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  1. 36 Atlanta 36 Cleveland 30 Texas + my only Clear Sky 27 Fletcher
  2. I tend to think of my Konigsburg as more of a DD hunter/CL killer so I plan the following: 1. BFT 2. EM 3. Vigilance 4. DE 5. CE I'm not going with AFT because adding range to already poor AA doesn't seem like a great advantage, even less so if there is no CV. Added range to the secondaries would be nice but there aren't that many and accuracy isn't good. DE on the other hand will raise the chance of fire to 11% and could be more useful against all ships. Sure, German HE isn't great but a fire is still a fire that will ruin a ship's hit points. Just think about hitting a DD with HE and setting him ablaze as he's trying to set smoke. Even if you can't see him he's still going to burn! CE should drop the detection to about 10.6 allowing you to get close in order to pound your target with some German AP or even surprise a red DD that wasn't expecting a fast firing cruiser in the area. I may consider SI on a second pass. Anyway, you should choose skills that fit your play stile. Good Luck!
  3. Might be a commemorative flag. Check the Exterior tab.
  4. So I had this battle yesterday in my Cleveland on the Fault Line map where I was the of a team kill. This “friendly” Ognevoi basically shadows me and never pushes forward to spot or engage. He was never more than 1.5km from me. After finishing off a red team Cleveland I turned my attention to a New York and began to burn him down, main guns and secondaries blasting away. Then to my horror I hear: “Torpedoes to port!” I knew a red team Mutsuki was in the area so I had a plane up and figured I had couple of seconds to locate those torpedoes in order to dodge them. Not a chance!!! The Ognevoi decided to drop six torpedoes into the water 1km from me. I ate all six, thus protecting the red team New York from any flooding. I was <5km from the New York, the Ognevoi around 6km. I wonder what he was thinking dropping 4km torpedoes on a target so far out of range? Spoiler I did check his stats: 2900 games, 44% WR, 380 Avg Exp, 9300 Avg Damage and his top four played ships are all Tier 1. Accidents happen, but what I found interesting was this… The red team apparently had two team kills of their own! Three team kills, one game.
  5. 36 detonations in 1744 battles, so that's 2.06%. Mostly in destroyers.