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  1. HolyWaterCow

    Hizen good first impression

    I did all the Hizen steps and was hesitant to pay for the last 5 (or 4 or whatever the minimum # of steps requiring dubloons) due to a lot of negative comments but I really like it, granted I've only played a couple times. Hizen's guns are solid: surprisingly good damage for 408mm guns, very good dispersion, and very good turret angles that allow you to angle away/kiting while still being able to fire all 4 turrets. I've done pretty good damage in the couple of matches I've played with it. It feels like a tier 9 Fuso, or Amagi... high quality guns, good armor that bounces AP very well when angled properly (l I haven't gone broadside in it because.... that's stupid), mediocre AA, and sub-par maneuverability. If you play to its strengths, the quality guns will reward you. If you are too lazy to position yourself in order to be able to engage the enemy while well-angled, you'll probably be disappointed. I think a lot of people are expecting, since it's a high tier (semi-)premium ship, that it'll have some very unique/exceptional play-style or trait - like absurdly good long-range guns (Thunderer, Shikishima), ridiculous strong bow armor (Jean Bart, Stalingrad [yes, I know it's a cruiser]), excellent secondaries (Pommern), outstanding maneuverability (Georgia) - but since it plays like a more balanced ship without any truly unique features that immediately standout, people jump to the conclusion that it's bad ship. If you are willing to play smart (positioning/angling) then the gun angles, tight dispersion (the tight salvos are great to watch), and surprisingly powerful AP will reward you. However, if you're feeling lazy/tired/whatever and still feel like playing, I'd definitely leave the Hizen in port since it feels like it requires a deliberate play-style unlike more "individualistic" ships that you can be less focused in and still do well (something like Georgia, Somers, Shima, etc.). First battle: Next battle: EDIT: also, remember that paying for the last couple steps gives also gets you 10k coal, 2 santa containers (I got a tier 6 premium cruiser in both: Duca Dosta and Makarov both with 10pt captains), and steel... not that that's why you should spend for the Hizen but just thought it was worth reminding that the last couple steps have decent rewards as well.
  2. I've only been on the receiving end of French BBs and tend to notice that they use both AP and HE and some of them have great secondaries. Are secondary builds (both mods and capt skills) viable for the mid-high tier BBs? I notice most the ships have quadruple turrets, speed, and good secondaries so I'm guessing a bow-in secondary build and switching between AP/HE depending on the situation is the way to go? I could of course figure it out by just playing the ships but I only have a couple experienced French captains and don't want to end up wasting dubloons/commander XP resetting their skills over and over for each ship (and I want to avoid spending loads of credits on different modules). So for tier7-t10, any recommendations? Are any of the ships significantly different from the others (meaning, they require a completely different build/capt build than other BBs in the line)? Thanks.
  3. HolyWaterCow

    Does anyone actually enjoy GK

    THIS THIS THIS. GKurfurst, Bismarck, Tirpitz and other German BBs seem to be exceptionally vulnerable to catching fire. I'm not sure if there are stats to demonstrate what is for now, just an observation, but German BBs catch fire like gasoline regardless of what modules or capt skills you're running. On the other hand, some nations are very difficult to burn down (French take forever to start a fire on), (Russian damage/repair/heal is strong), some others I don't feel like thinking about. The exceptions are the Odin and Pommern. These German BBs have fantastic secondaries and they don't immediately catch fire from every HE shell. You can actually push and have a great time in these ships. GKufurst is just an oil tanker with mediocre guns on it right now.
  4. HolyWaterCow

    Is there a IX Cruiser worth keeping?

    Donskoi. Spec out for fire starting with demo expert + victor lima & india x-ray (think those are the names of the 2 fire starting flags?) and just sit deep, angled, and fire HE from distance on enemy BBs, especially those with slow repair. That works incredibly well in Random Battles. Not so much in smaller battles such as Ranked or Clan because you can't just kind of blend in and shell from long range the whole time. Other than Donskoi, non-premium t9 cruisers are pretty weak.
  5. HolyWaterCow

    German destroyer: what are their place?

