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  1. How often people got coupon offer to them?

    Once. did not use it!
  2. request Doubloons back

    Nothing wrong with the ship one of my best. Premiums are not supposed to be better ships. Your missing the point there just different in certain areas. Before you buy a ship read Little white mouse reviews she explains what the ship is all about.
  3. Damage from fire

    There is no such thing as He spamming. A Captain uses the best ammo to damage the enemy ship.
  4. Have not seen any Afk cv's
  5. Changes in the game and the ebb and flow of measures and counter measures enhance this game and keep it fresh. In a way it is like real life a little here and a little there innovation in ww2 came in slowly . Every 6 month's having to change your play style is good. If we could all master this game in a couple of month's this game would fail.
  6. New player - torpedos

    You have so much to learn. Maybe after 1000 battles you might get the hang of it!!!!!
  7. Two answers this is not Real Life. and the programming to do what you want would be staggering if it was possible in the game engine...
  8. Message to all DD players for the next couple of days stay clear. There are so many radar ships out there its instant death. Just got out of a game with 8 Buffalo's. It felt like 15 minutes of radar.
  9. Just got out of a game that had 6 Cleveland, in 5 minutes they were all destroyed. they are not going to survive tier 8
  10. In WW2 the men on those ships feared the Aircraft Carrier. It did everything you said there. So I guess WG got it right. Because those man had to fight them and this is basically a WW1 and WW2 game.
  11. John Doe

    They can not use real names without exhaustive investigation and release signatures from family or estates. Not an easy task for a game company out of Russia. After Segal's contract went south and his problems surfaced they had to do something so Doe was born. I am sure sooner or later they will change it as needed.
  12. The USDB is the U.S. military's only maximum-security facility that houses male service members convicted at court-martial for violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Only enlisted prisoners with sentences over ten years, commissioned officers, and prisoners convicted of offenses related to national security are confined to the USDB. Enlisted prisoners with sentences under ten years are confined in smaller facilities, such as the nearby Midwest Joint Regional Correctional Facility or the Naval Consolidated Brig at Chesapeake, Virginia. Corrections personnel at the facility are Army Corrections Specialists (MOS 31E) trained at the U.S. Army Military Police school located at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, as well as Marine and Air Force corrections personnel.
  13. Think about if it was real life you would be Court Marshaled and sent to Leavenworth for Murdering your own men. So pink is not so Bad.
  14. Why not give everyone a million xp for logging in that should be fair to everyone!!
  15. fire fire fire

    Fire Management is a skill. Major part of the game.