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  1. So use their smoke against them. A dd pops smoke because you spotted him, cool you can not see him anymore but he can also not see you and this lets you start shooting from stealth while in the open provided you are far enough from him and others that your gun bloom does not give you away. You can also re-position yourself while his smoke conceals your movement. Torp his smoke if you have them available. Charge his smoke if you are pointing that way and have big enough brass ones. Use the chance to move to better cover.
  2. Squib_Surefire

    So our team lost..... wait? what?

    look closer...
  3. So I died and went to make coffee, came back to this screen Yea, it was looking like we would loose that one. I wonder how I placed in the overall standings? Wait? What?
  4. Squib_Surefire

    Ranked Season 11

    I loved arms race but I suspect this is going to be a *bad experience (TM)*. The BB's and cruisers are going to continue hiding at the back and behind islands and expect the DD's to get as many boosts as possible to buff the team. DD's will take even more risk than in the past, they will be under rewarded as in the past and die just as fast.
  5. Squib_Surefire

    What is your lowest-point T10 captain ?

    Not going to tell you what to do but you have it a little wrong and it is not really well explained anywhere because the explanation gets very long. So in your case, I am going to assume your captain came with the Tripitz so he is skilled in the Tripitz because he was never in another ship. Moving him to either on of the T22 or the Konig will require retraining. For the sake of explanation lets say you want to build a BB captain and skill him up as fast as possible, (I would only start with this from T6/7 - so I will start at the Bayern in the BB line.) I would then suggest you consider this: I would NOT use your Free XP to increase his skill level. Research out the Bayern and buy it. Put your Tripitz captain into the Bayern, Pay the 200 000 credits to half retrain your captain, then hit the little + indicator next to the captain name on the skill tree of that captain and use your free XP to complete his training. At this point you can play him in your Bayern and you can move him to your Tripitz play him there for the first win bonus and move him back to the Bayern with no penalty. Once you get the Gneisenau, move the captain from the Bayern to the Genisenau, pay the 200 000 credits and complete the retraining with your free XP. You now have a fully trained captain that you can use in the Gneisenau and your Tripitz as well as any other PREMIUM ship in the German line. While you are researching the ships, you are also leveling your captain further and the retraining of the captain gets more expensive as you go up in levels. Keep doing this till you have youy 19 point captain at which point you will start earning free XP and you can do this in another line. I personally *ONLY* use my elite captain xp for moving captains to the next ship in the line. Yes, I can skill my 16 pointer to 18 now but if the urge hits me to play a low level non premium ship like the last Ranked Sprint at T5, I can easily move a 19 pointer to T5 as well as pay for reskilling if I want to play a different line. The only other way to do this is with dubloons and I am a cheap bastard.
  6. Squib_Surefire

    I remember why I stoppled playing randoms

    I had an almost 600 game player with a sub 35% WR in a Carrier at T9, all I can say is that it sometimes happens, just like you discover that coffee is explosive when you start laughing...
  7. Squib_Surefire

