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  1. If I buy all the cv's with the 12% clan discount they refund them at full price. Is that correct?
  2. LethalGlitch

    CV Rework - option to opt out

    I feel like 80% of the players don't want anything to do with cv's yet the devs keep forcing them on us. Sad.
  3. LethalGlitch

    Worthless rigged ranked

    This player base is getting too soft. Ranked sprint is a joke and people still get salty.
  4. LethalGlitch

    Friend Just Told Me This Code

    fake news
  5. No rage but do feel ripped off after buying five mega crates.
  6. LethalGlitch

    Haru-Haru's christmas crate rewards

    I bought five and feel ripped off.
  7. LethalGlitch

    From the CV Test Server: SUPERCONTAINER!!!

    Make it fun for two cv players while the other twenty two think to themselves why do I even bother playing this game. At least give us option not to q with cvs.
  8. LethalGlitch

    50k base XP lol

    A lot of us will grind it and get 5 camos from the container. lol
  9. LethalGlitch

    Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

    AAARRRRGGGGHHH something... something... land lovers!!!
  10. LethalGlitch

    Poor visibility in new London Port

    I will miss the merry go round music.
  11. LethalGlitch

    5th free code[giveaway over]

    No reason to hate on WG guys. If you were in the stream you had plenty of time to get all of the codes.