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  1. LeaderOrder

    Valentine's Call

    Beautiful Nelson Your lines captivate my heart Please be my port queen All your guns forward Recharges me like your heal Wish you were still here The idea of what's "beautiful" is a fickle thing To some, she's ugly. To others, she's just really odd looking But to me, she's the most amazing, most enthralling, most unique design of them all Happy Valentine's Day Nelson <3 You'll forever remain the ship that I truly love
  2. LeaderOrder

    Another ship setting sail...

    Will we be getting back the ops that went away during CV rework anytime soon? I.e. Cherry Blossom, Hermes, Ultimate Frontier and the likes
  3. LeaderOrder

    T-61 and Z-39 vs. Anshan and Loyang

    Honestly that's why playing her you've gotta formulate a plan before attacking She's amazing if it all goes according to plan, but the moment it deteriorates you're gonna have trouble adjusting The smoke is useful for breaking engagement though if it starts to go poorly But if there's one thing i hate about her is her slow [edited]torps at a slow 57 knots and a decent 8km range (I'd be fine with range if it was 61 knots like Guépard honestly.
  4. LeaderOrder

    Thoughts on the Zara

    Agreed And they get that as their standard and only shell choice, unlike SAP which requires switching, which means waiting for that 14.5 second reload every time you want to pen something that has more than 54 mm of armour, which Fiji doesn't face since its AP is all it gets The only thing that I feel Zara can outdo in terms of Fiji is overmatching (well any 203 mm can basically do that) and in some areas, protection (but then it's still a treaty cruiser so not much can be expected) But I do hear Fiji can pull off a surprising number of bounces with her citadel belt too, but for some reason I have more confidence in the Zara.
  5. LeaderOrder

    Thoughts on the Zara

    Well as much as I'd hate to admit that Zara isn't great for Narai (since i spent so much grinding and praying for her mission lol), but yeah i can't disagree with that If only she'd get a more reliable way of damaging targets (like actual HE shells) or hydroacoustic search, or just a slightly better reload time, she'd be so much better to play with For now I'll just continue playing her cause i just like her looks (and to make my hours of grinding and praying worth :P) Though the smoke isn't exactly useless, the smoke detection ranges when firing for CAs really kills off its use for a lot of situations unless u plan to sit inside the smoke not shooting at all, which, personally, doesn't sit well with me. Or keep engagements long range (which I also don't prefer to do)
  6. LeaderOrder

    Thoughts on the Zara

    So with the new Italian cruiser tech tree that's just out comes more ships to use in ops, namely Trento for tier 6 and Zara for tier 7 (well it's currently Narai only, but we'll have to wait and see) Honestly she's a love-hate relationship kinda bote. To start off, I guess I'll state the nice things and then the bad (from my perspective) Starting off with the nice things about her: + Good handling (good acceleration and deceleration, decent turn radius for her size, though rudder shift is a little on the slow side) + Decent ballistics (imo more comfortable than Myoukou's, but that's up to you to judge) + 30 mm upper belt and a tough 150 mm citadel belt (which basically serves as her main armour belt) can be really tanky if used correctly (though if the BBs start shooting your huge 16 mm bow then you'll basically have to pray it doesn't knock anything loose) + Very strong against DDs Now on to the not-so-nice things: - No hydroacoustic search; smoke will basically impede you, and destroyers will be a huge threat as you won't get an advantage over other cruisers with hydroacoustic search in terms of spotting torpedoes - Lack of HE (means no fires which equals no DoT damage farm), and against anything with armour, you'll basically have to know and shoot the softer areas of the ship (which means u basically can't spam SAP at a BB as u would with HE) - Very high citadel (it's a double edged sword, basically), and the huge 16 mm bow is prone to overmatch and HE spam - Slow 51 knot fish (but then Duca d'Aosta has that too so i guess it shouldn't be too much of a surprise?) - While good against DDs, it still shares the normal characteristics of AP so extreme angles will still lead to bounces (but since it's 203 mm it has better overmatching capabilities than, say, a 152 mm) - Subpar DPM (14.5 s base reload for 8x203 mm guns) My personal opinion? I'd use her just cause she's a good looking bote (heh yeah no joke) Also fuel smokes is kinda useless for this operation, seeing as you basically can't keep enemies out of a 8.3km range (unless you don't fire which'll basically hurt ur DPM) I'd really appreciate if you'd leave a like and (maybe) subscribe too
  7. LeaderOrder

