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  1. Can we please get some actual voiceovers for Pan-Asian commanders? Its just using the American ones.
  2. Dr_Citadel

    I think CVs are working now.

    I dont see how you can connect the two. If your ship does 0 damage and stays alive vs a dead one then what is the difference? We are all risking losing the game. Planes are the CVs HP. This has been beat to death but some people didnt get the memo.
  3. <insert my pet item I want to change> Isn't historical so thus must be changed. "Yeah that will make it seem like I have a legitimate complaint and nobody will see through my guise"
  4. Dr_Citadel

    I think CVs are working now.

    I can whip out the same damage in a T6 DD as I can a T10 CV. CVs are still busted and gimped.
  5. Ranked out in the Monaghan with the torpedo build.
  6. Dr_Citadel

    A New Balance - T8 CVs in 0.8.7

    Larger squadrons get smacked by flak bursts easier when returning. Also inb4 "infinite planes"
  7. What is AA spec? Nobody ever needs it. That right there shows the imbalance.
  8. Okay I for sure found the fix. OP are using using full screen windowed in the display settings? If so change it to full screen.
  9. I was wrong... it worked a few times and now its back to blank screen.
  10. FIxed it. I downloaded CCleaner and then went to advanced options and unticked "only delete temporary files older than 24 hours". Then I did a clean.
  11. Yes, starting this morning i just got a blank screen when loading the armory and premium shop. I verified game files but that didnt work. I reinstalled the game and now the armory and premium shop work but extremely slow. Not sure what to do. There might be a cache file somewhere to delete but I dont know where it is.
  12. Dr_Citadel

    Smoke compensation is not right.

    Ive only seen 1 in ranked ever. So I dont know if doing fine is accurate.
  13. Dr_Citadel

    Smoke compensation is not right.

    If the speed were all that was needed to be successful then you would see a lot more Mogadors in ranked. Spoiler: They are terrible in ranked. They get focused down in an instant.
  14. Dr_Citadel

    Smolenks dmg score thread

    Meanwhile T10 cvs doing 50-100k at most and still being called OP.
  15. Dr_Citadel

    Is there ANYTHING a t4 BB can do vs CV's

    How much damage is acceptable for the OP by a CV? I suspect its zero or near there. Lets just get real and be out with it.