    German DDs are well balanced but that's not a good thing. The guns are okay, the torps are okay, the speed is okay, the maneuverability is okay, the concealment is okay, the AA is okay, but there are no outstanding traits except for its once-unique trait: being the only DD that could challenge/win contested caps by popping smoke, popping 6km sonar, and using its guns to kill/drive the enemy DD out of the cap by invisi-firing from smoke. Now, this unique trait is obsolete. There are other DD lines with sonar and some with radar. Also, there are many more radar cruisers (especially those with long range radar) so the German DD can't get close enough to use its 6km sonar range without pushing dangerously close to enemy sonar/radar. Of course this could still work in certain circumstances such as towards the end of the match when enemy radar cruisers are killed and enemy DDs become isolated (in which case the German DD is good for hunting those DDs) but those situations are rare. So, with its guns/torps/speed/maneuverability/concealment all being just mediocre to begin with and its once sole outstanding trait rarely being useful, the entire line is basically not worth playing now. The German DDs still look good so to answer the OP's question, German DD's place now is sitting in port and just looking cool.
  6. The obvious build ~1-2 years ago was a secondary build: all secondary modules and capt w/ secondary skills (particularly the two 4pt skills: Manual Secondaries & AFT for range). This secondary setup made sense to make use of the German BBs' exceptional secondary guns, great armor, and since the main guns are lacking (size and particularly dispersion), you'd use this setup and brawl. Now, the secondaries are not all that exceptional (they're still the best but several other BBs have excellent secondaries as well) and there are so many new HE spamming ships that love nothing more than to burn down a big, slow German BB trying to push in close enough to use the secondaries. So the conundrum is which German BBs do you still use secondary builds on (if any)? T10 GKurfurst: I've given up on a secondary build on the GKurfurst. It's actually not that bad firing at distance with AP and it's almost like the guns are more accurate and do more damage from range than up close. Dunno why this is the case (perhaps too many overpens up close) but in my experience, this is often pretty effective. But still, the primary reason is that a secondary build for the GK is completely untenable now. T9 FDG: I don't even play this ship anymore but if I did, I'd use a normal/balanced build like I do on the GKurfurst now T8 Bismarck: This is the only tier that I've kept a secondary build. Reasons are that I just love the secondary brawling and don't want to abandon it completely plus at tier 8, a secondary build still seems relatively effective (given you aren't uptiered into a battle with loads of t10 or even t9 ships which is where most of the HE spammers exist). T7 Gneis: I don't use the Gneis but I do have the Scharnhorst with a secondary build. Reason for this is to charge ships with both torps and secondaries. But I'm reconsidering this because that tactic is so dependent on circumstances and the secondary range is only 8km at its best (which is expected given it's only tier 7). I might just use a normal/balanced build and use primarily HE shells, using it as an HE spammer and only close distance to use AP and torps when the situation clearly calls for it. Just curious who else has given up or kept secondary builds on German BBs and which tiers/ships to you still use it on? EDIT: Also, for those using secondary builds, which ships if any do you use IFHE (in other words, does IFHE improve the effectiveness of secondaries for any of the German BBs?).
  7. I clearly stated that WG did the right thing by getting rid of invisible-firing. However, the Blyskawica's main selling point was how effective it was because it excelled at invisible-firing. Broken mechanic or not, those were the conditions that existed when the Blyskawica was first introduced and under those conditions, many people bought it because it was incredible (I forget what Ranked season it was but they were everywhere). The removal of invisible-firing wasn't some minor change like the minor changes made in every update. It was a very significant change that removed what was the clear reason so many people initially bought the Blys (invisible firing). My complaint is that the combination of creating a premium ship with its primary selling point being invisible-firing and then later removing invisible-firing from the game without offering so form of compensation (in the form of refund or by buffing the ship to some extent). Self-entitled? It wasn't handed to me, I spent money on it. I'm aware that the game changes and that I don't have ownership of the game's mechanics or the "pixels" that I paid for. Your response is to an argument that was never made. I'm voicing my opinion (this is a forum, isn't it?) and the reasoning for why I think the ship should be buffed is not at all unreasonable. You don't see the irony of saying this^ after writing your first reply? Your first reply didn't address anything I said but it did contain an insult of me being self-entitled based on some non-existent argument/backstory you invented. If you're responding on a forum simply to insult somebody (for saying something I never even said) then perhaps it is you that has an attitude