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  1. I agree with the sound about 6 month's ago they had great sound. The sound lost it's brilliance since then ultra sound is disappointing.
  2. Change Spawn location

    Standard Battle with 2 spots are not Caps. There Bases you have to protect yours and take their's. 3 and 4 are caps that's Domination.
  3. Real battles

    Dunkirk was a realistic Battle and the best one they had so you can not say never.
  4. Fix Training Room

    The training room was not designed for people to have they own private battles in them, or clan's having there own games in. So they stopped it.
  5. British BB secondary guns

    Ships are outfitted as they were built, and guns operate as they were designed, with some minor tweaks.
  6. I just played the Warspite with no problems????
  7. I would love that idea but you would have to split the field into Allied and Axis teams and I think WG will not go there. I wish they would split this game into Historical and Arcade so the Historical people did not have to deal with this anime stuff.
  8. I find it very hard to question a system that gives you free stuff, they did not do this at the start so I have no complaint at how they decide to hand out the goodies. Thank You WG.
  9. Ocean map-more rotation

    The problem with ocean is if you show up with the wrong ship with no range your basically out of the game. If you knew you were going to be on that map you would not pick an Atlanta.
  10. You do know there are a bunch of aiming reticles in settings right.
  11. Wow's does not support 4K or multi monitors.
  12. There has been an a lot of Bad Weather in the East and Northeast for the past month. Players in these area's have been experiencing an internet going up and down. I am from NJ and in the past several days I have noticed the internet fluctuating in the morning hours. 99% of the time the player has no control over disconnects, or internet slowdowns.
  13. Epicenter removed from the game. I vote for that.
  14. Making FXP and credits

    Most people think the Mo will be gone next upgrade. Maybe Tuesday.
  15. I am not a troll killing your own is against WG rules and if you keep doing it you will be pink until you are suspended.