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  1. HMCS_Devilfish

    Torps Are TOO Slow!!

    It takes some time playing DDs to anticipate we’re your adversary will likely be, you can use the Torp sighting but that’s only good for no turns or speed changes, I’ll sight on a ship and watch which way they turn or not and then fire torps at best guess ...second torps will be fired at second best guess , I play Pan Asian DD Yeuyang mostly with deep water torps that are harder to detect
  2. HMCS_Devilfish

    DD concealment needs a nerf

    I’m a sneaky DD at 5.7 detection however.. and this is important... this is a team game and must be played accordingly to reap the full benefits,excluding planes I’m usually detected by another DD or Radar, so if your a lone wolf BB or Cruiser change your play style ..buddy up and play as a team .. you’ll find those pesky DDs quickly
  3. HMCS_Devilfish

    Was the Russian/Soviet Navy that good in WWII?

    This is a Russian game, of course there’s a little Russian bias
  4. HMCS_Devilfish

    Entering Submarine game server

    What I read at Wows is once the testing is complete and we get to play them they will be a special mission and will not be in the regular Random battles for the forceable future
  5. HMCS_Devilfish

    Entering Submarine game server

    Subs are going to be in a special game mode only so if your just playing the regular Random - Co-op you’ll never see then
  6. HMCS_Devilfish

    Ghost ships killing me.

    Yea kinda need a replay to figure what kind of ghost your dealing with .. or not ..and maybe we can perform an exorcism of sorts .. it’s like ...so sad to bad type thingy without replay
  7. HMCS_Devilfish

    Losing half your HP to CV rockets by the 3 Min Mark

    Yea that sucks you could try putting the stop fast go quick module on and just when the plans shoot turn into them and.. hit the brakes,
  8. HMCS_Devilfish

    Do You Hate the WG MM at T8?

    What you say makes sense however in a game we’re every shot, turn is recorded and this Data is used to fill the Wows coffees in regards to how the game is played I would think there’s a method to there madness we only see a small portion of what’s going on, I do however get the sense that MM at 8 may change as of now most players in 8 ships are just passing through on the way to an X ship
  9. HMCS_Devilfish

    Do You Hate the WG MM at T8?

    Your most likely right , I’ve bought 2 Vlll premiums and never play them anymore with the MM and only play X Cruisers but will play some lX DDs, life is change , I bet Wows is looking hard at There MM setup and the best way to move forward keeping the overall player base happy and make $$
  10. HMCS_Devilfish

    Clan Battles Matchmaker is Broken

    Clan burnout? Or ... in 6 weeks I was at most Clan battle times ready to battle for my Clan and only 1 or 2 players showed up except once played 1 session with 4 games apparently with over 30 clan members a good many have never played in a Clan battles nor do they want to they just give oil and reap the meager rewards ... it used to be different.. somethings happened?
  11. HMCS_Devilfish

    Wargaming wake up!!!

    I to dislike CVs, to me it ruins DD play,used to play the old before rework CVs but was terrible at them sooooo I decided to dust off the Lexington and Ranger and have a go at the new reworked, turns out much easier to play ships , fun for a while but it gets real boring fast that stint of playing CVs for 40 or so games has ruined the game for me to be honest I was nearing my second burnout and CVs put me over the edge played 2 games in 3 weeks (Zao) ..but no more CVs for me ... I hope I get my Mojo back
  12. HMCS_Devilfish

    Why Is This Community So Toxic?

    It’s not a large portion that’s a pain, it’s a small portion, develop a thick skin and don’t worry what others think, yea can’t please em all that is all
  13. HMCS_Devilfish

    Do You Hate the WG MM at T8?

    There’s a reason for 8 MM ,Wows wants you to move on up the ladder to X and hopefully spend some cash in the process and it gives the 8 players exposure to the OP X ships ... gotta git me one of them OP succers
  14. HMCS_Devilfish

    What does Blacklisting someone accomplish?

    Avoid loud and obnoxious people for they are vexation’s to the spirit .. they get Blacklisted