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  1. BirdForce

    It's Happened!! I've ARRIVED!!!

    A huro player was calling the Halland OP blah blah.. He went into a cap and smoked up.. 1 puff.. broadside and was firing.. Well.. Halland torps reloaded and well.. He was first blood.. I was then called an Aimbotter lol
  2. Had a game not long ago in a dd.. never spotted as I smoked.. 3 random shells came from no where and hit me directly.. no other ships around me
  3. BirdForce

    Less coal in containers?

    I had 4 triples in a week about a month back.. Seems like you go on a run of 400+ and then you have a run of just 400.
  4. BirdForce

    According to my advent calander....

    85 for me in the Georgia according to the calender.. wows numbers says 84.. so I'll go with 85
  5. When a team of bots woulda been better than a team of people..
  6. BirdForce


    hmm.. free doubloons from super containers.. used said doubloons to buy the starter pack.. Dunno where you got how he spent money out of that.. I did the exact same thing.. I havent spent money on this game in years. Got 4k doubloons from the event SCs.. spent 3k on the starter pack.. So I, like him, paid nothing.
  7. BirdForce

    What did the SC RNGesus bring you?

    After years of super containers.. from playing and other events etc.. I finally got a ship..
  8. BirdForce

    Directive 1 tokens...

    Opened.. 8 I think.. 360 tokens.. so.. lucky me?
  9. BirdForce

    Aslain's users

    No issues at all.. My guess is it is a common mod that people are having issues with.
  10. BirdForce

    What will it take to get Smolensk nerfed?

    2324 posts isn't enough on the topic.. They MAY listen at 4653 posts about it.
  11. BirdForce

    1 million club...?

    Some oldies but still
  12. CVs are fine.. Potatoes who pay their way to high tier CVs or buy premium CVs are my issue.. Lost a game because our cv couldnt spot a dd if it was in detection range and lost us the game.. 1 squad of planes.. would have spotted 2 near dead dds.. game over.. but nope..
  13. BirdForce

    Super Container haul, what did you get?

    1k x2 doubs 50k x2 FXP 15k coal 50 x2 relentless fire 5 red dragon 50 x2 v-day camo 100 Sierra Mike 100 Zulu 100 equal speed charlie london 25 Leviathan 100 Victor Lima 100 India Yankee