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  1. The_Fire_Department

    Can I get a refund on the Black?

    That's only for air dropped torpedoes
  2. The_Fire_Department

    Any CV drivers had problems with planes exploding?

    The only commonality is right before I launched them my previous group of planes were being chased by catapult fighters.
  3. The_Fire_Department

    Can I get a refund on the Black?

    cant that be said about anything? Example: French DD nerfs
  4. I posed this in the bug reports section but I was curious to see if there is something I'm missing and get a little discussion around it. I've been having planes just explode when being launched. I've been playing a lot of Indomitable so I dont know if its related to just this ship or not. Ive got two examples so far but it has happened more than that. Its not a big deal if you have a lot of planes. This thing doesn't. Mind checking this replay? 20200121_214233_PBSA508-Indomitable_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay Check game time 9:53 remaining 20200122_230649_PBSA508-Indomitable_37_Ridge.wowsreplay Check game time 4:20 remaining
  5. The_Fire_Department

    Can I get a refund on the Black?

    Just got it last ranked season and now this... its incredibly slow but sneaky torps are now done. They were the slowest in the game but with .9km detection and hit like a truck. Now completely useless.
  6. The_Fire_Department

    WG Reverting to their Old Ways

    They made it immediate with the GZ and the Indomitable. You lose 14 planes on the indomitable and all you have is weak rockets.
  7. The_Fire_Department

    Fire rendering 🔥

    Ah, well thanks anyway. Im trying to min-max this Indomitable fire build. There is something odd though how the render distance for flooding is further out than fires. Not sure whats up with that.
  8. The_Fire_Department

    Fire rendering 🔥

    Please tell me what you mean? Fire has a shorter draw distance than ships flooding. So you cant see that a ship is burning unless you are much closer to it. The fire pops into existence at about 3-5km out from aircraft view. Flooding on the other hand can be seen from 10+
  9. The_Fire_Department

    Update 0.9.0 - Bug Reports

    Planes spontaneously exploding when being launched. I now have two examples. Replay as proof attached. No idea how to reproduce. It just happens sometimes. 20200121_214233_PBSA508-Indomitable_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay The in game time is 9:53 time remaining. 20200122_230649_PBSA508-Indomitable_37_Ridge.wowsreplay The in game time is 4:20 time remaining.
  10. The_Fire_Department

    Fire rendering 🔥

    What's not to understand about draw distance?
  11. The_Fire_Department

    Fire rendering 🔥

    What setting can adjust the distance ship fires are rendered? I want to keep a keen eye them but you can't see burning ships unless you use binocular view or get planes within a ships AA radius. What's strange is I can see ships flooding from what seems like a very long distance.
  12. The_Fire_Department

    Update 0.9.0 - Bug Reports

  13. The_Fire_Department

    If IFHE worked on carrier bombs and rockets

    It absolutely does not. That is outdated information.
  14. The_Fire_Department

    I thought there was no politics in WoWs

    Cant wait for the reality distortion field to arrive and let us know its a coincidence. As if we use quid pro quo as a common phrase, almost daily.
  15. *reads from cue card Ahem, there is no politics in WoWs says the Belorussian company /wink The irony here is its about earning credits LOL