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  1. BirdForce

    Aslain's users

    No issues at all.. My guess is it is a common mod that people are having issues with.
  2. BirdForce

    What will it take to get Smolensk nerfed?

    2324 posts isn't enough on the topic.. They MAY listen at 4653 posts about it.
  3. BirdForce

    1 million club...?

    Some oldies but still
  4. CVs are fine.. Potatoes who pay their way to high tier CVs or buy premium CVs are my issue.. Lost a game because our cv couldnt spot a dd if it was in detection range and lost us the game.. 1 squad of planes.. would have spotted 2 near dead dds.. game over.. but nope..
  5. BirdForce

    Super Container haul, what did you get?

    1k x2 doubs 50k x2 FXP 15k coal 50 x2 relentless fire 5 red dragon 50 x2 v-day camo 100 Sierra Mike 100 Zulu 100 equal speed charlie london 25 Leviathan 100 Victor Lima 100 India Yankee
  6. I've bow cit GKs in my Moskva, Zao and Montana from under 15km.. rare.. but it does happen..
  7. BirdForce

    Cannot hit Izmails

    That ping is fairly high.. desync
  8. BirdForce

    More maps are needed!

    New maps are nice.. The randomness of each maps needs to increase.. I get tired of getting just one map for an entire day with 2-3 others sprinkled in..
  9. BirdForce

    Bot AI, Co-op vs Scenario

    The bots were so much better many years ago.. Cannot remember when exactly it changed.. But they actually had some 'strategy' coded into them. They for some reason redid their code so they pretty much just sail towards the opposite spawn.
  10. BirdForce

    Wargaming wake up!!

    The CV change didnt change any 'fun' I was having.. Potatoes at high tiers is my issue.. And there is nothing that can be done about that.
  11. BirdForce

    How to play cruisers

    That they do.. but russian guns can get those sneaky cits on broadside bbs.
  12. BirdForce

    How to play cruisers

    Russian cruisers have some pretty good AP.. Does not hurt to switch to it when ships are showing broadside(other cruisers and bbs)
  13. BirdForce

    How to play cruisers

    Youtube is an amazing tool to help with this.. Many good players out there that play both those lines and you will learn far better that way.
  14. BirdForce

    What is the most you've ever tanked?

    5.3 million