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  1. Raven114

    It's time to start bringing back the other scenarios

    Can't make money with Scenario's those days are gone. Unless they charge admission to them say 100 Doubloons to enter and play.
  2. Raven114

    On Submarine's Armament

    I think sub' should have 16in guns. why not we are just inventing stuff now?
  3. Can't make money with opp's. Unless they can rent the time you are in there.
  4. Raven114

    Submarine Testing

    The best thing about sub's, no one will complain about CV's anymore. But now there will be a million sub's suck comments!!!
  5. World of Tanks are approaching 10yrs, and going strong without a change. Warships is only 5 and has a long way to go before they think about change.
  6. Raven114

    Disabling Damage To Allies - 0.10.5

    No need to worry about friendly fire just fire those torps into the crowd. No this will end badly..
  7. Raven114

    Are wins just worthless?

    I never looked at those Stat's.
  8. There called tracers, not smoke, and tracers were utilized in that era..
  9. Raven114

    Poll on Ships in WoWs

    What the game ( Is Now )anything goes, what ever they want to do is fine I gave up caring a year ago. But the game that was sold and advertised to us 5 years ago is not what this game is today...
  10. Because we are suppose to be on a level playing field for competition. I have as much difficulty as you detecting torps, So why should you have an advantage using a Mod. I do believe WG should split this game to a Realistic mode and arcade mode and the player decide were they want to play...
  11. WG tries to make the graphics more realistic and someone makes a mod to make it Arcade again,,,,,,Sad
  12. Raven114

    Damage Control Party Question

    From the WIKI\\Damage Control Party (DCP) repairs modules, puts out fires, and stops floods. In addition, for the action time of the consumable the ship is immune to incapacitations, fires, and floods.
  13. Raven114


    No we were told some skills were going to be studied and if they decide to rework it, it will be later down the road....
  14. As designed they wanted to make it more realistic with the new graphics...
  15. You might have hit the button to soon, you have to wait for all the torps hit. you might have fixed the leak from the first hit but not the second.