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  1. Tulisang

    Just My $0.02 Worth

    Ahoy you salty captains .. been away awhile and now I know why I took a hiatus. I was losing credits like a big dog once hitting Tier IX .. .. but it's good to be back .. for at least a little while - Tuli
  2. Good morning! Just spent chunk on the Lyon; any recommendations in MODs / upgrades / ammo & consumables to grind with? * pls. spare me the salt ... i'm trying to cut down on the sodium in my diet .. THANKS! - tUli
  3. Tulisang

    What Was I Thinking!?1

    Basically one of the means by which to get the 5 stars and even more if the task force is intact and all still afloat ... which is very seldom if not few and far between.
  4. Tulisang

    What Was I Thinking!?1

    That's a good point, as it is seldom that a defeat is the result. However if the all in the task force went kamikaze and sunk before the way point during the 2nd wave prior to the 3rd with the BBs it was to be an assured defeat (convoy sailing off with enemy). In this instance getting the 5 stars in sinking all three with what we had was foregone conclusion ... but for me gaining XP was. And while it isn't altogether a Co-op battle it does offer a little more in the way of grinding a boat & captain. I just found the situation amusing enough to share.
  5. Tulisang

    What Was I Thinking!?1

    So I'm in an Op of the Week | Aegis battle - task force wiped out with only me, another Leander and our CV surviving both waves with the BBs approaching over the horizon - I then notice the Leander waay up north in the upper left/west quadrant going after the two of the three enemy BBs to sink in order to get the 5-star victory; the CV and I in between islands getting ready to defend the approaching transports into the destination point. The other Leander is sunk in short order (probably blown to smithereens) and the CV and I were all that was remaining, saving all of us from defeat in having the entire task force sunk; then from depth of sunk Leander comes a chat msg berating me for not joining him in that suicide .. I guess those 5 ☆s meant a lot to him/her .... It was a great wth-moment even if we got 2 stars and averted Defeat.
  6. Tulisang

    Not so friendly fire

    I'll admit I've done the same stupid thing once in a blue moon & have been the victim of it from time to time - ship happens - especially with DDs are on a rampage either wanting to go pink, or not.
  7. Really couldn't give two-ducks and water off of their backs over "karma" .. but it does exist in one form or another ... sure, early on I felt it was somewhat of an ample measure of one's interaction with the game (emphasis: game) & or popularity with others, but over time really did not pay much attention to it since it struck me as a measure to satisfy some level of vanity, mine or others .. or having one feel good (or bad) about one's self. What the heck .. keep it. It 'oughta make some or many happy.
  8. Tulisang

    Is Cleveland just a big tyrd now?

    .. in one instance I was disintegrated by a Yamato - or was it a Montana? - at any rate I actually have gotten to enjoy my Cleveland; but like in any other cruiser it's either cold or really, really hot and especially when backed by one or two BBs and hunting down DDs - it is a fav and will not sell even to up-tier to some other boat - Took some time getting used to and had to spend coin to get the mod(s) to where I felt could battle proficiently with it, and especially the Propulsion Mod II - Just found out it was recently buffed(?) but I don't feel that much of a change - she still rocks and for me in open/broken broken field running.
  9. Tulisang


    Pastrami with cheese; lettuce, tomato, peppers, onions ... a splash of Italian salad dressing .. and toasted first, of course ... should feel good going down ..
  10. Tulisang

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Late-1800s KM Hip Hop Arm Pop & Flail?
  11. "I'd never done a crazy thing in my life before that night. Why is it that if a man kills another man in battle, it's called heroic, yet if he kills a man in the heat of passion, it's called murder?"

  12. "Keep the ship out of the surf and spray, and hug the cliff, or before you know it the ship will veer to the far side, and plunge us to destruction.”

  13. Southern California (Orange Co./San Diego) here we come!

  14. Whose and what's a '67 Chevelle doin' parked on the front lawn ?!?