    LFC - Casual but unicum

    I like you.
  8. I like this idea. I would try to think about shared vision in terms of the game mechanics being used to create focused support from allies rather than the current system of everyone supports the spotter. My initial thought would be slightly different and drop the "relay range". The fact that radio communications are not range limited is ignored in favor of game play and the goal of the change. I use only destroyers and battleships in my example as they are the extremes, cruisers would fit in the middle some place and carriers are changing soon but planes would transmit in a similar way. A ship that is spotted by anyone is displayed on the minimap as it currently does but does not display for you to lock onto the target, you might be able to fire blind but you can not lock onto and shoot at it. EDIT - Your maximum gun range will still be your maximum gun range, but only when you are doing the spotting. I would then add a transmit range to each ship. Start it out based on class and then make adjustments to each ship based on the role WG sees for that ship. The Z52 would have a much higher transmit range than the Kaba. You want the Z52 to be closer to the action and be able to have support while you want to punish the Kaba for getting into a position where he is close to multiple enemy ships, but sill able to transmit some distance for support. The transmit range would be the opposite of your detection range, destroyers get a larger transmit range and Battleships get a much shorter transmit range. You want the destroyer getting support from a distance but also want to punish the battleship for being caught by the enemy destroyer on the J line while that same battleship pushing the cap would be getting support provided he is pushing the cap with support within his transmit range. This lets you manage how much support the game mechanics automatically gives a particular ship and gives WG another way of balancing how they see the roles of individual ships. I would also add a support range to each ship. This would not be out as far, but based on this to start with as your maximum Main Gun or Torpedo firing range and then adjusted for each ship as needed. This would be the range at which the ship should be supporting allies. A Shimi supporting at 15km because it has 20km torps is silly but a Battleship supporting at that range might be perfectly fine. Your guns might shoot 25km but your support range might only be 20km. Again this lets you individually manage how much support a particular ship is able to give based on the role WG want the individual ship to have. So, for a red ship to be targeted it needs to be spotted. Once spotted, the red ship is displayed on the minimap for all and is only rendered for the spotter to lock and target. The spotter transmits to everyone in the transmit range the location of that ship, at this point the spotter is still the only one that can lock the target. Now everyone that received the location checks if the red ship is in the support range of their ship. If they are, the red ship is rendered and they can also lock onto the target. Once the red ship starts shooting, gun bloom might result in many more ships spotting him which means that the transmit signal is being sent from more ships and might result in more support being available. Now you might have more reason to go silent when you are being focused. By going silent you reduce the number of ships transmitting your location and it might in actual fact prevent many of the battle ships from shooting at you unless they move closer. This makes the J line battleship or carrier snipe more difficult for both parties as unless their is another ship in support range, it will be a 1v1 with the defender more likely to have closer support and the carrier having planes that transmit further than the battleship might be able. At close to the game end where you have 3 v 1, the smart last man standing will try to make it into 3 x 1v1 encounters rather than the current default of 3v1, while the 3 players would want to support each other while hunting the last man. This is way better than the current we all drive in different directions till one of us spots him and then everyone in range dumps shells on him. Now you actually have to work together and yolo-ing off on your own means you are on your own. If the enemy team has been able to isolate a single ship, that ship should be penalized until it gets back to the support of the fleet. EDIT - As a side effect, this will also reduce the effectiveness of radar as the above calculation will also need to be done to see who would be able to target the radared ship. It will also have the effect that radar is no longer a reaction but would rather be more valuable when the user things also about how much support he would be getting. Hiding behind a mountain and hitting radar will be nothing if your allies are not inside your transmit range and are not in their support range. If the radar manages to catch the DD at 5km there is a good chance that there will be support. As the DD moves away, there will be fewer ships in the support range that are able to target the DD.
  9. Squib_Surefire

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    This is going slightly off topic from the OP. NOTE - unless otherwise noted I am making all comments in reference to RANKED GAMES. I also refer to your stats which are truly impressive, only as a way to frame my questions. I hope this is acceptable, message me and I will remove the post immediately if you wish. I agree on the point that you can have massive influence in a DD in a game at T5-T6. At T10, my experience is very different with me hardly ever being out of the bottom 3rd. Now maybe this says something about my level of skill, feel free to make a comment if you think it is relevant. Your overall SOLO win rate is very similar on all classes as well as your overall Personal Rating, with the exception of Battleships which lags the Personal Rating by 10% but you have more games. Maybe this is as a result of you starting with Battleships and the improvement is just taking longer to reflect in your averages. Season 8 was predominantly T8. Your HSF Harekaze was used 8 times with the best Personal Rating out of all ships played. Your Akizuki was used 24 times with a slightly higher Personal Rating than your average for Battleships. So your destroyers were used 21% of the time and had a marginally better Win Rate and better Personal Rating than your Battleships. So why did you use Battleships 65% of the time when your Personal Rating performance was less than with your destroyers and they both had similar Win Rates? Season 9 you stopped at R5. This was a mix of T8 and T10 and your destroyers were performing *significantly* better than the other classes but again you only played 21% of your games in these. Your destroyer play was at 81% Win Rate as opposed to 56% of Battleships. Why would you play a class that was not winning games for you? Season 10 was T10. Again your destroyers performed the best in terms of Win Rate, Personal Rating and Average Frags yet only 26% of your games were in the better performing class. What was your reasoning for using an under performing class? You do say that you do not consider yourself a DD main yet it appears to be that you are better in that class of ship. A metic showing how many times you scored highest in each lost game would be enlightening but I am not aware of any. If I look only at your Personal Rating and your Win Rates my logic tells me that you should find it more efficient to rank out by focusing on destroyer play yet your actual games played seem to say that you avoid this class for some reason. Your Win Rate is truly impressive, you are gaining stars but the efficiency in ranking out is linked to saving stars in a loss. Your destroyers have better Win Rates (some only marginally) but significantly better Personal Ratings than all the other classes in each of those seasons, so you should be scoring higher with destroyers than the other classes leading to more stars saved. The question is then: Why are you then not playing more in this class to save those stars, unless even with your higher Personal Rating in destroyers you are not scoring top of the team and you have a better chance of scoring top, and thus saving that star, with a different class, even if you are not playing as well in terms of your Personal Rating?
  10. Squib_Surefire

