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  1. Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know we received our first ornament in the Wargaming Ornament contest. Look at this! We received the Admiral Graf Spee shield ornament from Rabbitt81. Thanks for entering! You are the current leader in the club house. Good luck and get your ornaments in. There's still time!
  2. Hello there...hope you all enjoyed the Taste of Blood missions to earn the Tier III HMAS Vampire.We will monitor the feedback so feel free to tell us what you like do or didn't like about the missions? Was it too easy or difficult? What about having the choice of game mode to complete the requirements? This can then be passed on to the appropriate team to review. Thanks again and we will see you on the high seas! Action Stations!
  3. Forum changes

    We absolutely appreciate the feedback on the recent changes in the forums. Please continue to provide us with your thoughts and likes or dislikes! Action Stations!
  4. Hooray! Extra coal for your Schors. Burn baby burn. Hate when that happens but better then burning cash.
  5. Looks like somebody is going to get what they don't want. I see coal in your future. Just kidding! But not sure I want to meet your inner child. I try to avoid spoiled brats like the plague.
  6. Hey there everyone, just wanted to respond to inquiries about Santa boxes and other holiday goodies. It's still early in the holiday season, so we ask that our players be patient. There is always a chance some of the things you might be interested in could be offered. However, you better be good...otherwise you'll just end up with a lump of coal. So sit tight and keep checking the World of Warships portal for any future announcements. Happy Holidays!
  7. The farming of downvotes begin.

    Does that mean you have cat class and cat style? I am curious what your angle is about wanting to be down voted though.
  8. Hey there everyone, thanks for asking about the status of the Soviet Navy in World of Warships. Any changes or additions to the tech tree would be announced on the World of Warships news portal. Unfortunately, we do not have any information regarding this. Once an official announcement is made, it would appear on the website. https://worldofwarships.com/ Thanks for inquiring about the Soviet line. Action Stations!
  9. USS Massachusetts

    Great pic of the Massachusetts! Thanks for sharing it. We don't have any information currently on this currently. However, please feel free to refer to the World of Warships news portal for any announcements or official confirmation. https://worldofwarships.com/ Anchors aweigh!
  10. Should Fire be a Major Source of Damage

    Hey there everyone, just wanted to join the conversation and address the question if fire damage should inflict a major loss of HP to a player's ship. The aspect of fire from HE is currently working as intended. However, since the game is always evolving there can be changes made to the game in a future update. For now, we would recommend have a commander with the Fire prevention skill like Helstrem suggested. Players might also want to have the Basics of Survivability skill or fly an India Yankee flag that will reduce the time to extinguish a fire by 20% is another option to the repair consumable. Also, knowing the right time to use the repair consumable is just as important otherwise your ship may burn. We will monitor the comments and feedback received here. Please know we will be sure to pass them along to the development team. Thanks again for everyone who chimed in and told us their thoughts. One last point, if fire damage is reduced or changed then to keep things balanced, theoretically, flooding from torpedo damage would also be effected and need to be addressed. We will just have to wait and see if it might be addressed in a future update. Good luck on the fair seas. Now Chief, put out the fire will ya?
  11. Thanks for sharing that tip. That's what we are all here for...to help each other out. I'm going to have to try that the next time I'm in my German cruisers. Way to go!
  12. Players in the Hipper might want to use its primary strength of the main guns (just over 16km) and gun dispersion. The main battery is capable of dealing excellent armor piercing damage to enemy cruisers, but can also deal a surprising amount of damage to battleships exposing their flat broadside. So when you can, aim for the broadside. Admiral Hipper's best role is that of either a second-line long range support ship or part of a flanking group. She excels when engaging either other cruisers or a distracted target. Here is a link to the Hipper wiki page where players might find some additional information how to play it: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Admiral_Hipper Check out the Pros and Cons section especially. A great strategy to use against an enemy battleship is to hold your range then find an island or smoke screen to take cover in then re-engage the BB once you have an established advantage. Try it out in a few battles and see how it goes. Good luck!
  13. Fair Play in World of Warships

    This is a reminder that players must abide by the rules of "Fair Play" and that actions such as cheating, match fixing, use of illegal third party mods, hacking or team killing will not be tolerated. If individuals, clan members, or division members are caught violating these rules, there will be consequences and Wargaming will take swift action against them. Here are links to the recently updated mod policy: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/mod-squad/ Also, this is the Fair Play policy for Hacking and Unfair Mods: https://na.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/775 We have also included the EULA (End User's License Agreement) and Terms of Service links as well: http://legal.na.wargaming.net/en/end-user-licence-agreement/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/docs/terms-service/ We appreciate your cooperation and continued support in making this the best and fairest naval warfare game available. It's just not worth it and eventually players will get caught. Good luck on the high seas and if you do see questionable actions by others, please bring it to our attention so it can be investigated. ***Update*** The current rules for Clan Wars are being looked into further. As we come into the next season, there may be a change in event rules. All players will be notified as we get there.
  14. New Gimicks - New Abilities

    Way to go! Some interesting feedback and suggestions here. We can monitor and collect the information to forward on to the development team. Now there is no guarantee any of these will appear in the future, however, we can pass this on for review. Perhaps they might appear in a future. Thanks again and we will see you on the high seas!