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  1. Because a worldwide subscription game would be a Tax and legal nightmare.
  2. That would only start a speed creep that would destroy the game further. Like WOT were tanks travel 50-60 MPH. Please No.
  3. Raven114

    Hornet changes

    Its cute you think someone is listening!!
  4. Remember there are a lot of players with vision problems who don't need smaller.
  5. Raven114

    Faroe Islands Rigged

    Learn to use the environment, A tiny bit of realism and you are complaining about it.
  6. Raven114

    Please Make Premium Time Sellable

    In Game currency is worthless to WG and does not generate CASH. Cash generates cash!
  7. Raven114

    HUD settings?

    Unless there has been a change the game does not support dual monitors.
  8. Raven114

    Co-Op bots

    They made smarter bots nobody liked it.
  9. Raven114

    Luck has too big impact on gameplay

    Navel gunfire is not accurate gunfire. That's the point. Ring is what levels the playing field.
  10. Raven114

    T8 Alabama Premium Ship Tweak

    The Alabama was designed as a Gift Ship for content creators only, it was a thank you for their work. This Ship was supposed to be exclusive. But the CRYBABIES on this site. Cried so badly it was released to all. WG would be a Fool to change this ship, they tried to do a nice thing but the I, ME, MINE crowd threw a tantrum!!!!
  11. Raven114

    I took the recent WoWS survey

    They send out Millions of surveys at a time there are no names attached, Its just data recovery.
  12. Raven114

    Clicking on the map doesn't work

    Try a different mouse. Happened to me last year. New mouse fixed it.