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  1. This is the cv you hate pay attention This is fun especially if the dd beach himself right in front of you
  2. Skidmark_01

    The multiple cv games need to stop

    HAHAHAHAHAHA.... The salt is real. C'mon new players take Cv's the more we have at high tier the better. Choke the lot of them high tier players .
  3. Skidmark_01

    Carrier observations of a new CV player.

    Remember the more time you spend on that target the less damage your inflicting on the other team thus missing that shot to have a BB turn into your teams for that perfect broadside they so badly want to do. Don't hesitate to hold off a bomb drop just to have him dodge. the more he avoid you the less he's watching the incoming fire raining down on him. You could op for this instead Skills 1.Air Sup ,improved engine boost,last gasp, dcf= 4 2 Improve engine boost,jack of all trades,adrenaline rush=6 3 Survivability expert,Aircraft armor,Demolition expert=9 Modules: AGM 1 :AEM 1 :ATM 1(Aerial torp mod ) <--- this is better than torp acceleration besides the BB's are slow and you usually don't torp a DD unless you see him beach himself or hiding in smoke. :TBM 2 losing range for speed is a mistake if your uptiered which is often the case having range can save your planes for a long fight. Having plane speed to get in and out is more important nobody says you have to stick around and lose your planes to the last save the group and f key those suckers back Flags: Juliette whiskey, Victor lima,Indian x ray should be the only real flags you need thus any boost to your cash departement is good too. Having fighters is a plus since you afford using them to spot or just make life miserable for the other cv. Good hunting
  4. Skidmark_01

    More CVs on the way

    They should really consider fixing the Graf Zeppelin if they are serious about these carriers. I'm not saying its a bad ship but the Ap bombs on her could use a fix and while its possible make those torps a little faster or bigger Ka-booms.
  5. Skidmark_01

    Trading Steel for coal

    Alright you and the rest of the folks convince me Anyway i only nee 75k of coal oh hard can that be?
  6. Skidmark_01

    Trading Steel for coal

    Why would they even pull that Cv out with steel? Do you know the epic amount of crying,hate spewing mass would go hysterical the likes nobody has seen since trump won in 16....wait ......Yes bring out the FDR WG PLEASE...Make it happen WG bring that sucker out.
  7. Skidmark_01

    Trading Steel for coal

    Does anyone know if its possible to trade Steel for coal? I've got a lot of steal and absolutely no use use for it. Since i'm a Cv's player the only thing that good are captains. Would Wg make it possible for players to trade steel for doubloons on the open market if made available?
  8. Skidmark_01

    Some ships just seem Hard

    Play CV's you'll get a bird eye view of all the mistakes and things we see when your up in the clouds.
  9. Skidmark_01

    A call for civility...

    Yes we live and breath just see the misery the anguish and sense of despair on the forum for us to read. Seriously?! Just play the game man or delete.
  10. Skidmark_01


    Eeeek!..That's big ...Do you think WG is actually gonna suddenly take notice of this like your gods gift to gaming? or you have some special power that will make them pause while taking a crap remembering your post or is he just gonna say " what ever" and push?
  11. Skidmark_01

    #stayhome #playwows

    That's quite old for those days in 1903 men: 49.1 woman:52.0
  12. Skidmark_01

    Have fun TGIF

    You might enjoy this one...maybe
  13. Skidmark_01

    Legondary mods for CV

    Yeah... I'm waiting what nerf they slapped on it.