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  1. You didn't really ask about submarines, did you?
  2. Game Crash

    Yes! I had approx 1 crash every 3 months, but since 5.9 I get 2 or 3 a week . Usually while a new match is loading, but sometimes in the middle of a match.
  3. I look at like this: For every time my team loses a game, another team wins one. It goes both ways, but you're not going to see people complain when they have a string of winning games.
  4. Far and away Königsberg. You can't take a hit but what wonderful guns. Was even more amazing before they nerfed AFT on her, that was wonderfully OP.
  5. When I get detonated it's like Volume 3 "Oh, s**" and maybe bang my fist on the desk. When I cause one, it's Volume 9 "Oh yeah!!" and a double fist pump. I like the mechanics of it.
  6. Cruiser sinks when double-citadel'd by a higher tier BB. Seems to me the game is working as designed. Most cruisers will do that, won't they?
  7. I seem to have missed the announcement ... anyone know who is sponsoring the contest for sailing backwards the farthest? 'Cause I saw 4 ships doing it all at one time. On different parts of the map. On the same team. Yeah, we won.
  8. So all the people who complain about kill steals never fire at a severely weakened ship that they didn't do most of the damage to? I don't think so.
  9. Please don't let this game ever become as toxic as WoT. It's salty enough as it is and more numbers will just make it worse. XP rankings at the end of a match are good enough to tell you how you did and I don't know why anyone cares how much some other random player did. You may not see them again for months and won't have remembered their name, much less their damage, by then.
  10. When you win the 10 detonation flags "That's a paddlin'"' I'd be laughing so hard I wouldn't even be pissed.
  11. Quote of the year. After all, it's why we play, right?
  12. Any more ARP ships?

    Anyone know if there are going to be any other ships or just more Kongo and Myoko clones?
  13. F2P so hacks not stopped?

    There's been some posts made in the last few weeks where they announced over 100 were caught here, and I think it was like 600 on the RU server. Some temporary bans and a few eternal bans.
  14. Not Again...

    You're much nicer than I am I am reminded of the boy who cried wolf - how are we supposed to know when there's a real TKer in a game?
  15. Not Again...

    How much more proof does WG need that there's something wrong less than optimal with this system?