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  1. Server down for updates...again

    You would get this from a AAA development team. From WG you get silence.... because its a big secret what they're doing edit: ... i mean.. even a proper server status widget would go a long way...
  2. uhhh why? its not like they're available at a discounted rate... why not just buy them when you need them? whats the point of paying for something you may never use just because you can unequip it for free?
  3. Allow rental ships to be hidden in the port. I personally hate having 2 shima's ,2 GK's and 2 Zao's .. and the clock icon (while appropriate for these ships) are annoying. allow us to hide them if we want.
  4. you need to Win 3 battles where you placed in the top 5.. were those games wins or losses?
  5. T7 CV balance.......

    if someone wants to get me a Kaga... i can bring those stats down.
  6. done with challenges for awhile

    Tier IV and up... buy then play a CV? get your 20 kills then sell it if you dont want it... or keep it for the next lot of plane kill challenges.
  7. forum login issues

    long shot.. but if you are 100% sure on the login details. make sure you're visiting the NA site. Your login details won't work for other regions
  8. while i hate games with sky cancer in them, WG shouldnt have made this choice for the players. As long as they matchup Clan games correctly where both teams have a CV or don't (depending on how your team composition queues up), that was their choice to go into a game with a CV team mate. If that went ahead, no one would complain to WG.... they would complain within their own team to not queue up with the CV's
  9. are you using a tunneling service? like WTFast? entering the battle queue switches to a different game server and causes havoc with tunneling services and usually disconnects you from the game, so if you're being thrown back to the launch screen and you do run something like WTFast or Battleping - try running the game without them. edit: the above is just a long shot at what might be happening.. it could also be something with the patch, in which case you should run the integrity check from the launcher by going Settings -> Support tab -> Check
  10. are you getting an error popup? is anything coming up in your event viewer in regards to WoWs at the time of the crash/freeze?
  11. C++ usually gets installed when you install certain programs that need the files (visual studio) etc so if the game is running you should have all you need... you can search for downloads if you want to install extra.. but you probably wont utilize them for WoWs... just make sure you download them from the microsoft site and not a third party if you chose to go that route.. not 100% on win 10.. but go to control panel -> power options and pick from there..
  12. If you're playing the game i'm pretty sure you have all the C++ files you need. 2 Things that come to mind.... make sure your power settings are set to high performance.. and add the warships directory to your exceptions list in antivirus software (windows 10 has defender by default running iirc) edit: there was also a post recently about windows 10 causing the stuttering and a fix from microsoft will soon be coming... edit 2: oh and if you have the wargaming game center running... disable it
  13. COOP Battles Prematurely Ending

    what does the victory screen say? it will tell you how you won or lost...
  14. i predicted this almost a year ago
  15. you imply that someone listens to them... lol i'm not liking that every time my ships blows up i have to check to see if i was detonated because it happens way too quick and the sound effect that accompanies it just throws me off... my 2c anyway