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    Im an average player and I think HE spam is not an issue on BBs. You know whats not fine? Radar.
  2. Excuse me but thats a pre-stalin photo of convicts.
  3. Your lame trolling argument isn't even valid. Its an apples to oranges comparison. You can WASD all day against AP to either cause it to miss mitigate the impact. This is not so with AP bombs since its a round target drop with point and click. There is no amount of skill that can prevent them. Even with cruiser AA some will make it through and still wreck you. Its also not likely to have an AA spec cruiser with every BB during the match.
  4. Can we get a second chance to get this special commander? Seems like he was gone in a flash. I really want this for my Nikolai but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to play as much as I wanted.
  5. Free prize link doesn't work

    Maybe the moderator could report this as a general issue?
  6. Free prize link doesn't work

    Same thing. Invalid code.
  7. Dont play WoWs if your PC crashes

    I think you and some other people are missing the point. Not all crashes are because somebody was doing something to their PC. Sure you can blame me for this but what about all the other crash scenarios? The current system seems too heavy handed and doesn't account for things like bad windows update or a power outage. While its not WGs fault the blame also doesn't lie squarely on the user.
  8. Dont play WoWs if your PC crashes

    If your PC crashes BSOD it looks like a quit. If your game crashes then it doesn't. These were back to back separate games. So the game said I looked like a quiter and made me play CO-OP.
  9. Dont play WoWs if your PC crashes

    According to the guy above that's your fault for living where you did and playing at that time. You should have checked the weather before playing LOL
  10. That's not a factual statement.
  11. because you only get to play CO-OP. I was messing with my RAM oc and my game crashed twice back to back. I'm now orange. This system is garbage.
  12. It plays just like the Duca but with heals. Makes it quite fun. I do wish the guns packed just a little more punch. IF/HE is a must.
  13. Premium ship "Must Buy"?

    Scharnorst or Tirpitz is probably the way to go to start off. Those German secondaries were really a good time. I think these will be around for a while.
  14. You pizza'd when you should have taco'd.