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  1. WW2_Iron_Duke

    Roma with Beer can-kobayashi camo

    Don't buy it it is a pretty spip but the guns are more drunk the german bbs secondary gunners,would sell u mine for half price if I could worse purchase I have EVER made from the premium shop I love my huanghe 300 percent more then that pretty Italian port Queen which has and will remain mothballed forever unless they ever fix the guns.
  2. WW2_Iron_Duke

    Compilation of (English language) Viribus Unitus reviews (so far)

    Well the ship was suppose to have nerfs which they didn't do,which I assume were for if it stayed at tier 4,but it was stuck in development and testing so long maybe they lost their notes to add more hp for it in tier 5.Or maybe they are getting us prepared for plus 1 minus 1 mm.🤣
  3. Makes NO sence as langley and hosho can bith drop 6 in 3 runs vs the hermes 3 so make hermes torps hit harder?
  4. WW2_Iron_Duke

    A proposal for HMS Agincourt

    So how did wow blitz get this first and not us? Do they share resources? Is it that hard to bring it here at tier 5 like wow blitz? Anything being heard on any grapevines ????????
  5. WW2_Iron_Duke

    Queen Elizabeth — British Tier VI battleship.

    Not a bad ship,not as good as Warspite,but used to be good for battles with cvs till they neutered the AA...……..
  6. WW2_Iron_Duke

    A proposal for HMS Agincourt

    I know I necroed but I see this is in warships blitz at tier 5 is it that hard to bring it over to us?
  7. WW2_Iron_Duke

    Blyskawica Buff

    Wonder if they will be buffing the aa finally?Either that or REMOVE had the best aa for destroyers of her time from the ship description.
  8. WW2_Iron_Duke

    Tier 5-7 AA is still way weak.

    I think part of the problem is the placement of ships on the map.WG needs to change the spawning and group ships together instead of lone ships to one side or the other, as it doest take a CV long to launch planes and spot the enemy fleet.Also would be nice if ships spotted by aircraft only showed up on mini map and not visable to shoot unless your ship can actually see them with its own line of sight.
  9. I know people have suggested acis and allies before But how about that and Pacific and and Atlantic for the quick coop modes.Alot of the Nations ships were basically designed by who they would be fighting.Like the germas italians French and British.Then You had the US and Japan. Like I said for coop would love to see in randoms but know it would never happen.
  10. WW2_Iron_Duke

    Is T10 worth playing to you?

    No,cant stand the boring nature of the high tiers like 8-10,only went to 8 for the Bismark,which I hardley play anymore ,prefer actual ships that had history to them,not the made up gimmicky stuff in 9 and 10. They should have started the lines with earlier ships and had the current tier 8 as the end game
  11. Interesting I never figured to check that out myself OP does have a point. Love the Troll remark above mine trolls will be trolls.
  12. WW2_Iron_Duke

    Sub testing still looks unfair on dd's

    The only way I can see this working out is,If there is no cvs in a game with subs otherwise there is no way a dd is going to go Sub hunting.
  13. WW2_Iron_Duke

    Being bottom tier in a T8 means....

    Most BBs doesn't include the german ones tho ;} hell even a tier 10 dd bounces german AP from Bismark :}
  14. I feel the same way I myself have ships like Kong Albert and the dreadnought.So I said screw it I have 5 games in a cv now 1 coop 4 random. But I refuse to be a dirty tactless hoe, and use the Hosho, even though I had enough research points, that 1 is XTRA bad for the low tiers and needs a SERIOUS nerf BEATING.
  15. WW2_Iron_Duke

    Haida, finally got her. Haida

    I am not as good in her, I seem to like getting to close to radar cruisers ,but I love the ship and glad I got her.