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  1. Dr_Citadel

    How Did 8.5 Affect CVs?

    Kaga is an outlier. I would remove that from the data.
  2. Im okay if CVs run out of planes or AA is strong for the sake of balance. I think though CV strikes should be devastating in return. High risk and high reward. What we have now is garbage chip damage.
  3. Dr_Citadel

    AA system is a joke

    Shooting down planes takes no risk. Just automatic. Make AA completely manual.
  4. Dr_Citadel

    Hakuryu service cost

    Those torp planes are bugged as well. The 3rd run of them often pauses for a very long time before returning and just get gonned.
  5. Im not the forum police but its generally frowned upon if you complain about performance and then dont provide system specifications.
  6. Dr_Citadel

    Detonation chance increase?

    Im also detonating people like every 5 games now. Seems like it has increased from nearly zero to something.
  7. Quit being a troll. You give that already bad mode clan a worse name with your behavior here.
  8. Dr_Citadel

    Epicenter needs to be removed

    This game mode goes against everything in the game. Thats why it doesnt make sense to most players. You have aircraft spotting, torpedo soup, radar smoke, hydro etc. Basically everything that is a deterrent in a game mode that requires you to do the the opposite. It would be like having a game mode where cruisers broadside to cap but there would be BBs at every possible angle.
  9. Dr_Citadel

    ORP Błyskawica needs help

    When you cant play a DD or a ship as its role and have to add fictional secondary roles like support ship or mid match DD you know its failed. This what is called denial or justification.
  10. Dr_Citadel

    8k vs 4k

    Make sure you hit default on the UI scale and see if that helps. I play at 5120x1440 32:9, and its amazing. I think increased aspect ratio trumps increased DPI in this game.
  11. Dr_Citadel

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    Is this game dead yet?
  12. Dr_Citadel

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    Its one step of many. They are homogenizing AA as well
  13. Dr_Citadel

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    Why grind any other lines at all when the ships are being homogenized to the point where they are just different skins? "Changes of HE penetration will allow us to unify the interaction of classes: cruisers will always penetrate same tier cruisers with HE shells even without Inertia Fuse. Using this skill on cruisers with 150-155 mm guns will be able to penetrate same tier battleships."
  14. Dr_Citadel

    So, they going nerf harogumo

    The harg could sit there broadside and out DPS a cruiser. Thats a sign its not very balanced. Now the question is what took so long? It was obvious from the start.
  15. Dr_Citadel

    Carrier strats in 8.5