problem? Why not contribute to the thread rather than making it less civilized. Yes, it was a stupid gimmick but that's what the ship was basically designed to take advantage of so effectively. Yes, I did buy it because of how effective it was. That's likely why most people bought the ship (that ranked season was filled with Blys ships invisible firing). As for "if that's all the ship is worth to you" part of your comment... uhhhh yes, its exceptional performance at the time is why I bought it. I didn't buy it because of some other non-gameplay related reason (like I did when I bought the Prinz Eugen because of historical interests). In-game performance is likely the main reason most premium ships are "worth" it to those who buy them. This^^^. A lot of replies were reasonable: several posts actually addressed the topic (whether they agreed or disagreed) but there are also a lot of posts that are oddly bitter and/or dismissive. Nobody is forcing these people to reply. If they don't want to contribute to the thread then why even bother replying? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ all that being said..... BUFF THE SHIP (for the reasons I mentioned in the original post).
  8. 1. Paying customers were screwed (unless you actually think invisible-firing wasn't why people bought it). It does nothing noteworthy now. It cost money buddy. 2. It's useless in ranked now. It's "fine" in random battles when you can sort of blend in and spam. In ranked, it doesn't serve any DD purpose well. To get the best out of it in Ranked, you'd have to play it like a support ship (one that does very little damage/supporting). Its concealment, inadequacy in close-quarters fighting (relatively slow rate of fire, slooow turret traverse, crap maneuverability), and its lousy torps are for spectator types who leech off their teammates. 3. I should have posted this first but YOU DIDN'T READ MY POST. I know because I posted it and immediately hit edit to change the spelling on one word. In those ~10 seconds, a notification that you posted popped up. I don't care if you're not interested in the topic or if you're just a lazy unthinking type who doesn't want to read but either way, don't respond.
  9. This is less an issue of being "power crept" and much more an issue of buying a ship that was completely undercut by a significant change to WOWS' gameplay itself (elimination of invisible firing). Changes to the game can be expected but when there is a very significant change to the game that effectively renders a ship useless, there should be changes to the ship as well so it isn't rendered obsolete. This is especially true when it is a PREMIUM ship that people purchased for its now non-existent unique trait: the ability to invisible-fire. That was Blyskawica's huge selling point and what made it a beastly DD worth spending the money on. Despite that, invisible-firing was a pretty bad idea and WG was right to get rid of it. However, these game changes were made while (somehow) overlooking the need to make changes to the ships that heavily relied on invisible-firing..... especially the ones people paid for (ahem). Even after the ~$30 premium DD lost its defining/best trait, it still had things to offer: at the time it was still one of the fastest DDs and still had very good mid to long range fire power (all relative to other DDs in its tier at the time). It was still a formidable ship. However, over time many new DDs have been added and now the already neutered Blyskawica has been power-crept to the point that it's just mediocre. It's actually a burden to play in Ranked now; it literally doesn't have any traits that are superior to non-premium T7 DDs (and it's clearly inferior to other premium T7 DDs). Its once superior speed, guns, range, and HP are now just about average compared to the laundry list of T7 DDs. The only thing that sets it apart from other T7 DDs is that it has this bizarre, almost masochistic imbalance: terrible concealment (6.8km) combined with mediocre means of compensating for it (guns/torps/speed). "Here I am, visible at a whopping 6.8km with nothing to offer anymore. Finish the job that WG started." It's tragic... But! More importantly, this tragedy cost ~$30. CLIFF NOTES about the PROBLEM: Blyskawica, a PREMIUM ship (I think it was around ~$30 when it first came out), has been screwed twice (as have those who originally purchased it, like me). The first and BY FAR most damaging screw job was the removal of invisible-firing which was Blyskawica's great strength (and main selling point) and this was done after most people bought the boat. Second, Blys was still decent relative to other T7 DDs after the removal of invisible-firing but since then, the already kneecapped premium ship was power-crept by the introduction of loads of new T7 DDs. It's now just a average at best DD in random battles and a turd sandwich in Ranked. SOLUTION: BUFF THE SHIP. WG should consider how significant the removal of invisible-firing negatively impacted the effectiveness/purpose of the ship (and recognize that what qualities remained have all been power-crept by now) and WG should consider the fact that their CUSTOMERS (i.e. those who actually pay for the game) spent money to buy what was an excellent premium ship at the time of purchase and that after purchase it has been turned into a lemon. It should be buffed so that it has a distinct purpose like it did before as a fast, mid-long range gun boat.
  10. HolyWaterCow

