loss the second and is a guarantee of a loss is when the BBS turn after the first shots are fired Lemming trains rarely work , the lead ships have got to push hard, most likely they will have to sacrifice themselves for the team,if the other team splits they know the one side is wide open and they can sail right in,all they have to do is hold off the other team and at the start of the game not hard to do
  4. USN Cruiser Split: 0.7.3 ? or Later

    I’d continue to grind away, it’s not clear what exactly there going to buff on ships they bump up the tier, I’m interested in the Cleveland, the one given is it’s going to be very interesting when its done
  5. Five Minutes in the Life of Bismarck

    My Tirpitz does the same thing :)
  6. What is Nerfing?

    The Big Wows Cruiser Nerf 2016. they modified AFT for Cruisers with guns bigger than 139 mm removing the capability to fire 20% further, this also required a Captain reset done for free because faster turret rotation was also part of it, it was added to Modules but you then had a choice of closer shell spred or faster turrets but you can’t have both Cruisers we’re never the same after that to the ones who played them
  7. Your absolutely right but ...it’s more $$$ for Wows with this MM .. why.. because players want the higher tier ships there battling in lower tier ships, The downside is loosing players that become frustrated but so far this argument doesn’t bridge the $$ gap and Wows May feel that players like the challenge.. I personally hate MM today
  8. Me thinks they actually got what they wanted.... “Attention”
  9. Finally got the special French BB captain...

    Yes you hijacked .. your post your allowed I’ve got Jhon Doe on my Cleveland and he gets the shell switch down to 1.9 seconds loaded and Dunkirk on the Belfast these special Captains do make a noticeable difference in CA .I went down the Japanese line and should have Yamamoto soon but his skills don’t kick in till first blood and Krackken
  10. Finally got the special French BB captain...

    Guess I’ll have to look at the line and see if I want to grind it out
  11. Finally got the special French BB captain...

    I just got him, Was hoping the French would have a high tier Cruiser to put him in but no such luck ... so will keep in reserve for now
  12. Join a clan then you can actually talk to all your mates in clan battles.... plus you can div up in Random and talk there also
  13. instead of focusing on how to best support your teammates, your off having a chuckle at someone else’s expense and more than likely putting your team at a disadvantage
  14. your being a Jerk ... but I bet you already know that