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  1. ArcticWolf2

    Hatred of CVs and why it is silly

    Sounds like you need to learn WASD and expecting torps form a direction buddy... Not hard to predict torps targeted at you these days. going in Straight lines get you killed.
  2. Cause WG realized the money they were missing out on, so to save themselves they cut them from this event. Why have 1 types of containers when you can only have one behind a paywall? gotta be smart with this stuff man.
  3. ArcticWolf2

    WG's On Dangerous Ground... (Semi-Rant)

    but wouldn't that transform into War thunders Grind system? which holy crap is x10 worse then WG's.
  4. ArcticWolf2

    WG's On Dangerous Ground... (Semi-Rant)

    why would i be saying that when I, myself, has spend hundreds on this game already?
  5. ArcticWolf2

    WG's On Dangerous Ground... (Semi-Rant)

    I have, and i fear thats the direction WG will try to go in the future. You saw the [edited] that they tried to do with the bonus if you regrind the tech tree.
  6. At first i thought they were nice, something to get as you played. Clearly i should of seen better now what is happening, At first you only got 3 crates that could drop some cash, doubloons if you got lucky, or a few other things with amybe a ship if you really lucky! This was fine as it was achieved in game by just playing, you got three shots each day and that was it, continue to grind for other ships or get off and do w/e. But now these Crates you see during EVERY event that is released with a new line since the start of 2018 is clear as day what WG wants to do. Now I don't know the rates of these current crates if high loot drops now a days, but back then the chance of getting high loot really wasn't that great. Christmas was different as you can actually make 100 USD transform into 150-170 USD if you are lucky. And its Christmas so ya know, treat yourself in 2017 Ispent 100 USD and got like 160 USD in value of ships and rewards, maybe more as i got a year worth of premium AND 3-4 ships. (1 was a T8) so I was pretty happy and it was money to burn so [edited] it. I played the game ALOT back then and wanted to support WG more... till the steam release of the game THEN the CV rework but that's a different story. But these events is a different story as you can spend 100 USD and may or may not get a ship worth your cash. Sure you can get rewards like doubloons, coal, etc, but we all know what we really want, THAT DAMN SHIP! Its bad enough some ships are worth 50-200 USD. (purchasing doubloons to get Free XP from conversions, why you think WG doesn't do the bonus xp > free XP anymore? it gets them an ez 150-200 USD is why for those who desperately want the ship and either doesn't want/cant grind for it. Missouri is a perfect example when it was being pulled.) WG has become more greedy as time has gone, I know they need to make cash, but this is a little much for those who are casual or don't have the time. (ships shouldn't be for steel as steel was sold several times in shop, wouldnt surprise me if they did it again.) And considering that WG is moving to a more casual audience, coughcvreworkcough. With the stupid complexity for the new TIX French Destroyer event (seriously, its stupid complex to keep up with its not worth the hassle. Just grind for it after release of the line if you want it, or gun for the lower ships if you can.) With WG only listening to the community when it may benefit them the most. Why did the NTC suddenly get changed only to introduce new ships that we now have to grind and possibly have to get another hard to get currency to get them? The details were rough and it can always change remember. Now when a similar situation happened when GZ was released back in 2017 or 2018 (I forgot) and everyone was in arms about that. People were pissed but it took about 3-4 days for WG to pull back and say sorry to the group, people got refunds and those who kept it got a special camo and got to keep the ship. (granted it would never be sold again till the CV Rework which was a big cash grab for everyone to play the "NEW" Premium ships when in reality it was just the same ship with a different Gameplay style that made them indifferent in the long run. RIP Enterprise's Air Superiority perk, Kaga's strike advantage/power, and Saipan's safe entry to High Tier CV RTS gameplay...) We all know whats happening to World of Warships. back then the player population was an easy 12K-15K players on a weekend, Now its only 8-10K. With the directions WG is taking and the Fire storm that the CV rework and Naval Training Center caused, the number of CC leaving the game, the clans i have seen fall appart cause of burn out thanks to all these events and ranks and CW, No one gets a break or is at risk of falling behind! I really do fear what new thing WG will introduce to the game that may be the final nail in the coffin for Many, a chunk of the player base left after the CV rework. Will the Naval Combat Center be the next reason for another chunk to leave? Having to grind 7 times just to get something is next level [edited] wouldn't surprise me if they tried that again. And WG... PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T ADD PREMIUM AMMO! - Arctic Wolf TLDR: WG has slowly becoming more and more greedy, which has caused players to leave and have more outrage then anything today then it was a year or two ago. Be very careful about WG with the future. They may become the EA of MMO's.
  7. while im glad this is a victory. I fear that this new NTC will lead to a new currency that will be released to the public and can be obtaiend in "Containers." which lets be real here, are now becoming woWs Loot boxes.
  8. ArcticWolf2

    CV's are not overpowered.

    They didn't listen to us when we talked about that for the RTS game play, what makes you think they will listen to us now? The community no longer listens to rational thought and will just [edited] about things without having the knowledge to fix the problem or to deal with it, it's what has lead to the rework in the first place.
  9. as much as i love this post crap would really REALLY have to hit the fan for them to go back to the RTS system, as much as id love for them to do that.
  10. ArcticWolf2

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    And thats fine, im not saying its everyone cup of tea, I gave the current version a shot and walked away from it after several battles. Im just saying that the community complained about the RTS version with WG not really giving it their all to fixing them, and now we have the current CV Rework which, when it was released, was a horrible state and needed months to set up but WG rushed it out anyway. Now we have over 50% of the community fed up with CV's this isn't healthy at all. CV's were never going to please everyone but the RTS pleased more then the current system. And i know people are gonna say "adapt." but then if thats the case why didnt people adapt when the RTS system was out? and instead of scrapping the system i though tthey culd have a game mode where its separate from RTS gameplay, like a land base assault where each time tries to capture the opponents bace while someone control's an airfield of aircraft that has the current CV gameplay. Like a Naval Assault game mode.
  11. ArcticWolf2

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    It failed cause WG was too focused on surface ships for 2-3 years and didnt bother trying to give something to the CV's. Saying the game play is too different is a poor excuse as you can argue that the current CV gameplay is also too different from the surface ship gameplay. WoWs istn a shooter, its an MMO.
  12. ArcticWolf2

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    To minimize the micromanaging then have it like a legit RTS. Being able to group up squadrons that can be bound to one key or get rid of the god damn lag that was well known with the RTS system. Also the point of the tutorial would to teach those how to play the game, teach them to auto/manual drop, teach them how to strafe or to set up attacks in a qucik but resourceful manor. WoW's CV Gameplay before 8.0 was RTS Light, not True RTS.
  13. ArcticWolf2

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    WASD hax, look it up lad :D
  14. ArcticWolf2

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    those changes were drips compared to what they could of done. I remember seeing full blown posts about how to help fix the CV RTS gameplay, none was ever tried. WG didnt try DoT with the RTS System, they could of taken away strafing as it was cancer, they could of made auto drops more effective for those still learning or wanting to play CV's they could of made an in game tutorial showing how to play the class, they could of done alot but all they did was introduce AP bombs, release Broken GZ's AP bombs, and they redid the USN CV's but at the end of the day it really didnt excuse the fact that the USN Cv's weren't great compared to IJN CV's when it came to competitive game play. WG, at best, Half assed in trying to fix the RTS system.
  15. ArcticWolf2

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    I honestly given up trying to reason with people here. Your post has good points however at the end of the day WG will ignore and the community will also ignore, on EU they arent having as many complaints compared to NA.