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  1. SecondClassCVCitizen


    Yeah the amount of noise about the overrepresentation of Russian ships last time really paid off. I like the ship ban rules. It does mix things up well. Russian ships aside, there is always one really winning formula no matter what the game. Ive seen this with Magic and Hearthstone where the finalists are all playing the same decks. Totally support strategic bans.
  2. SecondClassCVCitizen

    Best high tier coal ships?

    Thunderer and Georgia and Pommern should be your only concerns. Everything else is kinda garbage imo.
  3. SecondClassCVCitizen

    remember that time when

    They took away Italian tracers because they "did not fit the style of our game" but we got ships rolling around looking like transformers. Bring back the multi colored Italian tracers!
  4. SecondClassCVCitizen

    Why is the FPS still capped at 75?

    I make one of these posts each year asking why FPS is still capped and nothing changes. Glad to see somebody thought enough of it to bump it.
  5. SecondClassCVCitizen

    PSA: Alienware Transformers Giveraway

    Alienware Arena is awesome. Ive farmed $150 worth of credit on Dell.com, 1 year of Xbox Game Pass and some swag just from clicking stuff in the app everyday. A while back they did some promos for free camos in WoWs as well. You can get some game keys for a lot of junk games but sometimes some good ones come up.
  6. SecondClassCVCitizen

    Im sick of it.

    This post is right on time for the first ranked weekend.
  7. SecondClassCVCitizen

    Any guesses on FDR release date?

    hehe too strong. Stalingrad says hi. A too balanced ship will boring. Steel ships need something to make them worthy of being steel ships but I get what you are saying.
  8. SecondClassCVCitizen

    Drive-thru gif

    Im not sure what I think of this.
  9. SecondClassCVCitizen

    Any guesses on FDR release date?

    I'm thinking it might be the first steel CV. Just a personal hunch. I now have enough steel for any ship and dont want to blow it just to have the FDR end up being a steel ship. Any guesses on when it might come out?
  10. SecondClassCVCitizen

    It's bad enough when CV spots you in a DD...

    A random salvo from a BB has never hit me behind an island... This is the DD version of that.
  11. SecondClassCVCitizen

    King of the Sea mission confusion

    Oh that code I missed by like 2 hours...
  12. SecondClassCVCitizen

    King of the Sea mission confusion

    what mission?
  13. SecondClassCVCitizen


    That reload speed on 203mm guns would be fine in 2015 but not now. I can live with the rest. I feel like all its what also dooms the Goliath.
  14. SecondClassCVCitizen

    Should Supertesters be allowed to div up?

    I took your bait for sure. Congrats!