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  1. You can eyeball it based on experience. the mod puts puts it in exact degrees. What about when a ship is obscured by an island? Please tell me how you would know the exact angle without it.
  2. Information added to game that is not known anywhere else is not the definition of a cheat. Cheats are: Software that provides an unfair advantage plain and simple. To humor you some the angle mod is just not a beefed up compass. It calculates what angle you should be based off the position of the other ship. That information is not already provided by the compass. By your own definition this is cheats because this is information not available. You have to figure that out on your own.
  3. The greater problem is this "mod" is what happens when you use it with a suite of other assist type mods. When you take the thinking and situational awareness out of the game you are left with just where to aim. Oh wait they have mods for that too that show you where to aim and shows headings of ships by putting little boxes on the bow. The deniers are likely users of these mods. Just because they are not traditional aimbots and wall hacks doesn't mean its not cheats. 100% bull should not be in the game
  4. My Atago feels pretty strong after this since it also has heals.
  5. Welcome to the Pink Club

    I feel like I win more games pink. So I make sure to always be pink
  6. In regards to the secondaries. I have been playing around in the training room and much prefer using inertia fuse. They will absolutely pop a DD in no time.
  7. Supercontainers...

    The Alabama is still on my wish list. Are they in containers?
  8. Tier 8 CA needs a heal

    I cant speak about the hipper but Atago broadside is explained by its rather long shape and rear torpedo arcs.
  9. Was on Sea of Fortune near F11 and got hit by a torp. The visual effect of the explosion changed to that of a photon torpedo hitting the Enterprise shields. Something special or just an ARP ship torp?
  10. 1. 5000xp 2. 5000xp 3. 24 hours Premium 4. 24 hours Premium 5. 5000xp 5. 250 doubloons 6. 5000xp 7. 5000xp
  11. I love being agressive in a BB until I look around and the cruisers pulled a U turn and left me to sink.
  12. Still though when your HE hits a magazine there is still an internal chance roll if it detonates. So there is not really a way to skill your way to it. Based on the size of the HE explosions above it seems the Giulio Cesare is not really a stand out. Maybe I'm not getting it but can somebody explain it to me why then this ship is good at detonating other ships? It seems like Myogi, Kongo, Fuso would be just as effective at this.
  13. I would not let this sell ships. WG could nerf it at anytime and we wouldn't know it. People getting called paranoid and chalking it up to RNG.