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  1. Rockets are garbage but not for the reason most are complaining about they are crap because their accuracy took a huge hit before an enterprise one of the best dd hunter cv's in the game could easily get 10 hits per strike massive damage you name it. The little delay does nothing really just aim ahead you will get use to the timer but the accuracy nuff really put one in the rear so to say seen muti cv's get 1 or 2 maybe 3 rocket hits at a time not uncommon seeing 700 damage from an attack you had on a dd perfectly. I even Suggested getting rid of rockets and making the machine gun fire do the damage cannot be much worse then the crap your stuck with now. Far as torpedoes for dds can be done but more of a skill gap thing sadly people who are crap in cv's going to get worse while the gap increases. The rocket nurf was most likely for the upcoming subs coming out. Even have few of the administrators hinting it.
  2. Athrun2021

    Why are CVs the teams scapegoat?

    Can't fix people playing their ships in a dumb way no matter what you play in. Want to blame me for your death go for it Can't fix stupid. Keep playing your game try to win ignore the so called know it alls who can play their ships better then you yet are dead. Cv didn't help me yeah you belittling him in chat had nothing to do with him ignoring you and blacklisting you same for any other ship not just cv's. I'm a pro I got purple stats...yea your still on the bottom of the sea floor tell your stats to save you throw you a life raft or something. Point is don't be an hole to players and some may help or try to help you try to be a backseat driver to them they will ignore you simple. It's a competitive team game yes but does not mean you get the right to be an to everyone.
  3. Athrun2021

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    it's always a good day til your the one that gets .... how many blame games have we seen how many sorry about that have been said...well least you guys are getting treated better then 80% of the rest of the fan base that's no more then a number on how much can we make them spend on paper. good review thanks for telling us the ship going to be a POS. but fact is alot of them up top do not care it's about the green! to bad they can't refund the time you wasted on trying to help with something they could care less about. it does tell all of the ones at the bottom line that if someone as respected as you guys get shafted we stand no chance at all. best of luck on all your reviews and thank you and your friends that helped for such a detailed and lovely review. ^^
  4. Athrun2021

    The Better CV Always Wins!

    Not a great team move I agree but your already hated by your own team your rockets are crap why spend match after match trying to be a team player just to get -3 karma crap damage crap reward when you can farm damage have fun doing your own thing and get the rewards to benefit from it. They have 5 dds (most matches do now) so does your team a cv can't be all over at once so maybe the dds should take the advice they give the cv players right now adjust,get good all that crap if I spot a dd and feel I can get him sure got him but not going to hold aircraft over him for 5 minutes while your team ignores requests to get rid of him. Sadly WG made this game this way now where it's everyone for themselves no team work less your div up. By the way this goes for all ships not just cv's have fun do your thing move on its an Attitude that best fits this game in random at the moment.
  5. Athrun2021

    Rockets Are Useless Now

    I myself would favor getting rid of the rockets all together and use the machine gun fire as the weapon I think it would fit the game far better and yes while they would hurt smaller targets like dd and cl more I think that's what the attack aircraft are for anyway you have torpedoes and dive bombers depending on the cv your in so why not have one that is made to attack the lightly armored ships yeah someone still going to complain they too op they did 1 point of damage to me but right now I see the machine gun fire as pointless just make that the main attack and get rid of the rockets
  6. Athrun2021

    Which cv is worse, Indomitable or Graf Zeppelin?

    Both cv's require a high skill floor depending on what your aiming for Indomitable needs fire's to be effective more of a damage over time cv while the Graf zeppelin is more of a hit and get out type cv both are better at somethings over the other but if your new to the cv side I would not go with either of these two but rather the kaga very new player friendly cv. Best of luck to you.
  7. I beleave they should change it that if you do more then 20% of friendly ship hp damage your ship should turn red and a free kill for your team. I understand that sometimes we all make mistakes but 1 shot or torp is one thing trying your best to kill a friendly ship is another. An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.
  8. Athrun2021

    Are You a TorpBlocker? Don't Be That Guy!

    Depends on what type of game mode we are talking about co-op,random ect. If coop then everyone is ahead full most the time. And not going to lie I have blocked a dd from torpedoes into a bb in order for my team mate to get the damage or myself for navel battle stars. Random I don't see many trying to torp block. But be aware when you drop those fish and friendly ships are close by. Your the one who is risking going pink. Does not matter if it's cv torps dd torps or any ships torps be aware of who they can hit. Not going to even try to dodge myself if it risk showing my side to the enemy. Good luck.
  9. Athrun2021

    Halland AA?

    Indomitable is the only cv in the game that can do sling shot moves meaning he predrops at 7 to 8km out rushing ahead and gets AA immunity or ignoring AA til the screen back on his aircraft and he drops ASAP maybe losing 1 aircraft in the process. When Indomitable loses aircraft it hurts badly cause they only have bombers and rockets most damage from it is fires like most British cv's its a damage over time from fire playstyle. Only real counter to this cv is the one playing the cv cause I myself find it crazy how is can ignore almost all aa in the game.
  10. Athrun2021

    Sadly, I like the old CV play better

    Watching a pro cv player on rts like fem play the cv's looked like magic to me. The muti tasking was crazy. The map coverage the cross drops the fighters everything was crazy to watch. The first 10 minutes of the match was cv vs cv with a winner takes all sadly like so many other things it's in the past. P.S. one thing I miss alot is the old ice island map wish they did not remove that one.
  11. Athrun2021

    Happy New Year!

    Since I'm not going to be on forums til next year. Just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Hope everyone has a blessed and safe new years day. For an added Bonus please add a screenshot of in game that sums up 2020 for you guys. Mine shows I'm a winner for making it til the end of 2020 but still didn't accomplish .
  12. Athrun2021

    Change General game Discussion to CV Discussion.

    36 lol but I know no matter if I like the change or not nothing will change WG's mind so I roll with it. I can be salty about everything but nothing will change so I keep moving on and play what I like if something changes to where I can't stand it ill move on to the next game as well. Have a blessed new years.
  13. Athrun2021

    Change General game Discussion to CV Discussion.

    I myself enjoy the game playing cv's dd's bb's enjoy all the taste this game has to offer. A huge problem i see is to many players are living in the past about what this game use to be. The RTS cv days the stealth firing zao days. The AA god tier ship days. Accept the game for what it is or move on. It's not the same game it was 4 to 5 years ago and will not be the same in the next 2 or 3 years. Take the change and adjust or move on either way the game will keep moving forward. Best of luck and have a Happy New Year Everyone
  14. Athrun2021

    CV complaints, come here first

    I own every cv out but the FDR will have it one day. I play everything from Bb to cruiser to dd but more cv and bb as of late. Cv rework was made to make the cv class more playable to the common player and for the most part they did that. Problem most players have at the moment is they want the old ways back. They want the no fly zones that aa use to be they want to control multiple attack aircraft. To many keep staying in the past and hate what it is today. And hate what it will become tomorrow. I have been on the end of cv attacks and been focused by 2 cv's at once most times its because of my mistakes like over extended ect. Some people your never gonna please no matter how hard you try. Do 1 point of damage oh he got an attack off he to op. When neither the cv players or the dd,bb,cruiser players are not happy guess we can call that as close to balance as your going to get. "Why should I have to change the way I play because of a cv or dd I can do as I please!" True you don't have to change your play style at all can die and return to port over and over til you change or get tired and quit the game. Think I myself will roll with the punches til something drives me away because I refuse to change.