    T-61 and Z-39 vs. Anshan and Loyang

    Yes it's true that bots don't do anything to you once u break contact with them when u smoke up and hide, but however they're still connected with the game itself, so they basically know where every ship (and torpedo) is at any point in time (whether they will take evasive maneuvers is something else) I've seen people set their screen too close and they'll still get spotted, so while they don't aggressively charge smoke screens, bad positioning will still kill you As for bots tracking you through smoke, I've seen the Ishizuchi/Kongou do that. Their guns were pointed right at my ship, just that they didn't fire until my ship gets spotted. Guépard's lack of smoke is a big disadvantage yes, but with proper maneuvering and proper usage of the MBRB she can be quite a beast (I've had better performance with her than i ever did with Aigle), also her fast torps
  8. LeaderOrder

    T-61 and Z-39 vs. Anshan and Loyang

    Guépard is for real men who know how to beat bots without needing to smoek weed just to do it And I'm not gonna grind (or cash) for a ship that i know I'll barely use, and also WeeGee gave me a free Duca d'Aosta so I'll probably not use DDs anymore (except *maybe* Aigle)
  9. LeaderOrder

    T-61 and Z-39 vs. Anshan and Loyang

    They don't "ignore smoke screens completely" because once u smoke up they'll change their target to another ship unless you're in the detection range then that's the player's fault entirely, not the "bot ignor(ing) smoke screens completely" Though I have seen some of them actually tracking my ship even though I'm inside the smoke screen, particularly the 2 BBs that spawn up north (most likely due to them not having any other target to shoot at), but they will not fire until I'm spotted. And Guépard is very situational for this op since it does have very strong gunnery, but is hampered by the lack of smoke and since it's a DD, she's a priority target for the bots (unless you've got another team mate which can act as bait while you farm damage)
  10. LeaderOrder

    T-61 and Z-39 vs. Anshan and Loyang

    Wao @SireneRacker is actually asking me But yes for ops she's pretty situational due to her inability to put out a sufficient amount of DPM within a short period of time due to her long-ish reload and her somewhat wonky dispersion Against destroyers she would have an issue because she simply can't down them fast enough before they rush at you, and against cruisers because you just have too little guns, unless they happen to be broadside, which is where she'll excel So for Z-39 imo, positioning matters a lot, particularly in ops, where u shld take up a position where you'll get to see a lot of broadsides, though beware of your quick smoke dissipation time. T-61 for ops is pretty meh. Her shells are too floaty and lack the pen to keep a distance from and citadel the heavier cruisers. There are a lot of other DDs that can perform better. Sure hydroacoustic search is useful but it's still very situational. A DD with either Soviet 130 mm or French 139 mm would suit you better in tier 6 ops, but honestly a DD isn't that worth in tier 6 ops.
  11. LeaderOrder

    Z-39: A surprising underdog in Narai?

    Never Playing a totally weeb but lousy version of a tech tree bote > Playing a gud ship
  12. LeaderOrder

    Z-39: A surprising underdog in Narai?

    What else was I supposed to do with a terrible 9 second reload and turret traverse on poi~ bote
  13. LeaderOrder

    Z-39: A surprising underdog in Narai?

    I know That's why i only play DDs with, minimally, a 6 man team
  14. LeaderOrder

    Z-39: A surprising underdog in Narai?

    Sure there are better picks But I'm not looking for better picks I'm looking for unique ships to play so it doesn't matter if it's "better" or not
  15. LeaderOrder

    Highest damage number for Lyon in Operation Narai?

    Gotta try harder than that heh heh