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  1. I don't think Ive ever lost a battle in Co-op since I started playing Random, the only time I play it now is trying out a new ship or to wear off a pink mistake
  2. FIX THE FACING 2TIER DIFFERENCES MM!!!!! 1 tier difference is ok but 2 is just not fair fight in a Cruiser as often as we do
  3. The one and only STEVEN SEGAL!! on drugs
  4. Elite XP is earned once you have a 19 point Captain in the distant past the XP earned kept on going to 9999999 it was basicly useless now you can use it to train up any Captain ... one would think after getting a 19 pointer one would know this
  5. Good luck, hopefully it misses you
  6. Steven Segal is like having a 20 point Captain if it existed he's best in BBs because of faster turret skill and Cruisers, I have him in my Cleveland and guns loaded it gets shell switching down to 1.9 seconds on this ship, with a 19 point Captain it will make any US ship as Beastly as it can be one thing you HAVE to have those 2 Captain skills for him to work Steven Segal Expert Loader -75% to reload time when the shell type is switched (Ordinary Skill gives -50%) Expert Marksman +3 deg/s to the traverse speed of guns with a caliber of up to 139mm, +1 deg/s to the traverse speed of guns with a caliber above 139mm (Ordinary skill gives +2.5 and +0.7) Cleveland was a ship I worked hard to get but without Torps was hard hit by the AFT Cruiser nerf so I pretty much stopped playing it and moved on to other ships but with Segal now in her she rocks
  7. Tier 1 is pretty basic it's all guns and who can hit who other than range because some ships shoot further than others because of ship or Captain skill there is 1 thing that will increase your hit rate and this is true for all tiers although later you may not do this all the time ship angle firing, you will notice the shell spread when firing Broadside the guns are wider apart from each other hence shell spread is just as wide turn the ship the shell spread tightens up, to much and only 1 set of guns fire, more hits at the same time more fires if HE you can practice this in training room
  8. I was under the impression that the smoke change would be more geared to ships like a BB hiding in the smoke and becoming visable when firing there guns however I think all ships will become visable but at different ranges for different ships, if that's the case and I could be wrong it's like giving every ship Radar in a way
  9. The Belfast needs good Cruiser smarts to do well in and not sure how the latest smoke change will effect her
  10. Generally speaking if my secondaries go of on my Cruisers I'm in deep DoDo
  11. Really Really-I load into games mid tier to X 99% of the time always under 30 seconds the Atlanta is the only premium ship I bought that I actually sold, I did not like that ship ...granted it has been buffed since then but... Really also have The Atago which is a good ship but at the moment sits in my Port without a Captain he was moved to another ship but on the one hand your right there's something dying here and it's not this game its ..You... for profanity
  12. What I'd like with 2 engines is having one full ahead the other full astern ... that succer would turn on a dime .. alas it'll never happen
  13. Got a bunch of premium ships Murmansk, Kutuzof, Belfast,Sims ,Tirpitz 19 point Captains in all except Sims and Belfast none of them are OP but each one has something or combination somthing that you won't usually find on a regular tier ship, some of these features can make for a really fun ship The Murmansk is superior to its sister ships Marblehead and Omaha, they come fully upgraded but OP nope, I sink like everbody else
  14. Ive not gotten over it I ether, and I suspect by what's often said in chat in a toxic way or on this forum,many have the same believes the fact of the matter it was quite common to face Vl if your in a V like my Murmansk, I can handle that but now facing Vll is the new norm way to many games this may be Wows way of getting people to move into newer higher tier ships and forget about the veteran who likes playing a certain V ship but it must be incredibly frustrating for the newbee ...its not MM right