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  1. So if we didnt watch the stream how is it possible to complete the collection?
  2. Ban_CV_Complainers

    Which Commanders Have Voiceovers?

    I want to acquire as much as possible for some variation.
  3. Ban_CV_Complainers

    What do the damage number colors mean?

    I had some HE damage that caused a fire and destroyed a mod be yellow and 3 pens was red damage. Though Ive done all white damage to a DD with another DD using HE.
  4. Ban_CV_Complainers

    What do the damage number colors mean?

    Nope mods are uninstalled.
  5. Ban_CV_Complainers

    German CV's inbound

    Notice the single guns on Z-35. This must be one heck of a torpedo boat.
  6. Ban_CV_Complainers

    Disturbing trend in WoWs

    There has been a trend where every new DD either has no smoke or gimped/no torpedoes. Can we please get a solid ship? It doesn't have to have a flashy gimmick at the expense of everything good on the ship. This is akin to a BB getting smoke but doesn't have main battery guns.
  7. Ban_CV_Complainers

    German CV's inbound

    I can imagine terrible line of thinking here. Lets give them AP rockets so they wont give DDs such a hard time but will be able to get some awesome damage in. Developers: Sir the testing is back and AP rockets did way too much damage. We had to lower pen. Boss: That sounds fine that you balanced it. Testers: uh with the lower damage doesn't that just make the rockets like HE without being able to cause fires. Boss: No, its different than that. What you are talking about is called SAP. /facepalm
  8. Ban_CV_Complainers

    Mainz getting citadeled through the deck

    What i'm reading is that when a shell hits it always divides the 33% between the section of the ship hit and the hull HP. if either section reaches zero HP then it will only do 16.5% to the other section. The hull always contains 75% of the ships max HP and gives the rest to the various sections. Edit: if one section has less than 16.5% HP but greater than zero it will use it all and do 16.5% to other hull or ship part..
  9. When you hit a ship the floating damage numbers will be red, yellow or white. What does this signify?
  10. Ban_CV_Complainers

    Mainz getting citadeled through the deck

    I believe you are correct 13100*.33 = 4323 damage per pen at 2X full pens for 8646 damage then a final pen that went into saturation. the difference from the 11611 damage done and the 2 pens is 2965 damage remaining shell did 2965 due either the hull or ship section being out of HP.
  11. Ban_CV_Complainers

    Mainz getting citadeled through the deck

    You were right but I could use some help with the math here. After reviewing the footage I actually got struck by 3 shells from a Massachusetts. Mass AP is 13100 damage. 3 shells hit. Full pens should be 1/3th damage overpens 1/10th and saturated is 1/6th. How does it equal 11611 damage? Video is still processing
  12. I thought this was not possible due to the angle in which the shells drop? this is the second time its happened. See post below
  13. Ban_CV_Complainers

    German CV's inbound

    zero ability to start fires and DDs can bounce rockets So that means no overmatch so these will be of low caliber rockets. WIll be useless on anything but CLs
  14. Ban_CV_Complainers

    German CV's inbound

    If we get just different strengths of the GZ its going to be disappointment because that ship is a straight turd. It belongs in T6.
  15. Ban_CV_Complainers

    Bad Idea WG

    Oh noez something that counters your Stalingrad and Smolensk. I cant wait to rekt your ship with AP rockets. Sincerely, most players