    Are Tier X BBs Going Obsolete?

    (1) "As a cruiser player".... Uhhh, what? I can maybe understand someone saying "as someone who doesn't play CVs"... but who actually dedicates themselves to a certain ship type (excluding ranked or clan battles)? That's weird (fine, be weird/bizarre, who cares) but you immediately put the rest of your comments in the context of: 'In a cruiser versus enemy BBs, I conclude <whatever> about how to play a BB and how they have/have not changed'. (2) "BBs are the easiest to play, but one of the hardest to master"... followed in the next paragraph with "I'd say they are getting harder to drive as its become easier and easier to punish bad play in a BB".... so which is it? Are BBs easy for noobs or are noobs easily punished? As for "mastering" a BB, my points were precisely addressing this. Regardless of circumstances (i.e. what situations you put your ship in), BBs are still far too easy to burn down and AP is far too ineffective/inconsistent. (3) "the changes have done nothing to other changes in the meta that actually changed how BBs used to drive"..... that's simply false. I'm not going to look up which patches (likely multiple different ones gradually) changed BB maneuverability. But again, that isn't my complaint. The maneuverability is better/more realistic now and it's only an issue because of the the fire and AP ineffectiveness issues. (4) "PS. If you think its bad it got harder to drive the easiest class, go drive a DD".... Uhhh, again, what? You make it sound like people only play one ship type. I play all of them (CVs to a lesser extent) and I always play DD in ranked and rank out in the DD (reason being, it's the easiest ship type in terms of "mastering".... create the circumstances 99%+ of the time rather than be at the mercy of them). (5) "I wanted to add that I do drive BBs and do fine in them <explanation>"..... DD torps aren't the biggest threat. We're talking about T10 BBs, not T3-T-7. And you play a Yamato, GKurfurst, Montana, etc. like a cruiser? What does that even mean? You can't play them like cruisers because they are fundamentally different... let me take my GKurfurst out for a drive and play it like an Henri or Des Moines (lolwut). That maybe makes some sense if you're comparing a Moskva/Stalingrad to a Yamato/Frenchy BB but otherwise what are you talking about. I really shouldn't have responded (but I've typed this crap already so whatever), but you didn't even address the two specifics I said were the problem: too easy to set on fire and unreliable/ineffective AP (which were also what the guy I originally quoted mentioned as the problems).
  11. HolyWaterCow

    Are Tier X BBs Going Obsolete?

