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  1. Bring back Project R

    The Kamikazes strength is it’s low detection and fast Torp load time of 45 seconds or so, I once held off 3 BBS heading to our cap all by myself while our team capped .. fun stuff
  2. Bring back Project R

    I got my Kamikaze R back in the dunking for Pearl days and can attest to the fact that it is one fun boat .. let others get the chance to play it
  3. I’ve been using a spotter in my Zao and Hindenburg for some time .. I love campers
  4. Apologies accepted and let me apologize for sinking your sorry asss on numerous occasions
  5. Why is WG pushing Tier 10 so hard?

    At the moment the reason is $$$ , players are willing to spend $$ to get there I enjoy Tier X DD play but play it less than I used to because of the fun sucking Radar, life is change and I’m sure if Wows bottom line $$ is effected it will change just going to take some more time
  6. Disappearing ships

    The spotting mechanics are complicated and definetly not obvious, Saw a BB a few months ago at around 12 k , his icon showed with a big wake we’re the ship was ..but no ship visible the oddest thing
  7. Why?

  8. Tier Vlll MM is the worst because as you say your facing X ships in so many games there is a reason for this madness and the reason is believe it or not it’s Wows way of getting you to move up the food chain and what better way than to expose players in Vlll ships by battling X ships ... gotta get me one of them there OP X ships.. nothing is left to chance here you either rise to the occasion or not and you can take that to the back .. Wows does
  9. this game is about fun if all you play here for is to win than your in for a frustrating time play your hardest to win but when the game is done win or loose.. move on I used to care about my win rate not anymore yes algorithm sucks at the moment it will change for the better than it will change than it will change again .... pretty much constantly find a good place to put that energy and Stop! Looking at yer win loose rates
  10. Paying real $$to fly XP signal flags

    Got it .. I was wrong .. I’m now going to auto resupply sink something
  11. Paying real $$to fly XP signal flags

    It just says auto resupply 8 Doubloons and of course I figured when the button right below that says auto resupply that that’s what it meant... not trolling , it’s to dumm of a question I see now for that
  12. Paying real $$to fly XP signal flags

    Now that you can buy battle flags you’ll never run out of those , I’ve never tested it but mine says 8 dabloons to auto resupply and nothing about if I run out .. could always buy bonus flags at the premium shop but now they charge you again to auto resupply them ..seems a tad underhanded low down snake in the grass sneaky to me
  13. How do I maximize my rank advancement?

    Whatever ship you play make it as strong as you can with Captain skills , flags and ship special upgrades cause you can bet the ships you face have done this .. have fun
  14. Its been awhile since I grinded anything but thought I’d finish up the US Cruiser line I started when I first joined but never completed and while putting on the Bonus XP signal flags noticed that now they cost 8 Dabloons sometimes 16 to auto resupply them HAVE YOU GONE BONCKERS WOWS?? I’ve only got bout 1124 of em.. let’s see that’s about 8000 to 15000 Dabloons to fly an XP or credit flag if I never looked and auto resupply them , I’m not that dumb .. at least not about this...so after every freakin game I gotta go back and put them on again so you don’t charge me bout 24 Dabloons each game ... who’s freakin brilliant idea was this cause this wallet Warrior is not buying it .. definitely not impressed... Really Wows Really .. rant over .. if that’s what it was
  15. I only run Radar on my YY in ranked or Clan battles were the support for DDs is less being only 7 ships, in Radom battles I switch back to smoke and become more of a B.B. CA hunter and less of a DD hunter we’re DDs get more support