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  1. The reason why they get piled on WG does not use win rate in the MM. They have stated that 1000 times. Just tier and ship. So this is why!!!!
  2. A counter was put in the game for balance. a counter to the counter upsets the balance. Learn why things are done.
  3. So let me get this straight...

    An automatic punishment system in a game with no judge or jury, sounds very wrong. We have our own Criminal Guidelines. Just like our own little oppressive government. How Cute!!!!!
  4. When the criminal code go's into effect, we my lose 1/3 the population!!!
  5. USS Memphis CL-13 about 1941-42. The cylinders atop the mount supply water and compressed air.
  6. Torpedo's were never reloaded at sea. and if one did, it takes a crane to reload the tube. The exception was IJN Kagero and Yugomo class that had a rail and trolley system, but the sea had to be very calm any waves made it impossible, it was not a reload for a battle situation.
  7. Having a Criminal code and the WOW's secret Police is going to drive players away. We do not need a punishment system in the game because someone does not like the way you play...............!!!!!!!
  8. We do not play games to be punished. I have been pink for making a mistake of judgment. and except that. but to have a criminal code is going to cause problems. This is over the top. Are we going to have wow's secret police next????
  9. Makes no sense to me I have not had any lag, disconnected, or crashes for over a year now. I do not think its there servers,
  10. This is the guy who wants all players who experience disconnects banned for life,,,,,
  11. The torpedoes are dropped at about 1500 yards. not 50 feet. realistic distance....
  12. Does anyone else think War Thunder blows?

    Wrong Forum
  13. There is a lot of maybe's there, Maybe new to CV's and got confused with the UI. Maybe as he locked in the phone rang, maybe he lost control of the ship's UI 'not afk' So what do you think the punishment should Be.