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  1. This bug is still around?? It happened to nearly my entire team in a game sometime last year.
  2. Ah thanks man! Didnt know that ship was coming out at some point from all the videos.. and posts about it.. and more videos.. and more posts.. Thanks for letting me know!
  3. WG: Please Fix This Disaster!

    Well I was operating on older knowledge too when i fired at my div mate lol.
  4. WG: Please Fix This Disaster!

    I do think they've changed this as I turned pink a week or so ago when shooting a div mate at the end of a game.. The game said I had to be pink for 2 games.. okay fine.. In the next game I bumped someone.. No issues was my fault.. still only took 2 games to remove the pink status.
  5. The shells themselves dont do damage.. I do believe you can still set friendlies on fire with secondary HE shells. But I could be wrong.. probably am
  6. Temporary zoom of the minimap

    There is a mini map mod that lets you increase the size of the mini map more than you can with the base game. Check aslains mod pack for it.
  7. Personally.. I'd find WGing improving the UI to be pretty funny..
  8. Leveling Up a New Ship

    Depends on the ship.. For CVs.. I did co-op. For ships I just didnt want to grind through at all(pepsi) I just did a couple co-op games a day in it and just didnt worry about it. Also.. When you get 19 point captains.. you dont have to pay doubloons to retrain a captain.. Elite Captain XP FTW
  9. Ship Detatched

    Happened months ago to an entire team.. while the enemy team was perfectly fine.. only thing that fixed it for that game was force closing the game and reloading.
  10. KillClub

    He's actually launching his planes?? I'm shocked
  11. compares to izumo, yamato sucks

    aaaah.. Love my repload yammy with extra slow turret traverse.. Well not as bad with the new capt on her
  12. ReShade & Population

    Which is normal for the time of day.. doesnt hit over 10k until all timezones hit about 5ish
  13. Aslain's Mod

    Most of the mods still work by just renaming the mod folder to the current version.. Its been quite a long time since an update has caused big problems with some of the mods.
  14. Corgi x2 = Loss

    Dont think I made it that easy for players on the enemy team.
  15. Halloween 2017!?

    There are some eastereggs showing up on some maps related to halloween.