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  1. Raven114

    Main Batteries Not Firing!

    Try another mouse! wired not Bluetooth.
  2. Raven114

    Is This a "Good Game"????

    IT's a Game. and people want to be friendly and supportive.
  3. Raven114

    360-Degree Turrets for Gearing (and Yueyang)?

    Gearing did not have 360 guns they had a limit of 328.5 degrees, and I believe the Sumner class had the same guns.
  4. Power creep has left these ships behind. Enough time has passed and most of the players that have won them are gone. Also, I rather them bring back real ships than create make-believe ships. WOT are filled with make-believe tanks and I left it years ago.
  5. Raven114

    Ships stuttering after spotting

    They have been upping the graphics the past couple of updates your card may be strained, try lowering the settings see if it stops!
  6. Raven114

    Revitalizing the Game: Port Mini-Games

    That page alone is 2 years' worth of programming! and who is going to pay for it?
  7. Raven114

    Bad Timing for missing QE's Anniversary in WoWS

    Why make a political statement when you do not need to...?
  8. No more uproar because the people who started at the beginning of wow's are no longer here. Most of the Hard-core ship types and historians left.
  9. SLOW THEM DOWN! They are a lay in wait machine not an attack craft, unless you are tanker or Liberty ship. Most of the problems are they race around like speed boats. People who play sub's need to readjust to a different style of play. More strategic, lay in wait type. WG try it for an update what do you got to lose? If it does not work, go back in the next update.
  10. You mean players screamed the BOT's were to good Dum them down!
  11. Raven114

    Two things I'd like to see

    USS Johnston first!
  12. And that's not going to happen so do not look for it. They are a business looking to make money, while providing a game we enjoy.
  13. They are fixing small inaccuracies in the ships we pointed out to them years ago. Why does everything need to be a problem on this forum. I am glad they are still interested in correcting things. Can people be Happy from time to time.
  14. Raven114

    Why are subs THAT fast underwater?

    If Subs moved at Realistic speeds, they would not cover much distance from spawn at 16 knots. Subs never had smoke trails the exhaust was below the waterline so it would dilute in the ocean.
  15. Raven114

    Hornet Bug?

    It's your ISP connection, I have no problem with the Hornet,