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  1. thank you very much sir.
  2. Like the title say, no 5 years patch and flag? Did you forgot about the players that started this project with you since day one? sad pretty sad.
  3. All the insults, negativity and toxicity can be resumed in one word "FEAR". Fear to lose the status of "Good" players some auto proclaim because they do well with one ship or two.
  4. And do you think cv players with limited amount of fighters are going to use them to protect the team in stead of their own ship??? Not in the wows I know. I was predicting a big AA investment in the ships, people told me "stfu", now is happening in the test server, and will happen in the live server. Other thing, there are no more good or bad players on carriers right now, we are all noobs, I saw amazing old cv players struggling to do something, and getting frustrated in the actual test server. Good and bad CV players will born after the release of this patch, old good CV players will continue been good and others will not, and people thinking AA builds are not important will change the mind. After the patch will go live we will see a big change in the stats of a lot of players, that will affect the players living in the stats bubble, because players who play all the ships no matter stats will continue playing and adapting to the situations.
  5. I know is against bots, there are other many videos from flamu, farra, etc.... breaking the 200k damage with no problem. Did you enjoyed the part of the torps in the water going to the objective and other new wave of torp planes ready to torp against the same target?? Torps hit the BB when he was almost in there with the new wave.
  6. Like the title say, nothing changed. But now more people and not only the rts guys will do the same we had in the past. Midway 300k damage in the test server, versus 8 players, no a full random team. With a full random team the damage will go to 400k easy and the ships are harassed way more than before. If this go live like this tier X will be more painful than before.
  7. R5gaming

    Thoughts about the upcoming CV rework

    I like this game, playing it since beta, this is my second account because I moved to NA little after the release of the game, I was living in EU before, I saw a lot of changes in the game, in some changes I lost a lot of in game friends in the process. Now is coming a bigger one, I know I will lose some more in game friends, I hope WG will react quick enough to don't mess up the game. (WOP and WOT are in bad shape for bad decisions).
  8. Hi guys. After watching the videos about new CV game play I noticed some negative things. 1- The planes are fast, very fast, they perma spot all the enemy team in a moment, that is bad, maybe the CV don't nuke a ship in one attack, but the rest of the team will do, is going to be the end of the stealth build???? They are trying to take out the CV "abuse" making it worst with that perma spotting?? 2- In the old system, at one point of the game, CVs usually run out of planes and give the opportunity for an aggressive push to the rest of the players, now they print planes like nothing. 3- AA in the ships, with the rocket attacks, and HE bombs plus normal ship attacks, will be destroyed soon, ships will be defenseless against that never ending plane attack. 4- The spotted ribbon, was a nice help for DD players and their economics, now CVs will take it all. 5- What is going to happen to the owners of premium CVs??. We bought those ships because special loads or something different about the main line. Doubloons back?? 6- DDs will play more passive, because that perma spotting. I think DDs will change the game style to a CV hunt more than cap or spot. In general, I think they are rushing to much this rework, they want more CV players, but this rush????, I don't know but looks like is going to be a big frustration for veteran and new players, we are going to need to expend a lot of money in change our commander skills and modules several times to make the ships playable again. Not everybody is going to do that and maybe we will lose players in the process. I thing the CV rework is much bigger than just make more arcade the game style, affects a lot the rest of the ships, is a very big change in all the game and rushing it will make the things worst.