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  1. that was for the OP's "VICTORY" screen
  2. Looking at your victory screen the UK Battle Mission is there, so you accomplished something to do with it, perhaps you just finished part 4? - you would have received the part 4 rewards. If you were 9/10 kills for part 4.. and did this battle.. it will complete part 4 and anything additional won't roll over to part 5. Thats the only thing i can see that might have happened.
  3. usually with the tasks i look at the tiers and the ship symbols (if any) but the QC could be better.. the start of the month i noticed this in the august mission briefing and it bothered my just a little... It's like Japanese ships aren't real ships...
  4. from your own screen shot... its not a bug.. the cruiser icon is clearly listed on the task
  5. its to do with whats visible when you die i think... if you fly around you only have the visibility of where your ships sunk... you need to press (Shift) (if you're in free cam mode (flying around)) then mouse click to go to an active ship.. once there you can fly around again and see what the active ship sees
  6. the in game campaign has it finishing on the 19th for me... and i had literally just exited the final "play 1 battle" (the battle was still going) i was sitting in port for it to finish and got booted... so i dont know how that will affect me... the mission will probably not be sitting in my campaigns waiting for me to "collect reward" i hope its still there...
  7. its base exp from the non premium side.. its correct.. 835 is your base exp
  8. from what i heard they have a supertester flag... and a supertester camo...
  9. wall of text... i read half of it and i know what you're talking about... i was getting one every now and then for the first few days... havent really had anything for a few weeks now....i think WG lessened the chance of a super container happening... but one could also argue RNG... /tinfoil hat time
  10. lol, good video.. i'm at the roon.. slowly getting there
  11. hydro acoustic search works similarly to radar but with shorter range.. so if the Konigsberg was within i think 5km? he'll spot you with it
  12. compare your first picture to a good iowa game... you made 100k more and didnt really do much. edit: ok just saw the first pic isn't your game... premium account does make a pretty big difference... that image i posted earned 446k credits with premium and 297k without.
  13. i'll get it for you at half the price...