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  1. Which is normal for the time of day.. doesnt hit over 10k until all timezones hit about 5ish
  2. This happened with all the big problems that have happened over the last 4-5 months or what ever.. something happens.. they delete everything involved.. before they realize they screwed up somehow.. thats if they actually screwed up.
  3. Most of the mods still work by just renaming the mod folder to the current version.. Its been quite a long time since an update has caused big problems with some of the mods.
  4. Dont think I made it that easy for players on the enemy team.
  5. There are some eastereggs showing up on some maps related to halloween.
  6. This is exactly why I became a Corgi.. I had experiences in past events of them taking a yamato into the game.. sailing right up the middle and getting killed.. Wasnt fun at all.. As I said in my previous post.. higher tiers I play to win and it has to be earned.. lower tiers is where I play around a bit.. I still try to win.. but I am a bit more aggressive. Another example that not all corgis just yolo
  7. Not all of us corgis do this.. at the higher tiers I play like I would on my main account.. to win.. lower tiers is where I try to have a bit more fun with the game.
  8. Just got a super container as a corgi.. can I get that credited to my main account?? ;) lol
  9. And better turning circle.
  10. But yea.. as asked earlier.. British bbs?? lol
  11. I'm watching all this stuff come in lol.. Can you mistakenly put my main account in there too ;) jk
  12. I'm just selling ships I wont play.. will make it easier to find what I want during free play times
  13. It said in the email we are allowed to login and set up any ships prior to the event starting.. so.. kinda hard to if there are no credits
  14. I also watched his videos to learn how to play the game.. unlike some new players that come in.. While the game downloaded.. I was on youtube watching his videos getting an idea on how to play the game before I jumped into it. Didnt make me amazing but I came in with an idea on what I was to do in what ever ship I was playing.. Aiming etc.. Although I do see WGings side for why the removed him.. I still think they made a mistake doing so..
  15. Color blind option turned on?