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  1. What the hell is going on with lag

    Have not had a lag problem in month's.
  2. Because 1 gun is useless
  3. The Cyclones are great bring another whole dimension to the game. We need more weather events. If you can not handle weather events then your ship needs a new Captain.
  4. They do it just to give you something useless to complain about.
  5. It is an interesting idea, but it's not really a naval battle. No ships had any action except some AA.
  6. This game is not a simulator, Its a Arcade game with an historical background. If you keep that in mind the stress of the game's shortcoming's go away..
  7. I Did It. I Finally Did It

    I have nvidia geforce experiance from the beginning never had a problem.
  8. You do not make sense you hit a teammate with your guns that is friendly fire you are responsible for the rounds, and a friendly can not explode you with a ram.
  9. resolution and UI sizing issue

    The next update has UI controls read update notes.
  10. Don't like the game do not play it........Move on
  11. There are more DD's in the game now then before Radar I guess it did not break the game....
  12. Insanity and suspicion run deep here.
  13. ship stays left

    try a different keyboard