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  1. USS Minnesota BB22 would be good companion to Mikasa just saying 

  2. The Public Test collection is rigged for failure.  There is no way to complete the entire collection, I have complete all task available (the only task not completed in each section is the DD Aigle task), which the Aigle is not available in the Public Test.  Yet I am still 1 item short and have 2 duplicates, you can not buy a french collection crate which applies to the Public Test, therefore there is no way to the last remaining item for the collection.  WG must correct this miscarriage, especially when in the news it states that if you complete the entire campaign on the test server you will be rewarded with a nice bonus on the live server.

  3. So sad you judge people by their humor, you might want to lighten up a bit. Look at the big picture Splash. What I ever did to you?

  4. Whats a salem thought that was a vampire lol.

  5. Hey there! Thanks for helping us out. Here is your ST account information:


    Password: 9bQ7pYjE5_

     If you already have the Special Test server installed, please uninstall then re-install as the server WILL NOT update. Test is currently live.

  6. Since you are an administrator, I am quite curious as to what you would say in response to the thread linked below. 

    Also, as a concerned, frustrated iMac player, we haven't seen nary a peep of developer answers or responses on the official iMac support forum for months. You and your colleagues have been leaving us in the dark, and it is not exactly the best way to treat customers, paying or otherwise.