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  1. Im not sure if its just me but i was loving the british dds. Got the first one and started grinding up to t4 and i was enjoying them and everything seemed great. I then decided to use some freexp to get up to the t7 Jervis and i absolutely hate them now and im not sure what to do or if its just me. I have had every match so far with my ship being disabled more than 75% of the time. yes i have the skill so i can still function but it still hampers the ship alot and regardless things seem to get disabled way way to easily. Ive literally been hit by another dd with only 2 shells and they managed to knock out both my foward turrets, a torp tube, my engine and stearing. all from 2 shells....And this happens all the time. if you get hit at all you will just about always lose something it feels like. So im just not sure what to do. Its just turned from a great fun time into no fun at all.