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  1. Captain_Donutz

    What was the best deal you paid for in WoWS and why?

    Yeah, those Halloween ones got me so many dubloons. Also santa crates 2017 got me 2 years of premium after I bought a year for the 50% off.
  2. Captain_Donutz

    0.7.10. Public Test Bug Reports

    Having the same issue as others in this post. I can't log into Part 2 of the PT as it keeps saying my user name or password are wrong though I can log into everything else. I played in the first round. Is there any advice on how to fix this?
  3. Captain_Donutz

    Question for Notser/Flamu/iChase

    Question about Unique Commanders. With the expected release of the British destroyer line, I was looking at Jack Dunkirk to captain the ships. I currently have him on the cruiser line and is at 15 points. I don't have another commander close to that level to take his place. With his skill set, he looks like he could be useful on both lines, but may be better suited for the dd's. What is anyone's take on this? Which seems to be a better fit and does it make sense to move to a different line? Is this the right place for this question? Thanks.
  4. Captain_Donutz

    Matchmaking concerns

    It is true that it changes the dynamics but I am just saying it made it slightly more challenging. Mostly I think it has been fine since the update and I just really don't want to see more changes that take away from the unexpected. If one team has more radar, so be it. It just requires more thought and maybe a more careful approach to how the battle is played out.
  5. Captain_Donutz

    Matchmaking concerns

    I may have forgotten or never had one. Been playing since they CV's were introduced, but I can see how it would be lopsided. Just thought it would be interesting.
  6. Captain_Donutz

    Matchmaking concerns

    I know this has always been a sore subject, but recent comments I have heard on how to change matchmaking just seem to be going in the wrong direction. Yes, matchmaking can be very frustrating, especially being low tier; however, isn't that the point of a random battle? Being random? The most recent change matches ship class and tier one for one. I think this helped a bit, but for me did decrease some of the variability and challenges. It used to make for an interesting mix and thus created the challenges most want in a PvP game. Having one team with a higher destroyer count while the other had more cruisers just made each team have to reconsider it's strategy. I have always thought it might be interesting to have a carrier on one team but not the other. Having equal numbers of same tiers does make it more fair though, so this was a good change and doesn't really have much effect on the game. There will still be more or less of certain tiers, but that is always going to happen without creating longer ques. One of the suggested changes I have recently heard is to match consumable for consumable such as radar. Once again, this would decrease the overall variability in the game and may cause longer wait times and might just make for a more boring game. We already have that option in coop. Most of us will play coop for a less stressful, more equal and balanced game. I do play a few battles in that mode from time to time as I feel everyone may. But the whole point of random battles is the unpredictably of others actions on both your team and the other. This creates more interesting battles in my opinion. Yes, they can be very frustrating and cause people to lash out at each other, but this is a game, and unless everyone is monitoring chat constantly or the whole team could be on a single voice channel, people will not always follow each other. This is the nature of the game. A fun game even with a bad loss here and there. I'm sure it's a difficult process to create the best matchmaking possible. Let's not make more unnecessary changes to matchmaking and change the randomness of random battles.