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    WW2, Come from a line of Navy Officers. 1 Admiral and 2 Captains

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  1. Raven114

    Sound quality: Ultra. Problem!

    Ultra has been gone for a while.
  2. Raven114

    OOOHHH BOY SUBS (added more videos)

    They were not part of Naval warfare. They parked and waited for the bus to come by and sank it! Airplanes took them out left and right. CV's should take them out quickly with there rockets sub's are not armored,
  3. Raven114

    Servers not being paid for ?

    I been playing all day never disconnected once
  4. Raven114

    Steering Bug

    Try a different keyboard. could be a signal problem in a worn keyboard. This is not a game problem
  5. Raven114

    Which is better

    You want an IJN cruiser, The name Jap is a slur.
  6. Raven114

    Research Bureau. Why? Just why?

    The game has become a bloated mess. To much going on at the same time. I believe it is reaching a critical level.
  7. Raven114

    aircraft torps are a fail

    Planes at that time could not carry heavy torps. So plane launched torps have way less power smaller explosive charge.
  8. Raven114

    CV control is all WRONG

    You Can.......... M Map control
  9. Raven114

    Mass Disconnects? Odd Autopilot?

    Last week those violent storms destroyed the mid west and north east power and line system. Many internet providers were effected. Half of NJ power lines were taken down this means internet lines to. so give them time to repair most of the infrastructure. remember with out physical cableing there is no internet!!!
  10. Raven114

    Emerald is being buffed?!!??

    I think they should buff all Armour on all ships so no round can penetrate at all.
  11. Raven114

    If you don't think submarines...

    WW2 sub's had a max underwater speed of maybe 16 knots. How would that work. They are not warships they are commerce raiders. Sub's in this game will be a fail..
  12. Raven114

    Defect of Montana, and Grober Kurfurst

    Armour values and gun performance are designed from the what the ships actually had. They follow the blueprints with little adjustments for balance. They are not just made up.. Gun arc's are determined by the size and weight of the shell used...
  13. Raven114

    Boy, THIS was a miscalculation

    Time to go weapons Hot.
  14. Raven114


    No one is manipulating you. its just the law of averages in time it balances out,!
  15. Raven114

    In Game Naval Captain Portraits

    Got to remember the Era wow takes place in 1900-1940's there were no such thing as utilities uniforms. I agree with whites many had them.........