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  1. Whats this about German turtleback armor? French also have turtleback armor. The real issue is the deck armor is weaker on the French so they eat a lot of He. Secondaries actually feel superior to me on French BBs t9/t10 compared to german as well. T8 Richelieu actually has stronger belt armor than the Tirptiz. Now T7 is a different story though.
  2. Operation Ultimate Frontier

    Guys there is no information that confirms a change to the operation. Many of you dont have enough games to even tell if there is a statistical difference to the operation. I suggest what you are seeing is just chance happenstance.
  3. Did the Alsace get a stealth nerf?

    @Tzarevitch I think I have enough games in the Alsace to notice when something is up . I might actually have the most of any player in WoWs. Also, undocumented changes happen all the time. Its a thing. The Richelieu losing turrets? LOL
  4. In the last 1-2 weeks I've noticed I'm getting a turret blown up much more frequently. Its getting worse to the point its happening 3 out of 5 games. This last game I had all three blown up which prompted this post. Is anyone else noticing this in the Alsace?
  5. My god these crashes....

    Is it just a app has stopped working crash or are you seeing something specific? I keep getting unhandled execeptions but I believe thats due to my GPU OC.
  6. Okhotnik vs. Aigle

    I just finished off my missions to get the free Aigle and after playing I really cant seem to get the hang of it. For a ship that essentially cant stealth fire torps she sure does have really bad guns in all ways. Sure they are 139mm but does that matter if you cant hit anything? Besides the angles the velocity and accuracy of the rounds put the nail in the coffin. I think LWM was rather generous when calling it a mehboat. Compare the Okotnik to it you see just how lackluster it is. The few redeeming factors for the Aigle is the torpedo damage which is offset by only having 6 and the increased HP the ship has. I think I picked up the Okhotnik for somewhere around $6 USD. Looking at the current price of $23.35 for the Aigle I just dont see how that can be justified. Has anyone directly compared the two ship? I really think once you do it will become apparent how little the Aigle has going for it.
  7. I bring you the most unlikely T5 ship to get this kind of damage. What say ye?
  8. It's a a piece of crap. The T9 Alsace is much better. Lets see its got poop survivability. Only 2 turrets so you have to blow your load each time like a teenager on a first date. AA guns made of paper . It catches fire more than any ship ive played in the game. The speed boost is good for getting yourself focused down. It eats monster citadels on the regular. Its a T10 Roma with 1 less turret. You know because there is somebody out there who thinks the Roma is something special because its got guns that can pen stuff if they ever hit anything at all.
  9. Thing is Noster doesn't really know what the change is. He's going on about it like its confirmed fact but all we know is its easier to citadel from range and nobody knows the exact change that causes it. He is saying somehow shells are being calculated correctly for their accuracy now as opposed to before. So then my question to him is if that's true then why are we not seeing increased citadels at all ranges? We are not that I'm aware of.
  10. 12 guns with high chance to fire. Beast mode secondaries. Fast as hell and turtleback armor. Whats not to love?
  11. There's something wrong with the rear portion of the Alsace secondaries on the B-hull. They wont fire until you are full on broadside. When they do not all of them will fire even when they be in their firing angle. This only happens with the upgraded B-Hull secondaries this way. I also noticed that if the secondaries fire at a ship to the aft they have no issues and even fire at a tighter angle. That seems not right. Sorry for the audio problem. There is something wrong with my recordings.
  12. GZ working as intended?

    Because thats the problem and the ship is fine.... /s
  13. GZ working as intended?

    How is this still in the game? Sorry for the poor video quality.