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  1. MajesticTwelve

    0.9.9 changes on CVs

    I'd enjoy the ability to customize my ship and it's loadout, very much so. You thought wrong.
  2. MajesticTwelve

    0.9.9 changes on CVs

    I have no problem running out of planes halfway through the match if other ship classes can run out of ammo halfway through as well.
  3. MajesticTwelve

    I'd rather have nothing.

    Im more of a dog girl....a costco sized box of candy does sound good though...
  4. MajesticTwelve

    I'd rather have nothing.

    LOL, this made my day. Thank you!
  5. MajesticTwelve

    I'd rather have nothing.

    Finally got my semi-annual (so it seems) super container! Hooray me! With 100 -100% detonation flags in it. Yup. Seriously WG I would rather have no super container than this. I could sell them (or the 419 of them I already had) for credits, but I have so many credits that credits are meaningless. Usually I like to have a guy buy me dinner before I get....well, you know the rest. Anyone gotten a worse SC than that?
  6. MajesticTwelve

    German CV line is trash, change my mind.

    Yeah they are absolute garbage across the board (GZ doesnt count, its pretty decent) Theres no excuse for them to be this terrible other than gross incompetence by WG. They're bad to play, they're bad to have on your team. The only good thing about them is when its the other teams only CV. Any class, CV, BB, etc. that can be defeated by a slight turn left or right is a joke. That rocket plane aiming? WTAF were they thinking? totally obscured by the ocean, land, flak, shells, anything.
  7. MajesticTwelve

    Aircraft carriers in general

    80 battles? Shouldn't even be allowed to post on here.
  8. MajesticTwelve

    Kaga or Enterprise?

    Enterprise is not what it used to be, so most of you people wanting it should probably let it go at this point. It went from great to just alright. The DBer dispersion hit it pretty hard. Kaga with it's TBers is infinitely more useful now.
  9. MajesticTwelve

    ST, changes to AA and detectability ranges by air

    Enough with these drastic changes. WG keeps catering the the Cry BB's, and DD's, constantly seeking to appease them. I play DD all the time. CV's were NOT that bad. Then they nerfed the bomb drop chance making it a meme to get a hit, often times I would watch bombs hit my ship, but pass right through because RNG. Now they can't spot you, a giant ship on the open ocean, but they can spot your tiny tracer rounds and you can pick their aircraft off far beyond the point where they can even see you? Then you sit in smoke and have fantastic accuracy with the AA against tiny aircraft in the sky that you saw coming from across the ocean somehow. I've had about enough of WG. They are MASSIVELY incompetent. They have handled this CV situation like absolute garbage from the start. They're oblivious to simple ways to balance things, and instead constantly opt to massively overhaul entire game systems to change things, when slight tweaks to it would accomplish what they're trying to do. It's now entirely TOO easy to sneak up on enemy BBs or CV's just a few minutes in to the match, and wipe them out. Even when a CV does spot you, he has to turn around, and again, guess where you are now. So that's easy, I go the opposite way I was headed as he passed over. I got 3 kills with torpedos while scooting around the map texting on my phone barely paying attention. CV's added an element of danger that was fun, and an element of challenge that made you have to actually try. I LIKED CV's as a DD. Playing with turning on and off AA for spotting and you can usually take down half his planes before he even sets up an attack on you (this "less effective AA when off doesnt seem to be a thing), then a rocket or 2 that's easy to dodge, and he either has to recall his planes or lose them all. It's pathetic. WG, get your act together.
  10. MajesticTwelve

    OK what don't I get in regards to AA fire???

    Saipan is from the pre-rework era. It's hitch back then was the higher tier planes, back before AA was god tiered and melted entire groups. All planes are relatively weak now, but the Saipan suffers because it doesn't have the plane stores to replenish the massive losses of aircraft you will take. AA is unavoidable (flak is a different story) Saipan is much like the German CV lines. Usually bad and frustrating, very occasionally great.
  11. As usual, WG uses a hammer when a scalpel is a better tool for the job.
  12. Deleting topics like yours would be a good start. YOU are part of the problem, but you're laying it on a ship class and anyone that plays it. Adjust your attitude accordingly and maybe you'd see a difference.
  13. MajesticTwelve

    CV Isnt Overpowered

    Oh muffin. You trapped yourself between a giant rock, you barely moved. If you'd been caught by a BB you'd have died instantly. Cry about 15k damage while not owning anything you did wrong.
  14. MajesticTwelve

    The joys of being a CV

    It's even better when you haven't said one thing, no ones even talked to you once all match, but at the end of the game you've been reported twice for misbehavior in chat by the enemy team because you sunk their division. Yup. CV life.
  15. MajesticTwelve

    I must believe! ENTERPRISE

    No one cares tbh. I mean congrats, but to make a post for this? Yawn.