    ^This. A few things have changed since I started playing this game a couple years ago that have negatively impact T10 BBs - (1) too many fires and (2) bizarrely unreliable AP damage. ***There are many more fire-starting ships now. It used to be a few cruisers, specifically the IJN cruisers, which posed a significant fire threat but now there are so many cruiser lines+premium cruisers in the game that there has inevitably been an increase in HE fire-starters (exceptions of course being UK and Italian lines). Also, WG added DD gunboats (not really an issue for BBs though tbh) and what really drives me nuts: HE BBs which have absurdly high fire starting percentages (UK BBs & French BBs to a lesser extent). ***The nerfing of battleship maneuverability (like ~2 years ago?) made BB movement much more realistic and was a necessary nerf since the acceleration and turning of BBs was too good. But combine this with the increase in HE spam and the big fat T10 BBs can easily be burned down, especially if the enemy team is smart enough to focus fire. ***Battleship AP is not effective enough. Like the quoted post above says, there are way too many overpens and ricochets (nothing worse than a well placed AP salvo resulting in both overpens and ricochets...). T10 BB AP shells are huge, they shouldn't be bouncing so easily off an enemy BB without causing any damage and the shells shouldn't be overpenning broadside cruisers without causing at the very least, moderate damage. Unless your shells are penetrating the sails of an old tall-ship, AP shells broadside shouldn't overpen so easily. Yamato, Ohio, Kremlin, Georgia, etc. have massive guns but often even well-placed shells that don't register as overpens/ricochets still do very little/no damage. This especially occurs when facing a heavy cruiser/BB facing bow-forward. Shells bounce from the very well-armored bow so okay, you aim for the superstructure... but even with perfect hits to the superstructure, the damage is often ~1-3k (this happens all the time against Stalingrad and the French T9s/10s). The enemy's turrets seem like the only semi-vulnerable part of the ship. These are supposed to be 16"+ shells. It's insane. The BB which best represents the cumulative negative impact these changes have had on BBs is the Grosser Kurfurst - (1) too many fires and (2) bizarrely unreliable AP damage.
  12. HolyWaterCow

    Somers worth it?

    With the coupon, I'd have enough steel to get the Somers OR enough coal to get the Smolensk. The Smolensk's park, smoke, and spam HE like an annoying gnat playing style doesn't really appeal to me (but on the other hand, it is ridiculously OP). The first vids on YouTube that I saw about the Somers had great reviews. Now, I see people saying it's no good (apparently it was nerfed? or maybe ppl just like to complain?). Either way, is the Somers worth it? A Gearing/Shimakaze hybrid seems pretty appealing but it's 25k steel..... Any1 have the Somers and/or thoughts on it?
  13. HolyWaterCow

    Black Torp question

    I absolutely love the Black's torps. Fast torp reload, long distance (13.7km), and my favorite part - the slowwww speed (no, that isn't sarcasm). I joke that the torps are like floating sea mines that drift with the current but that's not a bad thing as long as you play to its primary strength... (its torps, not its radar). Use the torps to target an area rather than trying to actively target a particular ship. Instead, the torps should be used to target a cluster of enemy ships and to defend caps by saturating it with torps. It's great for both of these because the torp reload is quite fast (you literally can fire a second wave of torps while the first wave of torps are still traveling so you can saturate an area with torps), the torp detection is low, and the range of the torps allow you to remain far enough away so that you can launch loads of torps without being detected (by either enemy radar or enemy DDs). As for the torp speed and why I love it, I've noticed the slow speed seems to throw off a lot of players who attempt to dodge the torps as if they're expecting traditional ~60+knot torps and end up getting hit because they aren't expecting torps that are so unconventionally slow (I see this all the time with torps hits I get in the Black; the enemy capt so often looks confused while attempting to dodge the slow torps). Even though the Black also has the unique trait of radar, you shouldn't just charge into a cap with the intent of popping a smoke and using the radar to hunt enemy DDs and/or cap. The Black's guns aren't good enough and the radar doesn't have the range nor duration to rely on this style of play. Doing that can be great but is highly circumstantial (enemy DD needs to be fairly low in HP and you better be sure there isn't an enemy radar cruiser nearby). The torps are only really bad in this circumstance because once you're either detected or your presence is known (for example, from popping a smoke in the cap), the enemy is expecting your torps, knows roughly where they're coming from, and this is when the slow torp speed is really a problem. Cliff notes: 1. Spam torps from medium/long range at clusters of enemy ships (individual, sluggish BBs works too) and/or to deny caps. That's where the torp hits come from. 2. Yes, the Black is the DD with radar but don't expect much success from the tactic of hastily pushing a cap with the intent of popping smoke+radar because your guns are too weak and torps too slow to be effective in a close-range/brawl scenario. The circumstances need to be juuust right for that to be effective.
  14. HolyWaterCow

    Epic Exeter game

    What's the best build/capt build for this ship? Trying to get an idea of what the new line will be like.
  15. HolyWaterCow

