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  1. It will take 45,000 tokens to earn Florida. You can earn 12,900 tokens through the directives which means you will need another 32,100 tokens that can be purchased for 1000 doubloons in 1500 token increments. That translates to 22,000 doubloons or $88.00 US. So, not a "free" ship by any means. The way this event is set up you can only get the first three bundles from the directives. You will need to buy an additional 5100 tokens (4000 doubloons or $16 US) in order to get the "free" perma-camo. Not worth it for me.
  2. SeaDox

    PR Hall Of Fame

    Only 2
  3. The sounds/visuals translate to: follow the signals Solved below: Confirmed here: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/126131-message-incoming/ Binary code in message is: REDEEM WARGAMING CODE
  4. SeaDox

    Whats your luck with getting RN DDS

    Twelve crates from the Royal Navy missions and I received Acosta and Icarus. Hope that I can do as well with the upcoming directives.
  5. SeaDox

    The Crash Tester Mystery

    I received this award by ramming a Farragut that was inside the repair base in the Ultimate Frontier op. I'm not certain if he was stopped though.