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  1. SeaDox

    Whats your luck with getting RN DDS

    Twelve crates from the Royal Navy missions and I received Acosta and Icarus. Hope that I can do as well with the upcoming directives.
  2. I found the reload booster to be situational as well. Most of the time I found myself using it at close ranges on broadside targets as a last chance survival tactic. I found it useful on the Henry IV but not so much on the Charles Martel or St.Louis. The reload nerf to those two is a bit much in my opinion considering that you really don't want to get in close with those ships. The only thing that the reload booster really does is give one extra shot (3 shots in 15 seconds) about every 90 seconds on the high tier ships. I guess that two extra shots is considered too OP for situational use.
  3. SeaDox

    The Crash Tester Mystery

    I received this award by ramming a Farragut that was inside the repair base in the Ultimate Frontier op. I'm not certain if he was stopped though.