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  1. Your_Ship_Is_On_Fire

    WG should review some 3rd party mods

    The knowledge of these mods existence are not readily available in game. So really everyone that uses them gets one up on every single player.
  2. Your_Ship_Is_On_Fire

    Repair Party & Torpedo direct damage

    Okay maybe this is it. I just dont understand recovery co-efficient. Looks like its just how much of it can be recovered as you say. Then it seems like ships with terrible anti-torpedo bulges could be in a worse place due to the lower co-efficient then getting hit at the for or aft ends. Not sure how low of a percentage the bulges would need to be for that.
  3. Your_Ship_Is_On_Fire

    Repair Party & Torpedo direct damage

    Why is it sometimes you can repair the direct damage from torpedoes, other times you can't? I noticed it seems to vary a lot. Example is shima torps are for sure zero damage recovery from the strike. CVs on the other hand I can repair quite a bit of it. I had thought this would be addressed in how it works but didn't seem to be. Maybe this is a byproduct of sectional health pools? Meaning if section is considered destroyed then no HP can be recovered from it.
  4. Your_Ship_Is_On_Fire

    All about the bias known as Stalingrad

    TL:DR plz? Is there any special weakness or strategy that's unique to defeating this ship? You know what is unique? The massive pen power and velocity of the guns. This is what makes the ship unbalanced.
  5. Your_Ship_Is_On_Fire

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    What I wanted to buy was not applicable to the coupon so it wasn't actually a coupon for me.
  6. Your_Ship_Is_On_Fire

    USS Missouri

    I have her and confirm its pretty easy to do million credit games. Too bad I have no need for credits. I need a ship that prints XP.
  7. Your_Ship_Is_On_Fire

    Jean Bart

    I get it but, unless you run that module all the AA also gets destroyed pretty easy. With no secondaries and AA then what is that ship? Its a weaker Alsace missing a turret.
  8. Your_Ship_Is_On_Fire

    Jean Bart

    Jean Bart has some pretty serious flaws when compared to the Alsace. If you dont run the module to increase secondary HP you lose literally all of them each round. If you do run that module then you will lose a turret EVERY SINGLE ROUND... So frustrating.
  9. Your_Ship_Is_On_Fire

    Legendary Upgrade

    Henri IV is damn good legendary. I'm working on the GK and would like Hindenburg. I dont play much Yamato but I'm sure thats a good one.
  10. Your_Ship_Is_On_Fire

    GK Legendary Mod

    406mm gets incapacitated a lot more than the 420mm. Take the precautions.
  11. Yeah so as title says. It seems to be working for torpedo salvos as well. Is this intended?
  12. Your_Ship_Is_On_Fire

    BB secondaries are worthless

    I would like to post this as exhibit A to refute the OP's claims. Please note the secondary battery stats. I'm approaching 50% ratio versus the main battery.
  13. Your_Ship_Is_On_Fire

    Slight bit of rage

    French CAs and BBs are most excellent. I would recommend the lines. Are they overpowered? No, but they are hella fun.
  14. Your_Ship_Is_On_Fire

    How To Counter The Stalingrad

    So the side of the ship is vulnerable... You dont say?