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  1. Who have you seen in game

    Were we on the same team or opposing sides? I am trying to finish the Aigle mission of earning 1000 ribbons.
  2. A potential way to fix Matchmaking

    Either pro or anti MM, as always, please make sure comments are constructive and on topic. That way the discussion can continue. We are monitoring this thread and will pass along any comments and feedback.
  3. Losses, Losses and More Losses

    Also, I'm curious how many points your commander has and which skills you've selected? You might want to drop back down to some lower tiers and ships you enjoy playing to build up some of your commander's XP and skills. This is just a suggestion.
  4. Losses, Losses and More Losses

    Sorry to hear that JM. Please know it happens to all of us at one time or another. Sorry it has effected your experience and enjoyment of the game. If anyone has any advice or constructive feedback, please do so. As a community, we're all here to help so maybe someone can help you turn things around.
  5. Semper Fi BTed! Guys, please welcome him to the team. Good luck!
  6. As with most DDs, players can make the decision if they want to go gunboat or torp boat by re-configuring the skills of their commander. Then try out which one best fits their style of play. The only downside is having to spend doubloons to change back when they don't like one version or the other. Good luck!
  7. Steven Seagal GOne so instead lets....

    I bet he had some stories to tell. Unfortunately, like my grandfathers, they didn't ever talk about what they saw or experienced. It is true what they say... War is Hell. Thanks for sharing that. Proves to never judge a book by its cover.
  8. World of Warships on PS4

    Unfortunately, we do not have any information on if WoWS is coming to console, either PS4 and/or Xbox. All we can recommend is to keep checking the news portal for any future announcements. At this point, all we can ask is that you continue to be patient and enjoy playing on PC.
  9. Steven Seagal GOne so instead lets....

    I'm just the cook. LOL
  10. Please save battle chat session

    Thanks for the suggestion and feedback. We will be sure to pass this on to the development team. Perhaps this will be something that will be implemented in a future update. It seems everyone is a critic especially players who've been sunk but stay to watch the outcome. Don't take it personal. You did your best to bring home a win to your team. Good luck in any future battles.
  11. Signals suggestion

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestion. We will pass this on to the appropriate team. Perhaps this will be addressed in a future update but we do not have any information at this time.
  12. USS Juneau found

    Thanks for sharing this. Absolutely fascinating they are able to find these ships so far down. Even of this was a black eye for the US Navy in regards to taking days to rescue any possible survivors. I believe the Sullivans are the first to have a USN ship named after more then one person. A Fletcher class DD that is a museum in Buffalo, New York.
  13. Hey guys! I can tell you that Gneisenau is a good guy and is taking over for me. So please be nice and treat him well. The game is in good hands with the team in place. If you need help or have a question, reach out to him. I want to thank you guys for the time I was coordinator for World of Warships. My last day will be March 30th but I will still be on playing the game in my free time. Good luck in battle on the high seas!
  14. USS Minnesota BB22 would be good companion to Mikasa just saying 

  15. For all the Division Naysayers

    Nicely done! Always finishing at the top of your team is fulfilling. I'd say being in a division with people who know how to play the game is important. Good luck in battle on the high seas!