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  1. Change MM for the new CV players. CV must be always top of their tier. do not put T8 to T10 game or T6 to T8. (new CV player = under 500~1000 games maybe) this is most simple way to make balance between CV and other ships. you don't need to change their AA system. Bcz other ships (such as BB and DD) can get AA support from other light cruisers and fighters, but planes can't get any support from heavy AA system. (there are no counter for AA guns) not like other ships this situation makes the game really difficult for the CV players. P.S - Do something with UK bombers. they just throw tons of bombs on water and saying 'aim? nah~ ' (it reminds me when my grandma feeding the pigeon.)
  2. PokiGirl

    CV players, stop blaming DD players.

    hey! XD yeah that was fun! :)
  3. PokiGirl

    CV players, stop blaming DD players.

    I played around 100 games with all kind of CVs since 8.0.3 and I found some issues. it's not a matter of DDs. also I don't blame DD players either some of CA and BB has very strong mid- long range AA guns. in this case you can not use your dive + torpedo bombers freely. bcz they are too slow to avoid black exploding clouds(?) and they need a proper distance for the aiming. fighters was quite useful tools for those kinds. (fly into their close range and shoot them without cloud treat but after 8.0.3 they have almost same distance for the aiming) don't you think it's ironic? since 8.0.3 these kind of ships become more stronger than before. and what about DD? no. trust me if you chase enemy CV without any AA support. you are already dead man. my point is, 8.0.3 was updated for the DD players but it makes high teir CAs and BBs more stronger and it does not really help DD players. so I think it was pointless update.
  4. PokiGirl

    we are not a tester WG..

    aha! that make sense XD
  5. PokiGirl

    we are not a tester WG..

    heeeey you guys! that's not the point!! I just want to get new 'FREE' CVs :/ I really don't want to do this stupid fly fight die (or whatever that was...) missions!
  6. I feel like being an unpaid tester for some reason... (give us UK CVs! for free!!! :P)
  7. PokiGirl

    why T8 CVs are better than T10?

    whaaat? so Does everyone really think the T10 CV is easier than the T8? it's stupid odd
  8. Can anyone tell me why? :/