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  1. I won the Bajie, got stuck on an island in the first few games. Tried executing a 3 point turn and somehow parallel parked between two small islands and spent 5 minutes trying to get out of it. Managed to get two kills while stuck. The game needs a tugboat class IMHO. Maybe earn doubloons for breaking giant clumsy Japanese battleships free? Towing DD's with disabled engines? WG needs to capitalize on the potential.
  2. Airfaye

    Sea/Sun glare options

    The Wargaming modstation has not updated the anti glare since a few updates ago and I had to stop using it completely. Aslain does a much better job on the anti-glare and fog remover. I don't recall my settings but it took a few days of trial and error changing things around. I suffer from many of the same issues and have dedicated computer glasses that help, but some nights it is just so in your face that I log off and play just about anything else. So many basic tweaks that could be made to improve the game in basic ways such as reducing the glare and binding keys to consumable usage. I don't see where realistic sun glare is so important when half the year we are driving spaceships or mad max destoyers. Realism went out the window a long time ago.
  3. Airfaye

    The Roar of the Jaguar

    Why can't they keep the key mapping for consumables consistent though? T for speed boost instead of smoke, while I madly push Y wondering why it doesn't work. Old habits die hard
  4. I run it on German Battleships above tier 8 and it is great for defense against dd's and cruisers while focusing the big guns on other targets. Plus it's just fun to wade into a brawl and having shells flying like crazy
  5. Thanks for that, I 've been picking the same containers for so long, I forgot there were other options. Trading in a coal ship is definitely not a real economical solution, but I like to hoard my doubloons.
  6. Bought it for coal, sold it for credits, can rebuy it again for Coal. All within a few minutes. Makes all that shoveling worth it
  7. Well, I got curious. Not only could I sell it, get credits, get a demounted Camo and a port slot and 3 point captain and it is available to purchase again. Fair trade
  8. Ty in advance, tried searching but couldn't come up with anything. Say for instance I buy the Charleston for coal. It comes with a port slot. If I sell it for credits, can I eventually repurchase it with Coal again or is it one ship for coal one time? Not that I'm trying to get port slots or anything lol.
  9. Airfaye

    Issue with N A server?

    I kept getting dropped out of games or not loaded in, so I took four days off. Rebooted my entire system, have run the WGcheck. Logged in today, with nothing running in the background. Started a Coop game. Watched the Coop battle should take no longer than 30 seconds screen spin for 4 and a half minutes, kicked me out and got an unsportsmanlike penalty for non participation. I don't care about being Pink, but I seem to be burning a lot of premium time due to not even being able to play. This game used to fly on my system, but since the last few updates, it has been very unstable. Only thing that has changed on my end is I added RAM and started using the Wargaming modpack installer instead of Aslain
  10. Airfaye

    Amazing SC

    I just got one with 100 Zulu Hotel. That's worth several hours of grinding. almost $3 in value or a few chunks of coal. I've gotten a few free ships over the years though