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  1. DemetriusDF79

    Pan European Destroyers

    WG, where did you go to Romanian destroyer Regele Ferdinand? Europe comes down to Sweden? Where is Norway, the Netherlands, Turkey?
  2. DemetriusDF79

    Pan European Destroyers

    This line of pan-europe DDs has only Europe in its name. Can change and rename by Sweden. Is that a lack of creativity and research? Could the forums not be able to suggest candidates for this tree?
  3. Dear Wargaming Friends,

    Good afternoon. I read the article published today about Update 0.9.0 and I noticed that several test ships belonging to the European flag were announced. To my knowledge, the Pan American flag is older, with only one ship, the Nueve de Julio. I would like to know if this faction of the game will be covered soon, as the Europa faction has come out ahead.

    I thank the answer.

  4. DemetriusDF79

    SAP ammo is bugged!

    I have to agree that SAP seemed to me a little short of what was announced. There are times in matches when they deal a lot of damage to the opponent, but over long distances, they are useless. This is reflected in the overall damage to enemy ships, which is mediocre compared to other ships in the match. I also had the impression that projectile velocity is too slow. Has anyone else had this impression?
  5. DemetriusDF79

    Tirpitz and Asashio are back in action

    Your captain is Czech.
  6. DemetriusDF79

    Tirpitz and Asashio are back in action

    My VU's captain is Hungarian.
  7. Talleyrand

    Buenas tardes.

    He estado siguiendo sus publicaciones y comentarios en el foro del servidor de NA y me he dado cuenta de que está más informado sobre las noticias de Wargaming y sus futuros esfuerzos. Tengo una pregunta para ti: me di cuenta de que Wargaming ha guardado silencio sobre el árbol panamericano durante mucho tiempo. ¿Tienes alguna noticia entre bastidores sobre lo que pretenden lanzar para el futuro?

    Gracias de antemano por la respuesta.



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    2. Talleyrand


      No tengo nada especial. Pero calculo que el árbol panamericano es inevitable. Aunque yo estimo 2 años u algo así. Pero son todas especulaciones mías.

    3. DemetriusDF79


      Muchas gracias amigos.

      Sin embargo, en su opinión, el tiempo estimado es muy curioso. Se estima un largo plazo de dos años. El otro tiene un plazo promedio de seis a nueve meses. Aunque estoy más inclinado a pensar en un plazo más largo, prefiero animar por unos meses.

      Noté que WG lanzó el Nueve de Julio y la nación panamericana, pero poco después anunció la nación europea, acelerando la introducción de nuevos barcos (Friesland y Viribus Unitis).

      Mientras tanto, ¿alguno de ustedes sabe algo sobre barcos premium antes de que se lance el árbol?

    4. Talleyrand


      No, en ese sentido no se nada.

  8. DemetriusDF79

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Hi Pigeon. I would like to suggest that players can edit the names of their ship's commanders. I think this implementation would not be complicated. In advance, I appreciate your consideration.
  9. DemetriusDF79

    A plea for some lower tier premium releases

    I think for it to be worthwhile for players to have fun with low levels, there would need to be capanhas and events for those levels. This would make players use their tier II-IV ships again, for example. But many players sell their low level ships. Only collectors would benefit most directly, although it was an incentive to buy back old ships sold.
  10. DemetriusDF79

    A plea for some lower tier premium releases

    I really liked that perspective.
  11. This is great news. I am very looking forward to Regia Marina's arrival at WOWS.
  12. DemetriusDF79

    WG i'm NOT spanish

    Thats less them 1% of population... all capitals are kinda distant from this countrys, even in cities like "foz do iguaço" (with is in border with argentina and paraguay) is more easy you see people in paraguay speaking portuguese them brazilians speaking spanish. Also the second language (in most) the schools teach here (btw really bad) is english. I confirm. I live in Manaus, State of Amazonas, in the northern region of Brazil. The Amazon is bordered by Venezuela, Colombia and Peru, and our border cities do not speak Spanish. It is more common to see Hispanics coming to Brazil, learning Portuguese or trying to communicate using a kind of mixture of Portuguese and Spanish (portu-spanish).
  13. The Portuguese and Spanish languages are close because they are Latin languages, but mutual intelligibility is not so obvious. Portuguese speakers understand about 60% of the Spanish language, while Spanish speakers understand less than 40% of Portuguese. I do not know if the arrival of Magui Sunshine, in fact, is motivated by the Brazilian community present in the game. However, I can say that a Spanish-speaking presenter, almost nothing (or nothing) represents Brazil.
  14. DemetriusDF79

    A proposal for HMS Agincourt

    I mean exactly the Turks. Brazil was no longer in a position to pay for the ship (although there were, at the time, sectors of the Brazilian government that understood that the Brazilian state could acquire the ship). If the United Kingdom had not done what it did, the Turks would have a good chance of joining the French and the British. But the bad habit of the English to finish the construction of the ships in their shipyards and not to give to the owners, incorporating them to the Royal Navy, precipitated the entrance of the Ottoman Empire next to the Germans and Austrians. This is evident. During World War II, the dictatorial government of Getúlio Vargas, here in Brazil, was sympathetic to the Axis. But because of the German and Italian attacks on the Brazilian ships in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, allied to the excellent diplomacy of Franklin Roosevelt, Brazil fought alongside the Allies. Were the English, by any chance, unable to negotiate with the Turks?
  15. DemetriusDF79

    A proposal for HMS Agincourt

    Stolen, you mean, right?