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  1. Was on Sea of Fortune near F11 and got hit by a torp. The visual effect of the explosion changed to that of a photon torpedo hitting the Enterprise shields. Something special or just an ARP ship torp?
  2. 1. 5000xp 2. 5000xp 3. 24 hours Premium 4. 24 hours Premium 5. 5000xp 5. 250 doubloons 6. 5000xp 7. 5000xp
  3. I love being agressive in a BB until I look around and the cruisers pulled a U turn and left me to sink.
  4. Still though when your HE hits a magazine there is still an internal chance roll if it detonates. So there is not really a way to skill your way to it. Based on the size of the HE explosions above it seems the Giulio Cesare is not really a stand out. Maybe I'm not getting it but can somebody explain it to me why then this ship is good at detonating other ships? It seems like Myogi, Kongo, Fuso would be just as effective at this.
  5. I would not let this sell ships. WG could nerf it at anytime and we wouldn't know it. People getting called paranoid and chalking it up to RNG.
  6. Can I have my 15 seconds back?
  7. Updated for visibility.... seems doubloons are more rare than other rewards. I'm so shocked /S
  8. A lot of things have been mentioned here about the conqueror'd disadvantages but one other is speed of the ship. Ships like the Zao are feared due to fire/stealth and all this works because of the Zao's top speed. The Conquerors low speed keeps it from stalking most ships so if I get into it with a Montana it can just run away. Same thing with other cruisers. The only thing that cant is Yamato and you dont want to get too close to one of those.
  9. Its so strange there is always an excuse in the forms about people crashing or getting disconnected as the reason for AFK. There is usually at least 1 AFK per round which would suggest the crash or disconnects happen quite often. Yet I have never been disconnected or crashed out of the game. The crash/DC excuse is overblown.
  10. 1. 5000xp 2. 5000xp 3. 24 hours Premium 4. 24 hours Premium 5. 5000xp 5. 250 doubloons 6. 5000xp 7. 5000xp
  11. Each day you dont purchase it the value decreases.
  12. One thing I noticed about the Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya it has much better shell grouping than then Nikolai. So far I'm loving the ship. The Improved AA makes it handle the up tier better than I expected. In the Nikolai you were a free target for the CV. Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya also feels more nimble to offset its turret layout. Though I dont remember bouncing as many shells as I did in the Nikolai.
  13. Went up against the Test 3 in my secondary spec Tirpitz over the weekend. I was sunk from full HP in a single run by torpedo bombers that dropped incredibly close and seemed like the torps were going faster than usual. Is this normal?
  14. This used to happen to me when I overclocked my GPU too far.