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    Show me a player who can, in a RANKED game, save a star in a DD as consistently as they can in a different class. I have found a number of players that are arguably better in a destroyer with higher win rates and higher personal ratings than in the other classes, but when it comes to Ranked Games, the player selects their weaker class most of the time. Someone with (in Ranked Battles) a Super Unicorn Win Rate and a Very Good Personal Rating in a DD would rather play a Battleship with a Unicorn level Win Rate and a Good Personal Rating. Battleships is their least played (exclude carriers) with the overall lowest Win Rate, lowest Personal Rating, lowest average frags and a mere 10k more average damage than Cruisers. This player plays 60% more games in a cruiser than any other class and only 11% of his ranked battles were in a cruiser. Why would the player pick their worst performing class as well as least played class to play in a competitive enviroment? - Because the risk to reward is most in their favor when playing their worst class. The point I am trying to make is that if you play best in a destroyer your rewards (credits and XP) should be more than when you play a ship that you do not perform as well in. This is clearly not happening because why would you choose to play over 91% of your games in your least played class with the worst performance in a competitive enviroment? The point here is they are nerfing a ship that has the best potential for a Ranked Game in a class that is already under rewarded. We can argue the point of if the ship was over performing compared to the other ships in the class but the entire class is under rewarded when compared to the other classes.
  11. yep and go to point blank range before shooting. Guarantees the hit at 100% and you will save a silly number of torpedoes that would have otherwise hit a dead ship. I use the Gerfalcon?? the fast one.
  12. Squib_Surefire

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    This discussion is actually about more than just the nerf to the yeuyang. In Clan Battles the ship may be considered a strong choice but so are particular BB's and CL's considered better choices over others. If you had the choice, would you pick an under performing ship to take into a clan battle? How would you feel if WG decided to nerf those strong choices to the level of the under performing ship of the same class? Maybe that would be considered a fair change also? Now take away the only strong option there is in the class and nerf it to the level of the under performing ships in the class and you can see why people are getting vocal and upset. The less obvious discussion is about rewarding the actions of the entire class fairly. They argue for damage because score is predominantly determined by the damage you do and the capping and spotting gives such minuscule reward that the risk of getting deleted is too big for the reward on offer. DD game play is already very unforgiving, 1 mistake and you are at 10% health or dead, a single mistake in the other classes may cost you a large chunk of your health but you are less likely to die outright. If WG want to encourage spotting, laying smoke and capping play by dd's then they need to reward that play in such a way that it makes up for the lesser damage that a DD does. It is not difficult to do but for whatever reason they have picked out of the sky it is not something they want to reward. They can do this for anything they want to if, for example, the want to reward cruisers for causing the death of a ship by radar they can increase the experience for spotting damage for damage dealt to a ship exclusively spotted by radar. If they want to reward capping in a DD, double the cap rewards if you are in a DD, else normal cap rewards If they want to reward spotting in a DD, double the spotting rewards if you are in a DD, else normal spotting rewards. Want to encourage smoking allies? Give an experience reward to the smoke owner, for all the potential damage to all the ships that are not spotted in the smoke for the duration of the smoke. There you have a simple way to reward a particular ship, activity or consumable use.
  13. Squib_Surefire

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    Then reward them fairly for that at a minimum. Show me an average T10 player that can save a star as consistantly in a dd as they are able to in any of the big damage dealers.
  14. Squib_Surefire

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    And do keep in mind that the experience you get and therefore your position on the leader-board and therefore the potential of saving your star during a T10 ranked game is based on the damage you deal. This goes to show how incredibly skilled those top DD players are and WG's opinion on what is *fair* reward for the effort that you put in. I guess the take home message is if you are not in the top 5% do not expect much in the shape of rewards and WG thinks this is perfectly fair.