    What is the easiest Battleship line to grind

    Most basic advice first, if you're grinding to reach tier 10 as fast as possible, consider which lines have the better ships at the higher tiers (mostly t8/t9) since you'll need to play those tiers much more than the lower/mid tier ships. If you're grinding for research points (resetting a line and replaying it), I'd recommend the IJN DD lines. DDs are a faster grind than cruisers and BBs (a lot of experience comes from capping) and IJN DDs are quality and fun. If not, ignore this point. As for the easiest BB lines to grind to tier 10 (listed in order... and with most consideration on the higher tier ships): 1. Russian is the easiest imo and they are fun since they are accurate and hit hard (plus the AA massacres planes which is always a hoot). Very straight forward playing style. 2. British is probably second easiest but boring as hell imo since they rely on HE and sitting back due to weak armor. If "easy" is your priority then this is a good choice but bring a good book or some yarn to knit something because sitting at distance is boring and it feels like you're not even involved in the battle. 3. French is somewhat similar to British but more well-rounded - better at pushing up plus good secondaries. Not as "easy" as British BBs because you can't be borderline comatose but still, not as involved as other BB lines. 4. IJN is a fun and diverse line with some excellent ships but the problem with the line regarding grinding to tier 10 is that the line gets a little too diverse when you hit the brick wall that is the Izumo. The Izumo, especially being at tier 9 (requiring tons of XP to get through it) is reason enough not to pick the IJN line if easy grinding is your priority. 5. USN is fun and doesn't have any horrid ships but to grind quickly to tier 10, you actually have to pay attention due to the relatively slow/lofty shell trajectory as well as the relatively smaller guns which make it harder to do AP dmg to enemy BBs. That said, they are fantastic for hitting cruiser citadels (particularly tier 9 and 10 which have excellent dispersion). Same goes for citting enemy BBs but again, the smaller guns means you need to hit them from medium-ish range when they show their broadside (usually while they're mid-turn.... or if they're just aloof and have their broadside exposed). 6. German BBs are brawlers that were great and would have been #1 on this list 2 years ago but they have been power crept, mostly due to the introduction of all the HE spamming ships which has made it hard to get close enough to brawl (i.e. make use of secondaries, strong armor, and so the wildly sloppy main guns can get the shell close enough to where you're aiming). Even if you play well, you can be surprised at how little dmg you did when the battle is over because the secondaries don't do all that much dmg (and they usually don't start fires often enough to cause a lot of fire damage) and even if you get a lot of hits with the main guns, the lousy dispersion often results in low dmg hits). I made the mistake of resetting my German BB line for research points thinking it would be fun brawling like when I first played the German line. Wow it was frustrating getting focus fired by all the new HE spamming ships and the grind felt like it took forever, even when playing my formerly favorite tier8 BB, Bismarck. What? Perhaps the lower/mid tier Russian BBs aren't anything special but the higher tiers are very good and easy to play. Since it takes less time to grind the lower/mid tiers, the quality of the higher tiers is more relevant and with the Russian BB line, the higher tier Russian BBs are about as simple as it gets. Powerful guns with excellent shell dispersion plus their shell velocity + trajectory is fast and flat. High survivability because of excellent armor (especially when pointed bow forward) along with a huge HP pool. I forget about the AA for the t8 and t9 but for the Kremlin, is has the best AA of any BB by far. In the higher tiers, it's like the Russian line has all the strengths of the other BB lines without the weaknesses (exception being the lousy secondaries). I'd say the German line, once the most fun and perhaps the best BB line when introduced, is now the most difficult at higher tiers since it's been power crept by all the new HE spamming lines/ships. German BBs are lumbering giants made for brawling - great secondaries, strong armor, large HP pool, and guns with such lousy and sloppy dispersion that you need to get into close range like you're using a blunderbuss. That was great fun and very often effective but now there are so many HE spamming ships (rendering the strong armor useless) who naturally will focus their fire on the big, slow BB that has to push ahead of its BB teammates to get into a range where it can start doing damage. Also, German BBs have inadequate AA so CVs also naturally prefer sending their planes to attack the big, slow BB. German BBs can't sit at long range and HE spammers+CVs love focusing them so you need to be much more cautious (painfully so), aware, and smart about when/where to push to use the ship effectively.