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  1. but WG said subs would be carefully and properly balanced...
  2. Squib_Surefire

    Fun Sucked out of clan wars

    I wonder if this is a test bed to lump BB and CV into the same random slot to reduce the number of 6cv games? - Balance comrade
  3. Squib_Surefire

    Take 10 seconds and answer a poll on this forum

    I am in agreement with your statements and it is a sad reality that producers need to make a bang to attract buyers and keep their consumer as long as possible before the goldfish is attracted to the next one. I look at my steam library and wonder how much time I will have to put in to fully enjoy all the games I have and am then stunned when many people have 10 or 20 times that number. Look a little deeper at many libraries and you see that some games were played for only a couple hours, I myself have a handfull that I have never even downloaded. As to the younger crowd having more money, while it may be true in many cases, I think it is not so clear cut. I think it is more a case of they are willing to spend more on entertainment and expect less, when last have you purchased a game with no DLC, a single one time purchase and spend more than 3 years playing it? If a game can do that, it is a great game in my mind as a consumer, from a producer point of view maybe not so great a game because you only get 1 sale and consumers may not buy your next one because they are still enjoying the last one. An alternative is that the "younger crowd" only seem to have more disposable income as they have so much control over the family spending habits due to the power of marketing but that is another discussion. The point is this comes down to cash, if I am willing to give you cash for something in exchange you will give me the something, if I will keep giving the cash, you will keep doing the something. If you give me something_awesome and I give you cash but for your next something_awesome I do not give you cash, will you ever offer the something_awesome again?
  4. Squib_Surefire

    Worst Clan Battles Ever

    Well most people are only going to play what is going to work in the game mode, I guess CL and CV work. To a lesser extent BB can work and only the truly narcissistic will play dd because they are properly balanced.
  5. Squib_Surefire

    nice joke... i laughed, you can too

    I saw that as well...
  6. Painting the floor and got stuck in a corner..... again. We sincerely apologize for the unclear communication and will try to do better in the future.
  7. Squib_Surefire

    In-Game WoWs Survey

    One simple follow up question might have given them far more info that hours of reading troll threads on the forum: Maybe this question: "Why would you not recommend the game to someone else?" Give a list of tick boxes and an "other" option and allow for some text. Blam, you instantly have a list of things that are weighted that people dislike or think are unfair and you might see some things that might not be clear on your spreadsheets.
  8. Squib_Surefire

    In-Game WoWs Survey

    you told them something they did not want to hear.
  9. Squib_Surefire

    Easy fix to balance subs for inclusion in the game.

    by WG promised that they would be well balanced before launch. Do you think they are (1) balanced, (2) fun to play as well as (3) play against now? If not, should people not let WG know they are not meeting all 3 standards and where else would you suggest we let them know about it? [edited]
  10. various WG voices have said they would be carefully balanced. Wonders if now is a reasonable time to suggest the forum police create the "Sub dumpster thread".
  11. Squib_Surefire

    Fixed the matchmaking, I think not.

    How is a T7 and 2x T8 any different from a T5 and 2x T6? I see only a single tier difference. Is there some rule that a division is a "fail division" if they are not all the same tier?
  12. Squib_Surefire

    So many posts get removed?

    Think of the forums as an extension of WG's marketing department. They only want "good marketing" and you agreed to not piss them off when you signed up. But yes, and *I feel* (yes, a personal opinion) that the deletion of threads and removal of individual posts has been on the increase both here and on the EU forum.
  13. Squib_Surefire

    Bad Idea WG

    and did you consider that a ****fun**** game?
  14. Squib_Surefire

    Moskva becoming Premium

    If that is true that they will revert to standard ships, I stand corrected on using that as an example. The rest of my comments remain.
  15. Squib_Surefire

    Moskva becoming Premium

    No, the point is they are **not** premium which means WG will tweak them as they see fit **because** they are **not Premium**, they are special. A "small" difference but an important difference. As an example, look at the new DD and current CL line in the tech tree for the European line. Are they are all special or are they all premium? Can you honestly say they are not going to be balance tweaked at any point in the future? I have been advised in the below post that this is normal, first time I noticed that, thanks @Ensign_Cthulhu. People are going to be upset because no-one is saying that there **is** in actual fact a difference and everyone is viewing these Special ships as premium ships, which they are not. At some point WG will put their foot in it and make changes most likely not good for the player base if history is anything to go by. Moskva is NOT premium, it is special, there is a difference.