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  1. Correct Secondaries do not cause Friendly fire Damage...
  2. Seems to be very few people playing Arms Race. No other players for MM to match up.
  3. Well according to my father who was on two ships in the pacific during 1940-1945 which these ships are from. These ships look to clean. On the front line no one had time worrying about paint. you keep your station cleaned and the ship weapons ready.. Only when they were in port the Captains tried to spruce the ship up. Different times different circumstances.
  4. game breaking CV bug...

    Sounds like a bad Mouse connection. Try a new mouse.
  5. DD Stealth

    You got to remember time and distance are truncated for the game. Where not dealing with actual size here.
  6. My wife is from the Bourgogne area of France.
  7. You are making several big mistakes. 1 This has nothing to do with historical representation. 2 This is Fantasy and Arcade.
  8. DD builds for Dynamo

    The Sims in dynamo is like cheating It shoots down all the planes and kills all the boats on auto pilot.
  9. Anyone else have issues today?

    If your ISP routes thru the South East 65% of the internet infrastructure was destroyed by the Hurricane. problems might exist thru next week.
  10. It's been awail😆

    Very few old Captains left, Arcade is the word of the day........
  11. We are lucky to have the filters. turn them all off and see how the game looks with all the fantasy elements in full view. Were way to far down the rabbit hole.
  12. Meh

    This is the problem we started with a comment about the direction if the game and wind up discussing the Gearing......Half the player base does not pay attention
  13. Well we finally made the full Arcade mode so all we need is a coin slot in the computer....