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  1. ..and recently enjoyed this series from the Smithsonian - especially Season 1 Ch. 3 (World Wars) and the footage of the Battle of Jutland.
  2. Tulisang

    U-Boat vs. Liberty Ship

    😃 Actually enjoyed watching this 😆 Full video: https://fb.watch/apCPdt4ght/ Sub v Liberty.mp4
  3. Tulisang

    I think the game is approaching end of life.

    Shucks. We were practically neighbors!
  4. Tulisang

    I think the game is approaching end of life.

    State? . . . Yours truly was on Whidbey Is. when my kin and his unit was recalled.
  5. Tulisang

    I think the game is approaching end of life.

    The 'Persian Gulf' is -the- proverbial 'lynch pin' to the West. As long as we need their oil??? Addendum: The 'threat' is what ONI creates . . . https://news.usni.org/2021/04/27/u-s-sailors-fire-warning-shots-to-ward-off-harassing-iranian-fast-boats-in-persian-gulf
  6. Tulisang

    I think the game is approaching end of life.

    Man. Did they have fun. "Fuel on board the ship was burned off in situ with napalm, but a significant amount was also spilled from the wreckage, causing ecological damage to the coastline." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Carissa
  7. Tulisang

    I think the game is approaching end of life.

    While 'speed' may be a factor in a first-strike, or even one retaliatory . . . . DEATH is imminent. A U.S. Navy carrier, in region is enough to put fear into an adversary. Even the Russians and Chinese know this. Have you seen the garbage scows that they've floated? Fact of the matter is that unless the USN diversifies its mission, not only in the Gulf, but in the So. China Sea will the paradigm and shift of power occur.
  8. Tulisang

    I think the game is approaching end of life.

    Muscle . . . there was this thing called: "Manifest Destiny" . . . . however in modern times/nautically it is moot. There was this article that was read some time back about CVs becoming obsolete. IMHO ... [B.S.]. So long as S.E.A.L. are 'packages' . . . the Russians and Chinese have something to contend with . . . . aside from the garden variety terrorists (domestic and foreign).
  9. Tulisang

    München for Narai?

    While yours truly haven't gamed CVs (as of yet) I'd be harkened to load up my Lexie to see what I can do in PT or even training. Appreciate your feed back.
  10. Tulisang

    München for Narai?

  11. Tulisang

    München for Narai?

    In perusal, I'd like to get this boat too, but the scale itself is . . . . how do I say? Interesting. In looking at the spec *as yours truly sees it . . . the torps at 6-7km is an advantage but it's the hull . . . and even though Wiki has its writ . . . I'll try to get. Cons Only eight main guns, shell volume is low Unusually poor ballistics for a German cruiser Poor HE damage output and fire chance Fragile ship, poor armor and small hitpoint pool Torpedoes are short-ranged Very weak long-range AA suite, no mid-range AA
  12. Tulisang

    This is cool news

    WoWS incels are going to go into cranial-rectal inversions over this, tho' 😆
  13. Tulisang

    The Red boats in CO-OP

    Co-op IMHO is a fun feature in WoWS. Where one pits EVERYTHING against the team . . . and the BOTS . . . .
  14. Tulisang

    dock yard question

    Coin, Mortimer. Coin!
  15. Tulisang

    FPS Query

    'cudda' 'wudda' "should" have . . . one is just being argumentative. Move on. BTW - tyvm for the "meh"