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  1. Squib_Surefire

    Karma from Ranked?

    lol, my Karma actually goes UP when I play ranked battles, not that I am unicum level, I place myself at maybe only above average. In normal Random games there is a noticeable change in Karma gains with minuses being received more often and you need to play an a much better level of skill much more often to get pluses on any semi regular basis. I think it has to do with who is playing ranked and what they expect from their teammates, play competently and they will happily bump you if you do it well, make a stupid move like spawn on C side and immediately head past everyone to A side and you can expect a negative vote. In ranked you are "expected" to be able to play all areas of all maps and all battle modes.
  2. Squib_Surefire

    WG and player trust

    To give an answer to any well thought out questions posed to WG in a thread that they (WG) started without avoiding the point of the question or using a cop out such as "We have never shared that in the past and we are not going to now", when the question has nothing to do with mechanics or can be used to game their scoring system. In short, be honest why you do not want to answer a particular question.
  3. Squib_Surefire

    WG and player trust

    He asked if we TRUST WG, I do not. Do I play their game, yes, for the time being I do
  4. Squib_Surefire

    WG and player trust

    So many good posts here, my trust is 1 on a scale of 1 to 10, only because 0 is not an option. They flat out ignore questions posed in response to a thread Wargaming created. Even if multiple admins and staff are tagged with the questions and only respond to them if you are stubborn as a mule and keep bumping the thread for weeks until people are laughing about it. Weak excuses are then used for missing the questions and when they do answer, they sidestep questions posed that highlight specific concerns with regards to gameplay and speak to you like you are not able to think for yourself. If you create a thread, respond to the questions in your thread. They have their Twitch Streams and Youtube clips where they "engage" with the community but the questions that they answer all appear to be handpicked, almost as if there is a script that they have to follow. I understand that they might not have the data on hand to answer the question immediately but that does not mean that they can not give an answer at a later stage.
  5. Squib_Surefire

    DD vs BB - Discussion

    No, in a BB, I eat a torp now and then, even in a DD I eat a torp from time to time but I have yet to sit back and think, wow torpedoes are OP if I am in a BB. A simple rudder shift for 10 seconds will result in a torpedo volley that was fired 45 plus seconds ago to miss. A cruiser has a total of maybe 8 seconds to dodge those incomming shells from a BB. The window of opportunity to dodge torpedoes is more than 5 times longer and with the huge numbers of islands there are more than enough bunkers to hide behind from torpedoes. If I get a full torpedo spread on a potato, I do not drool like an idiot, a just quietly sigh and shake my head and might mention "WASD-hax.exe". Now if the BB / CL has been dodging all game and I get a good spread, chances are he will not die (because you are not going to usually get multiple hits) unless he has taken significant damage so far but that is a satisfying hit. To be honest thou, I find the drooling idiot DD games are at the very low tier, because it is just too easy to farm and the opposition has nearly no clue. A BB is different, if I see a broadside CL and they are not focussed on me, I am confident that there is at least a better chance of getting a decent hit than a single torpedo hit. Maybe this is beginners luck but if I die and watch BB players, the number of really bad shots is astounding. Maybe I am just experiencing beginners luck. As for getting citadels on a BB, give me some time, like I said, I have only been at this for less than 3 months and there was Ranked and the Benham grind during that time.
  6. Squib_Surefire

    DD vs BB - Discussion

    Put it this way, I "main" DD's and one of my previous clans would all log off if I said as was going to play anything other than a DD. Recently I have picked up a BB line and it is honestly stupid how much more simple the game play is when you compare all the things you have to consider while playing. It took me nearly 2 years of try-harding to be able to semi-consistently finish on the top half of the scoreboard in a DD, in a BB I kinda started to expect it in the first 3 months. The most significant simplification (in a BB vs a DD) is you no longer need to keep track of the exact (at worst guestimated) position of generally between 2 and 5 ships per game that can *insta negate your defenses* at over 8km range (unless you want them to) and 140knot planes are now just an annoyance rather than an Eye of Sauron. Yes I still eat a spread of DD torps from time to time but I have yet to feel that DD's are OP in any way whatsoever. I have however felt, in multiple games, like a drooling idiot on occasion removing a full health cruiser in 1 shot from 10km. Now if only I can figure out how to citadel the damn BB's...
  7. Probably because most people could not be bothered to go to the effort and I can agree with your sentiment to a point but do you not want a balanced and competitive game? This is exactly where the large difference in abilities start to form. You and I pay attention and we get the free resets but 20 other people do not bother. Lets assume that half of those would have used the free reset had they known about it and would never consider reseting commander skills with credits or ECXP just to test an alternate build but would have if it was free, but as they did not know about it they never got the opportunity. The other 10 spend the credits or ECXP despite the free offer being available. Now you have 12 players that have tested and decided on the best setup and 10 who have not and are now playing with a potentially substandard build. The first gaps in the player skill start appearing due to WG hiding the fact that there is a commander skill reset available.
  8. Squib_Surefire

    Regular Camos

    talk about gaming the system..... devious... but probably way too much effort.
  9. A truly turd move to hide the reset of commander skills like that. It should be some place prominent where every single player can see it when they first log on. For a company that wants gameplay to be balanced and then they do things like this that creates unbalance reeks of saying one thing and then doing things that result in the exact opposite.
  10. Squib_Surefire

    FYI: WG is not doing the premium consumables for all

    this is the point, WG said that apparently very few people actually use premium consumables.
  11. Squib_Surefire

    new clan

    If your prime time is EU evenings
  12. Squib_Surefire

    Research Bureau derp, or me?

    SHIPS you loath....
  13. Squib_Surefire

    Research Bureau derp, or me?

    Have fun playing "your favorite ships again" unfortunately you will also have to play those "ships that make you throw up a little in your mouth" as well as the "turds you never want to touch with a 10 foot pole" unless you drop some FXP on it, go on, you skip over the nasty ones, you can just convert some of you ship XP with a few dubloons as well......