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  1. "It's a bug and shouldn't have been working that way but uh, we here at WG don't make mistakes so, working as intended" This is why i haven't logged in once since 8.5 and will continue to not. When you make a mistake, own it, and fix it. Then if it needs to be re-balanced after that, ok take a look but don't try to cover it up with communist style "we make no mistakes" nonsense.
  2. Do this and roll back all the changes made to CVs since 8.4 and you have yourself a pretty good thing here.
  3. MajesticTwelve

    T4 AA balance utterly broken

    Shows SuperUnicum player and says damage is overpowered at 109k. What kind of thought process is that? Want to see something that will really blow you away? Below average players scores with the Smolensk.
  4. MajesticTwelve

    WG: Re AA -- we need to have a talk...

    Totally agree.
  5. MajesticTwelve

    What would it take to get you playing again?

    AA being brought down significantly and CVs being fun again.
  6. MajesticTwelve

    PT, AA changes

    Poorgaming really has no clue what they're doing. You know how we made AA overpowered? Let's do more of that. Then more. Then more. The worst part is, there's no going back for them at this point. If they undid what they've done people who've gotten so used to OP AA will have a fit. They've ruined CVs. All of their balances are just more nails in the coffin. They got your money, now they're done with you. Unfortunately that business style has consequences. Will be interesting to see the long term effects. I haven't played this game since 8.5 dropped, and this still makes me angry. Time to move on with my life. I'll check back in a year. Good luck to everyone out there, it's been a ride.
  7. MajesticTwelve

    Ark Royal Playtesting Memes & Quick Preview

    Trying to sell a premium CV with AA in its current state shows you how out of touch with reality poorgaming really is.
  8. MajesticTwelve

    AA Idea

    Great idea, and that's why WG won't go with it. They prefer poorly thought out and even more poorly executed ideas. Seriously though, it's a great idea, but I see a lot of people QQing about it because "its too much to do" or some variant of that but they'd get used to it no doubt and it would make it actually skill based.
  9. The difference is when any other ship is on fire they can still use all their weapons. When a CV is on fire it's completely disabled. If you want it across the board sure, then make it so any weapons on your deck in the area won't shoot until fires are out. Don't want it? Exactly. Move on.
  10. I don't normally agree with Ruar. In fact I think most people would say we dislike each other strongly. But you're 100% right about your OP, and I'm glad most people on this thread seem to agree as well. Good stuff.
  11. 1st: You cannot have balance in an asymmetrical game. Doesn't work, and wouldn't be fun if it did. 2nd: AA is a 0 effort damage aura. It doesn't even require a button push to be incredibly effective now. YOU CANNOT HAVE BALANCE IN A MECHANIC THAT IS NOT SKILL BASED AND IS SIMPLY AN RNG SHOOT EVERYTHING DOWN BUBBLE AROUND EVERY SHIP. If they made AA a manual mechanic that did not work unless the player was controlling it like a standard turret, you can make that claim. As it is now, you cannot. Accept it. Claiming it seems balanced now shows me what your profile confirms. 0 CV games played since 8.0. Not one. Your limited experience in Zuiho, when it was still in the game, is irrelevant.
  12. MajesticTwelve

    Something not NTC related, the latest CV data.

    I mean, when I post about the metric used to measure success, then you go off on your typical "But, achtually guyz, here's my opinion on OPness" and its not relevant to the fact I was posting about the metric WG is using to measure success. All you do from what I can see is try to pick arguments over irrelevant facts, misleading information, or just your straight up opinion. Bonus points, when you get called out on it, you get super defensive and will usually try to cloud the issue and backpedal. Pick up your fedora, move on, and stop answering things that no one said or asked.
  13. MajesticTwelve

    Something not NTC related, the latest CV data.

    Nothing of what you said is relevant to my post.
  14. MajesticTwelve

    ST: Priority Air Defense Sector

    They have no idea how their own game works. They have a success rating for CV's listed as 1 match per week. If that's met, then they say that their rework and all their AA issues are just fine! Along those lines, the fact that some people used to play a huge amount of matches then went to 1 or none is ignore. Guarantee you if any other class was judged by that standard, things would be very different across the board.
  15. MajesticTwelve

    Something not NTC related, the latest CV data.

    The fact that Boregaming is using the metric of CV popularity at 1 match per week to call it a success tells me all I need to know. They conned me and many others out of money for *premium* CV's and then bent them over, then lowered the metric to a ridiculous measurement to try to show the numbers as "still popular" to prevent themselves from actually having to do anything to fix the situation they've once again created through their own incompetence.