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  1. BirdForce

    PSA Aslain Navigator Mod May Hang

    yea that enemy ship direction line on the mini map is gone for me too.. I liked that mod because it cleaned up the circles(gun range aa etc)
  2. BirdForce

    CV Rework Feedback

    Yes.. because every carrier battle during ww2 was just CV vs CV.. Do some research.. It is NOT realistic to have just CVs vs CVs. You're just grasping at straws now.
  3. BirdForce

    CV Rework Feedback

    And they tried.. But not many people went to the test server as they hoped.. And you CANNOT balance a game around bots.. They could have had the rework in testing for 3 months and still been exactly where we are now.. With it live.. they are getting BETTER numbers. This will help them work on balancing and make any changes MUCH easier. Too many people just cant see it this way.. Just cry.. threaten to leave.. Revert to the old CVs.. Let them do their thing.. Either keep playing.. or take a break..
  4. BirdForce

    CV Rework Feedback

    They aren't going to get removed.. People need to stop asking for it.. crying for it.. As for the amounts of CVs in 1 game.. It was said before the rework dropped.. The 4+ cvs a match was a temp thing.. Since they KNEW CV queues were going to be high after release. They will go back down to what they were before release.. tier 4-7(I think 7.. could be 6) would still have 2v2.. And tiers higher would be 1v1.. But things change.. Games change.. People just need to stop crying.. Either leave the game.. Or wait until things balance. I knew things were not going to be great when it dropped.. You know what I did? I didnt play and will wait.
  5. BirdForce

    CV Rework Feedback

    Yea.. Considering every player that doesnt queue up in a CV will switch to that mode.. How do you expect them to balance them without them having enemies to play against?
  6. Was thinking of popping on to play a few games.. seeing ichase is on.. and in cvs.. I'll stick to my fishing game.
  7. BirdForce

    Is USN/IJN cruiser play dead?

    CVs avoided me.. Which left me unspotted for most of the game.
  8. BirdForce

    How much FXP did you get?

    In or around 1 mil.. I think
  9. People comparing the CV rework to WoWp is just mind boggling.. They're hardly even close.
  10. BirdForce

    Why playing a cruiser sucks right now:

    I had a game a week or two ago.. 11 bbs and a CV on each team..
  11. BirdForce

    What's wrong with the WGC launcher?

    Using it since Beta as well.. zero issues.. Only have it open to launch WoWs and close it afterwards as I dont like having things running that dont need to be running 24/7.
  12. BirdForce

    This Report/Compliment thing is just silly to me

    While true.. This is also false.. Enough misbehavior in chat will get one chat banned for 24 hours
  13. BirdForce

    Remove Torps from DD gun botes.

    Dont forget the secondary/AA gun on the kiev.. Doesnt need that either.. But dont remove my CQE I got with her.. I'll be mad
  14. BirdForce

    Warships.Today Not Working?

    warships today has been useless since early last year.. wownumbers is the go to now.. well.. what I go to
  15. Im sorry.. I want to take your opinion seriously.. But I cant.. and cannot say why because people would get mad..