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  1. Athrun2021

    ST, Hamburg dockyard

    Easy there kid you going to pop your top. Any business can make money but when you hide shady crap in it. Kinda makes you ask why buy? If I see a ship I like sure I'll buy but I look at reviews from outside sources cause you never know what your going to get with wg. Use a little brain power it goes along way....well in some people's case. Want to see the track record look back. Do you see more good then bad? Best of luck to you kid.
  2. Athrun2021

    ST, Hamburg dockyard

    Best of Luck to everyone that goes for her. After the whole PR thing i feel they can shove anything that has to do with this dockyard where the sun does not shine. "Least this time they tell us it's behind a pay wall." Something is wrong when we call that improvement.
  3. Athrun2021


    Simple way of showing your displeasure of how they done this ship? Simply don't buy it. Collector's just save your money and buy a real model of the old girl. Will be worth far more then this pile of crap they wanna put out. Not sure how mouse can even review this with a straight face. I wanna see any cc review this as baby tier and post a replay I can only guess the pain. It screams burn me down already.
  4. Athrun2021

    When DDs are OP

    Not really. It's a good cv yes but not the best at dd hunting. The rockets are crap the torps are ok but can be out ran by most dd players the level bombers are ok vs dd's but everything suffers from the slow speed of the aircraft. I like the ark myself but not the best for dd's ranger for me holds that title of dd killer with it's better rockets and hard hitting dive bombers. The ryo is a close second with ok rockets and torps...yes torps. Thanks and best of luck.
  5. Whatever your on you need to share with the rest of us! That must be some very good or very bad .
  6. Athrun2021

    CV's making the game ultra dull

    Truth be told is there any point to these I hate this class of ship remove it post? You guys should make a section that is titled remove ship class here with sub channels like cv hate here bb hate here sub hate here.
  7. Their are far to many clans that are playing so very unlikely you will even notice the ones that do not.
  8. Biggest reason this would not work at t10 is because of the armored decks of the cv's will bounce almost all shells t8 not so much because most don't have anywhere close to that amount of deck armor.
  9. Thanks. what tiers do you find the most balanced and what tiers you find the most broken in cv's vs AA and what changes do you feel would fix the issue of cv mains complaining aa is to op or the other mains feeling aa is a joke. Was not going to ask but wanna see some more of your insight on the matter.
  10. Athrun2021

    I'm sick of the Negativity with CVs

    You have played cv's more then me. I simply ignore the hate and play with clan mates. Least they will respect your abilities so if you wanna join us. Far as cv's roll it seems pretty cut and dry at the moment. Farm damage and spot. Depends what cv you are in on how you go about it. American cv's rockets and dive bombers are bread and butter. Ijn torps and dive bombers and British are a damage over time with torps and level bombers. Each with it's own play style. I find myself going ijn more now days but do love some ranger and enterprise gameplay. Tier 10 I tend to try to stay clear of AA is crazy at 10. It's manageable at 8 and 6 is meh 4 is a joke but at 4 so is the cv itself. Keep doing your thing bro.
  11. Hey mouse. What do wg want the cv's roll to be. I keep hearing about remove spotting for team. Remove rockets so on Spotting is about the only thing the cv can provide for its team. Otherwise all a cv can do now is farm damage. So my question is what would you like to see a cv's roll be and what does wg want their roll to be. Not even going to ask about the aa very touchy subject that goes both ways.
  12. Athrun2021

    Ships for Resources CV.

    Tier 10 sh*t cv or a stalingrad op battleship in the form of a cruise. What to take
  13. Athrun2021

    I hate CVs, and I have 4000+ CV battles

    I guess congratulations are in order then! Hope they give you a free cv for your trouble.
  14. Athrun2021

    BB's and CV Divisions has to stop

    At tier 8 this can be deadly for the cv but easy to dodge at that range til the spotter done t10 can just ignore them not going to crack that deck armor of a midway or hak. Just have to mind your hull more then normal. Sit still and die or do alil zig zag looks funny making paths but whatever works.
  15. Nice screenshots I notice a few things here first yes he took that dd down to half hp but did not get the kill. Sure you can spawn rush and get a few quick jabs at dd's at the start the problem is everyone still together and the AA will talk out alot more aircraft. It's a big risk big reward. Yea rockets are powerful vs dd's like a dd's torps can be vs anything in their path. Another is that cv made the top of his team with 0 kills 0 aircraft taking out he was going for damage and did it better then your guys cv who is at the bottom half of the team. Looks like one of those one sided battles that you got a raw deal. Hard for me to say yes overpowered cause you know what usa cv's are good for rockets and dive bombers. So more geared to fight dd's Your guys cv more geared for Bb's and cruisers with the ap dive bombers and great torps. If that was me me in an ijn cv with ap bombers you would have been a good pick from what I see on mini map least amount of AA spread thin where your at compared to your cap. If your dd was close to that would been no aircraft left. Hard to call something overpowered when your playing to his strength. Like a Kremlin head on to yamma showing its side.