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  1. Ooo I just get all impressed by a man who can flash around so much Purple stats. You go big boy!!!!!!. Thank you for all the people who answered the question.......
  2. So the independent player is going to get penalized for being independent. sounds about right!!!!
  3. Is this going to force people into clans or can we still play independently. ????. so not interested in Clan's
  4. Detonations are a core Mechanic in this game, Fire, Flooding, Citadel, Detonation, Devastating strike. It's part of the game and will not change no matter how many paragraphs anyone writes. Its like the 5 Commandments. Move On.
  5. Don't play war games if you get upset blowing things up.
  6. You miss the point of this game. The ships are modeled to represent the actual ship, in ballistics and Armour. There are small tweaks for balance but its your job to use the ability of the ship. This game is trying not to be sci-fi with laser's or shields.
  7. I say YES.
  8. Never see the torpedoes ???
  9. There are too many reasons why people get disconnected, WG will never punish people for this so get over it.
  10. I believe that's already in the game.
  11. During a battle no ship would stop and hose down another ship. They would not even pick up survives for fear of sub torpedoes. A stopped ship during a battle is a dead ship. maybe 3 to 5 days later they would come back if the area was secure. So in a running battle this would not be practical.
  12. An important part of this game is situational awareness. Got to be Alert.
  13. I know I do not follow the forum to closely. Did they change bombers and Torp Planes in the IV and X tiers. I played in about 6 games in Assorted BB's and the bombers hit me every time and started 3 fires. Have there accuracy been buff'ed.
  14. Never had a problem with any patch.