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    WW2, Come from a line of Navy Officers. 1 Admiral and 2 Captains

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  1. Raven114

    AFK vs Disco'd and load in...

    The Judge and Jury Report squads. sickening..........
  2. Raven114

    Typical WG, just great

    Got to upgrade the PC the more they move to HD the more your graphics card chokes.
  3. AA Guns never moved only the secondary's.,
  4. Raven114

    Looking for answer regarding MM

    All MM does is match the ship and the tier is does not track your win rate or what tier you fall into that's why it's called Random
  5. Raven114

    Quick Question

    I have won 5 in the last 2 years....
  6. Raven114

    Make DD play great again

    The whole idea is to keep modernization of consumables tier specific. WW1 ships have little to no modernization WW2 ships Do.
  7. Raven114

    Smaland missiles & rockets

    This game is focused and based on Naval guns, during from around the WW1 and WW2 Era. Modern weapons have no place here..
  8. Raven114

    Why Carriers don't fit into WoWs

    And after all this the Horse is still dead, Everyone feel better now.
  9. Let's not break out the Tin Foil. I have been in the house long enough.....
  10. Raven114


  11. MM only matches tier and ship type. Does not consider armament or skill.
  12. Raven114

    Different PING values

    The entire US is at home on the internet we are lucky its still working, The stress on the system is enormous. I take that back the world is on the internet
  13. Raven114

    Secondary Gun firing Range Is A Joke

    Everybody all together now/ THIS IS AN ARCADE GAME. when you play listen to PacMan music and it wont bother you so much.....
  14. Raven114

    Server down?

    The servers are down with a technical problem calm down, Computers have problems from time to time......
  15. Raven114

    No warships were sunk by rocket planes in WW2

    For the game purposes rockets were substituted for machine gun strafing. 50 caliber bullets did some nasty and serious damage.