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  1. Ship Detatched

    Happened months ago to an entire team.. while the enemy team was perfectly fine.. only thing that fixed it for that game was force closing the game and reloading.
  2. KillClub

    He's actually launching his planes?? I'm shocked
  3. compares to izumo, yamato sucks

    aaaah.. Love my repload yammy with extra slow turret traverse.. Well not as bad with the new capt on her
  4. ReShade & Population

    Which is normal for the time of day.. doesnt hit over 10k until all timezones hit about 5ish
  5. Aslain's Mod

    Most of the mods still work by just renaming the mod folder to the current version.. Its been quite a long time since an update has caused big problems with some of the mods.
  6. Corgi x2 = Loss

    Dont think I made it that easy for players on the enemy team.
  7. Halloween 2017!?

    There are some eastereggs showing up on some maps related to halloween.
  8. Is the Warspite worth it anymore?

    And better turning circle.
  9. I also watched his videos to learn how to play the game.. unlike some new players that come in.. While the game downloaded.. I was on youtube watching his videos getting an idea on how to play the game before I jumped into it. Didnt make me amazing but I came in with an idea on what I was to do in what ever ship I was playing.. Aiming etc.. Although I do see WGings side for why the removed him.. I still think they made a mistake doing so..
  10. Glowing bright Neon overlay.

    Color blind option turned on?
  11. Lord_Zath, on 03 May 2017 - 12:26 PM, said: Lots of glitches lately... Here's some common ones and how I *typically* can fix them: 1. Can't fire guns. Description - Left click to fire weapons does not work. Sometimes this includes WASD keys to maneuver the ship. Cause - It seems like the game is "losing focus" in programmer terms. It becomes a background process in a sense. Solution - Hold CTRL to show the mouse and click the center of the screen. Release CTRL and you should now be able to fire guns. The only time I experience this is when I am in a division and am NOT the division leader.. It happens when you're moving your ship around in port when the div leader hits the battle button. I have my MMB set as my push to talk in teamspeak.. which made it happen a lot until I figured out what the issue was.
  12. I Think I Need A Shower

    Stop playing low tiers.. I thought OPG was a t10 clan only.. stay at your tier :kappa:
  13. Clash of the elements

    265 right now.. will get 10 more by the time I'm done tonight..
  14. This post may help a little.. Out dated but will have a lot of the maps.. just nothing new after feb 15th, 2016
  15. Or.. just remove it all together and buff bbs by giving them a custom upgrade.. either better secondaries.. or better AA.. This Iowa here chose better secondaries.