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  1. No, Where did you learn your battle tactic's, BB's are supposed to stay in open waters and kill enemy from range/ Destroyers and Cruisers do the close in work. Anyone who brings his BB into channels and between islands invite torpedo's. I am not saying hide behind islands or on the border, but stay 10k out and erase cruisers and damage there big ship's.
  2. This always happens during low server population times. If they put a minimum on the battle you can wait an hour to get into a game during these times. How do you not know this with all those battles you have.??
  3. Best defense against torpedo's is change course and speed. Most players know to do this!
  4. Talk about a cheat, wow.
  5. what you are describing are connection issues and loss of packets, Have you ISP do a survey on your line to see if it is stable.
  6. It's a game have fun play the best you can. don't listen to the salt. And especially take all these armchair Admirals opinions with a heavy dose of salt.
  7. Holding on to his mouse a little too tight!!!!
  8. Why should the enemy ship know what equipment you are using..
  9. List makes no sense. Uss Dallas was never built but was to be a Des-Moines Heavy class. Uss Hellena CA small gun 150 mm, Light Cruiser. Uss Cleveland Light cruiser, BIg gun 203 mm . Uss Seattle was a WW1 Armored Cruiser. Uss Worchester, Light Crusier small gun 150 mm. Not a ww2 ship built in 1948. I could be wrong but this is a little screwy. Sorry typo
  10. Not Coherent.
  11. Freezing, disconnection and lag are all symptoms of packet loss, or an unstable ISP. Start you search there.
  12. What planet are you on, you can lose a ship in those tiers without firing a shot and still make a profit?
  13. Learn about Dispersion!!!
  14. Wow I love that ask for something, and take a shot at the Developers at the same time. Don't hold your breath!!!
  15. The updates are done in the background don't see a problem!