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  1. Raven114

    Miffed ships latest update

    They have not changed either....
  2. Raven114

    CV Autopilot

    Your doing something wrong, my CV goes where I send it.
  3. Raven114

    super containers Useless rewards

    Its free no matter what is in them. its not trolling ITS FREE. You must be entitled.
  4. Raven114

    Wall riding and how to STOP it.

    See very few of them.
  5. Raven114

    Fighter Consumable

    They shoot down planes, There's even a banner for it. There is no animation for it.
  6. Because the removal tools are in the Control center programming........
  7. Raven114

    Mid week games

    Law of averages, you win some you lose some.
  8. If you have mods remove them and try again
  9. Raven114

    Disconnecting every match

    Frequent disconnects usually are you ISP's problem, Have them do a line test.
  10. Different jurisdictions and regions have different Laws and regulations. This is not the Big Happy World you think it is. Revenue and Taxes must be a nightmare for the company. I believe the EULA is different for each region because of local regulations. Also I believe every region is its own management company making it 4 companies.
  11. They want to steer clear of being accused of Pay to win.....
  12. Raven114

    Creative direction of game and some questions.

    Not long after Beta WG stated they were going to follow and develop the Arcade side of the game and leave History behind. Most of us who came for the Historical have left. I just check in from time to time to see where the game is.
  13. Raven114

    Hide UI in port

    Open the New Equipment module tab, In the ship Silhouette you will see a Camera Icon hit that and you will see that ship in port without the UI ........
  14. Raven114

    What is with these new sounds

    War Gaming the sounds are great, These are just the people who Complain about Change.
  15. Raven114

    F.D. Roosevelt

    Wow good players can wreck you ,what a concept.....