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  1. Your "Cursed" ship....

    Murmansk is my favorite ship to play but is also my most cursed ship with a 90%up tier MM ..luckily with 2600 games in it the win rate is pretty much stuck at 53% no matter what happens
  2. I’ve had a 19 point Captain in the Cleveland for some time so hopefully it works out, the one thing I’m looking forward to is getting rid of that Butt ugly barbershop permanent Camo I bought for it
  3. I was polite... are you the forum police
  4. It will turn into a Vlll
  5. True it’s a free game and I certainly don’t think I’m above any player but if you don’t speak up how is Wows going to know what your thinking of the game , they don’t make decisions in a vacuum, they need input, personally don't think your going to hurt there feelings
  6. Which destroyer line for me?

    Pan asian line has the lowest detection.. there very sneaky.. it has deep water Torps were your at a disadvantage with other DDs but are harder to detect for Cruisers BBsBBS
  7. new afk rules

    Also the thing is your computer may be just fine till an update when new things are added to the game requiring more resources that yours can not handle
  8. Exactly, I freakin hate the Pensacola and to have my present 19 point special Captain now in Cleveland stuffed in her while I then have to grind out the new Cleveland ... again ..will not go over well
  9. Griefing?????

    You shoot em .. you own em .. that’s the way it is ... NO exceptions
  10. Hate the Pensacola, like the Cleveland for operations although in its current state it struggles at Vl with current MM so it will be Interesting to see what they do to this ship to compensate when it has to face X ships when they did the big Cruiser nerf removing AFT with guns bigger than 139mm it also required a Captain reset because they had to change some modules because faster Turret rotation was also in AFT, and they had to address that ..they gave this for free if this move costs me $$$$$ or significant time retraining,I’ll be filing a ticket and there going to get an earful from this wallet warrior kinda feel this game has moved a little more towards sucking $ out of yea than it used to be, understandable in some ways I suppose but when not asked for it’s just not right
  11. Help with my gameplay

    Situational awareness is absolutely key in this game and rushing headlong into battle is a sure way to get sunk if your not sure were the enemy is make no headlong rushes without support or knowing we’re the enemy is headed, I wait till the game starts to unfold and move on weak spots
  12. The Cleveland is my go to ship for Operations also Just bought the premium Russian Cruiser Admiral and it has a 6 second main gun reloads plus the rear guns can go from side to side without going all the way around so far it’s the best Vl I’ve tried to replace the Cleveland for operations
  13. HMCS Haida, your thoughts

    Hope it’s for real and we get this ship