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  1. If they continue with this Historical Path as Dunkirk seems to be and the Navy types and the Historian types come back this will be here for a long time. But if they go down the arcade path then this flash in the pan game will slowly melt into history.
  2. I hope this is permanent and they introduce more Historical Game Play. WG your stock with me when up 100 Points, Please Keep it Up.
  3. This guy must be a leper, He is referred to as this Sort(POS) of Player. Judge, Jury, and executioner. Send him to the Leper Colony were he can play with all the other Leper's.
  4. I have never sold anything, Why would you? free stuff take up to much room on your shelf
  5. Second Game 5 Star's, great fun love this Game.
  6. I would agree to a saturation with a cost, External fires burn more than paint, they warp metal and gun barrels. So after 3 fires on the forward deck the forward gun's would be inoperable due to warping barrel's, this is realistic.Same with aft deck and gun turret's. Midships it would be secondary guns. Might be interesting!!!!!!
  7. Sarcasm, all this is speculation!
  8. delete
  9. Funny I thought the Graf Zeppelin was a floating warehouse.!
  10. No I like containers!!!!!.......
  11. The problem with your statement is some time in the spring Feb or March, Wargame in a update removed secondary hits as a penalty. So your secondaries can hit friendly's all day and not register a Hit.
  12. Well that's your opinion, but I am the one who put's a yellow sticky note on the screen over chat so I don't have to read who is doing what to who's mother. and various other racial remarks that go on and on. So even if it did I think most of this game population who are of a older generation would not even plug in!!!!
  13. I can see it now all the know it all's screaming at everyone that they do not know what there doing!!!! It would make for more team killing.
  14. This is caused by Notifications, If you have this item checked it interrupts the game to let you know a E-mail or a text or anything listed as notify me. Turn it off in settings.
  15. Admiral Nelson would be great. But they would not let USRN Seaview in the game.